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  1. I really, really shouldn't have created a completely new topic for this, but I will once again re-post this link to straight out of camera GH5S night footage in V-Log and HLG for anyone choosing to test grade. The footage is very uninteresting, but it's cold as hell in Ohio right now! ISO values range from ISO-1250 to ISO 4000. In video 6 I said the ISO was 400, but it was 4000. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1BPHKWVRXA8ynNSQCCBaLuB9hZ4fxgpB8 I got a script cooking right now just to have a platform to show this bad boy off! Just trying to get a budget in line before I move forward. I still have one miserable project that I ultimately need to finish. Even though I really screwed up in my second attempt at a longish short, it was 10x better than my first. I just need to shoot these last two scenes and move on.
  2. It's one of the best. Even better if you can get it in M2 format.
  3. The speed is not relevant here, it's the quantity of request to the drive. USB is not truly designed for this type of access pattern. There are many layers of drivers on top of USB before you get to the Mass Storage profile, and that reduces performance. You'd benefit a whole bunch with internal hard drive.
  4. I own the GH4 and just rented the GX85 to have a B cam for a wedding. I used to love the image the GH4 produced, until I used the GX85!!! It is sooooooo much cleaner, and the IBIS is a lifesaver. Let's put it this way: When I went through the 180GB worth of video for the deliverable, 95% of the content I shipped was recorded with the GX85, as at the high ISO (1600-3200) the GH4 was undeliverable. If the G85 is anything like the GX85, 4K delivery will be awesome.
  5. Maybe because I have the 20mm f/1.7 II?
  6. Call it what it is. 4K autofocus is shit!
  7. I just shot a wedding with the Panasonic 42.5 f/1.7 and the 20mm f/1.7 with a GH4 and a GX85. Let me say a few things about these lenses: The speed saved my life! The electronic focus ruined my life! The weight savings saved my life! If you are going to do narrative work where there is no focus pulling, these lenses are hard to beat. The 20mm f/1.7 is waaaaay sharper than the sharp 42.5 f/1.7. Even if the camera was capable of autofocus worth a damn, you can't do it with the 20mm, the camera simply won't let you use CAF in video or photos. So if the GH5 comes out with Sony A6500 like video autofocus, the 20mm would not cut it. I've used the Sigma 18-35 speedbooster combo, and I simply love it for shots on sticks or a slider. But when used as a shoulder mount, that rig weight makes a long day indeed.
  8. Some f/.95 SLR Magic or Voigtlander's might do you a fair it of good with the GH4, or upcoming GH5. If the GH5 has a stop better noise performance, will these ultra fast lens fit the bill for you? I disqualify the Sony A7x options, even though their low light is great, the sensor overheating issues are a dealbreaker. I also disqualify the Canon 5D because of the codec and the C100 because of the price. Now if you were going to drop 5D Mark IV coin, then the Sony F5 is on the table.
  9. That's actually pretty sweet. Don't need Log gamma with performance like this?
  10. No, the GH4 cannot do that. But why don't you just shoot in manual mode? I don't see the benefit of what you are doing. Ideally, you want to shoot at 180 degrees shutter with 24 fps. So just put the camera at 180 degrees and leave it, and adjust the aperture for your DOF and exposure. Then use your histogram and zebras to get a rough estimate of your exposure (its, rough, but just as good as the method you were using). Is there some reason you have decided to film in this manner? Do you need different shutter speeds for creative reasons? Are you trying to use shutter speed to handle exposure? If so, you should be using ND filters, so your resulting film doesn't look jerky from the non-standard
  11. The big deal breaker for me too was no false color, as V-Log really forces you to nail your exposure, so I just ordered one from Amazon and it will be here on Thursday. 10-bit 4:2:2 here I come!
  12. This is really, really nice!! Please oh please post a tutorial on how you were able to achieve this. Did you just skip the de-squeeze step and do a crop?
  13. ​Now, I'm drooling !!! New script is almost done, so how much should I push back my shooting schedule?
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