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  1. Samin

    New Mac Minis

    If you are planning to get the mac mini for video editing you should definitely consider pairing it with an eGPU otherwise normal MacBook Pro probably will do the job better! I've build a Hickintosh with an AMD VEGA 56. BruceX benchmark result is roughly around 12-13 seconds. I have used the Duet app but unfortunately it was not reliable and smooth!
  2. There is this Chinese seller, TomTop. they have Viltrox EF-M2 with a really good price for 139$. the only caveat is they are really slow! so if you are not in hurry go ahead and order one.
  3. I did some tests as well and definitely, there is an improvement but still not useable and reliable for my liking. I think at the current stage GH5's autofocusing is as good as it gets! can't expect much from contrast based focusing system.
  4. I'm happy I asked the question! some good ideas around here! I'm eying the Sigma 18-35 as well now that I got a good offer for it. Do you have any of them in your arsenal or planning to get? I was checking Samyang 85mm T1.5 ef mount paired with speedbooster should be an interesting combo. Nice, combo. Certainly that Tokina looks good.
  5. I've bought the Viltrox EF-M2 as well just in case, I just hope it would be compatible with bmpcc4k, though I don't have any EF lens at the moment.
  6. I was wondering those who have pre-ordered or planning to buy this camera, which lens/lenses have in mind to pair it with bmpcc4k?
  7. 37 people? how accurate, well I guess now that makes it 38 people now than!
  8. As for frame drops in that test shots, why don't we take into consideration that, that unit was pre-production model, it might not have been fully ready (both software and hardware)?
  9. I wonder if this Viltrox Speed booster would work on BMPCC4K as well. Or we should wait for different version!
  10. I saw this picture on BMPCC4K FB Group. It's upcoming DJI Ronin-S
  11. Samin

    Moza Air Gimbal

    Yeah, maybe Crane 2. I'm also currently contemplating at Crane 2 and Crane Plus!
  12. hmm, this doesn't look normal to me! I have the same combo as well, G80+12-35mm and I don't have this micro jittering issue.
  13. Exactly I know what you mean, as I mentioned as well, when you go for Hackintosh you should accept the consequences of facing errors down the road, but luckily I'm a geek and developer so I kinda love to solve the issues. But even that has not stopped me to not to have a real Mac, so besides my beefy Hackintosh I have a MacBook Pro as well. My issue with Windows is UI and Font rendering! Oh god, windows basically sucks with retina displays, even in Windows 10 (which I like the most among all other versions). I even prefer Linux over Windows. I'm not talking about performance aspect here, mostly representation of the OS.
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