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  1. Can you upload the commands that you harvested or point me to them if they're already uploaded? Thanks!
  2. @BTM_Pix Do you, or does anyone else, know if it's possible to get 16-235 luminance recording on the gx85? I followed the steps for the basic cine profiles and it worked fine, what would I need to do to check for 16-235? Many thanks!
  3. I just bought a Gx85 and cannot get the colors looking right when I record 4k video. My computer keeps displaying red as orange. I do not think it is a problem with the camera itself because when I record to avchd my computer can read the red as red. Has anyone encountered this problem? Is there anything about the Panasonic recording format that I might need to account for? My NLE is using ITU-R 709 color space. Thanks
  4. So my choice between the gx85 and g85 is coming down to really odd considerations one of which is durability. I have an old c mount lense that I love, but it's giant. I'm afraid that putting it on a cheaper camera could bend and damage the lense mount. Does anyone have insight on the differences in build quality between the two cameras? Does anyone use the gx85 with large heavy lenses?
  5. Thanks! I was, in fact, referring to the shake produced by longer focal length lenses when I said all my handheld shots were on a 12mm lens.
  6. I have two concerns with the GH4. Given my shooting style, I need good low light performance and I also am very interested in IBIS. I use manual focus lenses exclusively wich means all my handheld shots are with a 12mm. The Gx85 and G85 seem to have better low light performance than the GH4 from the comments that I've seen. I guess I can do without the IBIS if the low light on the GH4 is actually better than what I currently think. I kind of hate having so many good options?! The GH4 would also be more appealing if the slow motion was sharper
  7. Has anyone done a good comparison between the gx85 and g85? I want to get one, and I'm not sure if the g85 is worth the cost. The only real benefits I see to the g85 is the weather sealing and cinelike D. However I'm not sure if cinelike D really gets me that much more than -5 contrast on Natural. I'm not even sure how much I need the extra dynamic range, I've been shooting on the gh3 for the past few years and the Natural profile typically works fine for me. Opinions?
  8. GH5 Prototype

    Is low light noise going to be better on GH5 than G85 given the higher pixel count? I almost wonder if I'd prefer the cheaper 16MP camera?
  9. GH5 Prototype

    Fair enough.
  10. GH5 Prototype

    It'd certainly be cool if the GX85 got cinelike D, but I don't see why anyone who cared about video would buy it instead of the G85 that has the mic jack.
  11. GH5 Prototype

    Apparently the G80/G85 is going to have the Cinelike V & D: See second paragraph under video tools: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/panasonic-lumix-dmc-g85-first-impressions-review/4
  12. GH5 Prototype

    So I know everyone wants to talk about how the GH5 should be as close to an Arri as possible, but I was really intrigued by the G80 announcement. I'm an armature, budget minded and not ashamed. The lack of a headphone socket is really annoying for the G80, but I already have a GH3 so I'm not too worried about that. The big question I have is if the 4k video is a crop of the sensor like the GH4 or if it is the same framing as the 1080p mode? Does anyone know? How do you expect the G80 video will compare to the GH3? I know some people said the G7 actually had better noise than the GH4... Besides the lack of a headphone jack, is there anything else I should be wary of from a camera like the G80? I've been really happy with my GH3 for what it is.
  13. For Linux I highly recommend kdenlive. It's easily the best free NLE I've seen, it handles my gh3 footage no problem. I know there are better proprietary options, but you might be surprised at how capable kdenlive is.
  14. Panasonic not considering larger sensor in GH