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  1. I liked your post for diy lights here. I have contributed to a few youtubers with Patreon. $1 to $5 coming out automatically, for contents I'm interested in, I'm in. If you want to go that route.
  2. Again with the mic placement. Closest mic sounding best on my crappy work headset... It would be nice if the Panasonic add-on sound module for GH5 worked on all prosumer Panasonic cameras.
  3. "In addition to its higher still resolution, the TL2 is capable of recording 4K video." https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/10/15938500/leica-tl2-mirrorless-camera-review
  4. I'm don't do video for a living so here is a different point of view. I was going to school for photography when I got married. I sold off all of my gear to fund a place to live. I have an office job with kids, and cats. I found a vintage lens and resold to get a Canon T5 for one off event photography job on the side. I found 2 more vintage lenses, sold those and the T5 to buy GX85. I found an open box Zoom H1 for $50 at a retail store near by. I'll probably keep doing this and do overtime at work to get lenses and audio stuff. Hopefully will have enough time to shoot and land a small gig next year. I hate my office job, but it feeds my family.
  5. Chris Oh

    RED's new toy?!

  6. Chris Oh

    RED's new toy?!

  7. Wonder it will fit on GX85?
  8. dummy battery > http://www.ifootagegear.com/en/Electric-Ray-E1 > USB battery?
  9. Chris Oh

    The Sweet Spot

    I did pick up a nikon 50mm. I realized my hands are a lot shakier than it used to be. Maybe a wide and a lens turbo might be in the near future. :D
  10. Chris Oh

    The Sweet Spot

    Yes. It was in great shape and came with the box and all. Now I'm trying to find some lenses.
  11. Chris Oh

    The Sweet Spot

    Picked up a GX85 for $400 US. :D
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