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  1. I think 16mm FF equivalent would be good - which is why I was thinking 11mm (approx 17.6mm with a crop) would be close enough.
  2. I used to have that Tokina lens back when I had a 7D, and it was the first one I thought of initially. But ya, it's only APS-C, which isn't a dealbreaker, but I was just hoping to cover my bases by getting one that I could also use on a FF cam. I've also actually owned a couple of Rokinon's 14mm lenses (one EF mount and one Sony mount), but the moustache distortion on them is quite bad. Also 14mm on APS-C isn't quite wide enough for my needs As for budget, ya I'd say I'm looking to spend less than 700ish. Also I don't need a zoom, a prime would be fine.
  3. Hey all, I'm looking to get a wide angle lens and just wanted to get a second opinion/see if I'm missing anything. I've got a BM6K (where my current widest lens is the 18-35 Sigma) as my Acam and an A7III as my Bcam/stills camera. Even though I could get a better/cheaper/wider APS-C only lens, I was thinking about getting the Irix 11mm F4 because it's full frame, and it'd be nice to have it somewhat future proofed and useable on my A7III on occasion. This way I can get a pretty wide shot on the BM6K that would give me a noticeably wider FoV than the 18mm, but also have the option of going really wide on my A7III when needed. Or, if I ever upgrade to a full frame ACam. Am I missing anything in my train of thought here? Are there any other options I should consider with my current camera setup? Thanks!
  4. Looks great to me! Do you know if the shot at 0:44 in your first link (where it rolls focus to the guy in the white headband) was using AF? If so it looks really smooth to me. Also is that 18-135 an EF lens or an RF lens?
  5. Wow, thank you both very much for your detailed replies. You've given me a lot to think about. I'm in the same boat as you, Trek of Joy, where I miss my Canon colours and am tempted by the R6. I was also really hoping to be able to utilize that drop-in ND adapter with EF lenses too. Do either of you have any video samples you've shot that feature AF use?
  6. Hey there, does anyone have any experience with video autofocus on the EOS R with both native and adapted EF lenses? Three years ago, you wouldn't have caught me dead using AF with video work, but using AF with my Sony A7III along with both Sony and Sigma E-mount lenses has been a great experience for situations like interviews, speeches, and gimbal work. I like that the focus pulls smoothly and looks like a manual focus roll (as opposed to super fast and jittery). How does DPAF compare on Canon cameras? I'm assuming it's probably really smooth on the expensive RF lenses, but what about EF lenses with an adapter? I know they're supposed to work no problem for stills AF, but haven't seen many tests for video AF tracking.
  7. Do you guys think the new Mac Minis are a good budget (compared to the latest iMacs at least) 4K editing option? I have an aging iMac and am looking to upgrade soon
  8. I have the Sony 55mm f/1.8 with my A7III, which is an awesome lens except for the fact that its manual focus uses focus-by-wire. As you know, it's very hard to achieve repeatable focus pulls and the like with these kinds of lenses. I understand that some of Sony's GM lenses have linear manual focusing, which, while not as nice as a mechanical focus system, is much preferred to the variable speeds of their other lenses. So my question is, do you think it'll ever be possible to update the firmware of a lens or the camera body to switch a lens' manual focus to linear? Or is it impossible because of the construction of those lenses?
  9. Thanks! Sony 16-35mm f4, SLR Magic 35mm 1.2, Sony 55m 1.8, and Canon 135mm f2. AF for the gimbal stuff and manual for pretty much everything else
  10. This video was shot with the default settings, but I've since modified my settings so that the tilt is slower and the pans are smoother
  11. Thanks! Yes, a lot of this was shot during harsh sun mid-day, hence the difficulties with highlights. As for the movement, I was using a Zhiyun Crane Plus
  12. Thanks! Sony 16-35 f4, SLR Magic 35mm 1.2, Zeiss 55mm 1.8, Canon 135mm f2, Metabones IV adapter, and the SLR Magic variable ND
  13. Shot this video for a Bible camp I was at last week entirely with Pro Color V4 HDR:
  14. I'm sure you've all seen this kind of low-contrast, desaturated teal/orange commercial colour grade before, but I can't quite seem to get the look right on my own. Obviously a lot of it is how it's shot and with what kind of lighting and camera, but what kind of steps would you personally take (using Lumetri in Premiere for example) to work toward this kind of aesthetic? I've tried a mix of lifting the blacks/shadows, bringing down the highlights, lowering the contrast, playing with the curves, but everything I try just looks cheap next to something like this:
  15. I see that the PP2 setup uses SLOG-2. Will it work with SLOG-3 as well? I know SLOG-3 on the A7SII has some issues, but sometimes I like to get all the DR I can for certain shots.
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