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  1. Thanks for this link! Canceled the preorder @amazon (they didn't even know when they'd receive stock) and bought it there: they have it in stock and it will be shipped on the 30th of May. If I'm lucky I may also get it before vacations! I had already resigned to getting it later in June. So, thanks again. Also @wobba, judging by reviews, the AF is excellent on stills and acceptable on video. So I'm not sure what you're talking about? If you're talking about video, looks like it's good enough for candid/family shooting, and that's it. I think any serious videographer would pull focus manually anyway.
  2. In the description it says that he voluntarily did not correct the images.. go figure! Quite the charming video, though, and lovely playing. Some shots are quite detailed and sharp (though less than what I've seen from the GX80/85 until now), others are just a blurry mess (like the one at 3:04). What gives? How would you compare the gx80's sharpness and detail in 4k video against your GH4? Is it better, worse or same? And now a quick question for those who already have this camera: is grading with the natural profile that much of a far cry from the CineLike? Cause I read this camera doesn't have a Cine profile, and I was wondering whether this can prove or not a real dealbreaker for someone who wants to shoot some good video too, although using it mainly as stills camera. I have reserved a GX80 from Amazon.de (btw, if you're interested, lowest GX80 prices in Europe, as far as I've seen) and it's bound to ship next month, but I'm still researching like crazy, even though I've already read a lot on this camera and I'm 95% sure of wanting to do that DSLR-> Mirrorless (m43) jump, especially with this camera, which looks to be a pretty good piece of equipment all around. Also, great article, this also made me discover Zoo Quest! Great stuff. And since this is my first post here, hello everyone.
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