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  1. Thanks guys really appreciate it !
  2. I never used a speedbooster, So as i can find online, if i understand correctly, If a lens intended for 35mm film or similarly-sized "full frame" camera sensors is connected to a camera with a Micro Four Thirds-sized sensor, it would project an image larger than the Micro Four Thirds sensor was built to accept. My vacation is just the first step, then this camera will be used for work !
  3. True dat, but using a 4:3 sensor..
  4. Hello guys, I really could use some help here! Let me explain my "concern" I own a 5D Mark II, and got some Canon lenses obivously (50mm 1.4 / 135mm 2.0 / 24-70mm 2.8). This camera is just old and as a video editor, I want/need a change. I'm going to travel to Japan in a few weeks (I wanna shoot as much as I can and make a video of my trip!), and I think it's an opportunity for me to switch gear, which brings me on to this : Today i'm looking at new canon models, the new sony a9 and the other mirrorless camera they have. Obviously i took a peek at the gh5 / a9 / a7s2 / a6500 & th
  5. There is a "rumor" that said that next A9 firmware gonna have at least slog.
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