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  1. Yeah, I have been using Gamma Display Assist and I don't really have trouble with seeing if something is in focus or not. What I am seeing is that the autofocus system is being negatively affected by SLOG picture profiles, I was wondering whether this was due to the lack of contrast but as I'm using PDAF that didn't make sense to me. Deadcode's explanation is spot on, I had been mostly using auto metering in shutter priority with EV set to +2 (maximum allowed in video) which worked pretty well except for the afore mentioned heavy back lit scenario's. I will switch to manual and be more m
  2. I'd really like to shoot in SLOG 2 on my Sony cameras (RX100 V, A7III) but have noticed that this picture profile has a negative impact on the autofocus performance. Especially in back-lit scenes the camera tends to focus on the light background rather than the foreground, I can imagine this being due to the lack of contrast in the image (I am using PDAF though). In any other Picture Profile the autofocus seems to work excellent. Is this a known issue with regards to shooting in SLOG?
  3. What kind of throughput does Resolve need from a NAS to playback 4k files in monitor. Any video player works perfect for me but Resolve never did, and with 14 it still doesn't. My NAS only does about 15MB/s.
  4. Dragging and dropping of files from explorer/finder works great since 12 I believe. Realtime performance with H264 footage @ 1080p on a modest setup (i5, 16gb, 270x) on a gigabit NAS. 4k just set the pre-rendering to smart and it works like a charm (grading/ofx filmconvert doesn't require a re-render) Just a shame some of the built in plugins (dust removal for example) requires specific codecs.
  5. What a shame about those focus pulls with the 12-32mm. Loads of hunting and looks totally different to Gordon Laing's touchscreen DFD focus pull video. Still not seen any decent CAF testing with for example face tracking in video with DFD lenses. I know I should be using manual focus but I find it hard to do so with the view finder panasonic uses for the GX7, LX100, GX80 in combination with their peaking options (prefer Sony's). This is also rather worrying. Seen three videos from different people with this issue.
  6. Anyone found a video showing the C-AF in video? Judging from this video of the ZS100/TZ100 panasonic seems to have finally fixed the hunting associated with contrast af in video (DFD at work?). If I can get focus pulls like that with the GX80 touchscreen I'm ordering it with 12-35 and 35-100 (jitter gone with 5 axis?).
  7. The button works yes But when I hit video record it turns off the AE lock as seen by the icon in the lower left corner.Thanks I'll give that one a try too.Yeah, I guess I'll stick to low iDynamic for most shotsMy NLE (premiere) kinda gets confused by this. I have to set the output values to 235 to bring back the correct highlight levels, then upon exporting the file seems to be incorrectly tagged to still be 16-255 thus making the movie look rather washed out. Does anyone have any tips on workflow in premiere for the LX100 when dealing with this 16-255 range?
  8. I'm trying to setup my LX100 for video and I've got a few questions after doing some shooting: Is there any way, besides going into M, to lock the exposure in video mode?What profile settings would you recommend using? Currently using standard with NR -5, SHARP -5 as I read a couple of tests stating contrast reduction didn't affect the dynamic range like a proper flat profile does.I tried testing out I.Resolution and I.Dynamic but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Is this the case?How can I see the luma range its recording at? There doesn't seem to be an option for it like with the GH4, and
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