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  1. So what your saying is it looks like the IBSIS isn't actually working? Do you know if there has been a firmware update for the 1st 12-23mm 2.8 lens? I'm sure I heard talk of it last year when they released the GH5?
  2. Hi Guys, I used my G85 yesterday for a short shoot for a charity at a school. I shoot much of footage handheld and the IBIS was switched on as far as I'm aware, but when I got back to edit I found the footage seems more shakey than I was expecting. As you can see from the video Does this look normal or did I forget to switch the IBIS on? No doubt the shake is magnified at the longer end of the lens. Also wondering if people use other stablizers with their Lumix cameras? After watching this back I think I need more stabilization for this kind of work. I am using the 1st 12.35mm 2.8 lens
  3. Hi guys, Have have some indoor interviews to film after Christmas and I'd appreciate some advice on a suitable one light setup. I know there are thousands of videos on YouTube on this topic, but it's impossible to know if the people shooting these videos actually use the lights they are reviewing. I'm after a simple lighting setup, ideally something portable for soft lighting for my interview subjects It seems are are lots of budget options and some very high end, but not much in between. I'd appreciate recommendations from people who actually use lights rather than vloggers just testing them. I was considering CFL's as a budget option or a LED Panal or aputure 120 Cob light at the higher end. Or maybe I'm better off just hireing something instead?
  4. I've looked at the ME64 and it looks like good value, I had to record some more interviews yesterday in a hotel, which also was nosiy and had air conditioning too :-( Will the ME64 help in these situations or should I just save for one of the mics like the Audix SCX1-HC mentioned earlier in this thread?
  5. @joema Thank you, this is very useful, the ME66 was off the camera on a mic stand as close as I could get it without being in the frame, but it was pointing up towards the ceiling, so I imagine thats where much of the echo came from. It sounds like a hyercardiod mic boomed from above and a sound blanket on the floor would help reduce the echo a fair amount? Is it possible to get reasonably priced sound blankets?
  6. thanks for the link, yes i have tried the dereverb and managed to improve the audio enough to use this time, cheers
  7. Hi Guys, thanks very much for your input and suggestions, my career in video production is very much in its early stages, but I'm very aware the poor audio can make a big difference to the overall quality of something. I have sent quite a lot of time watching and learning how to remove echo, which is useful, but still not as good as having better audio in the firest place, so I would rather try and capture the best audio I can in the first place. The mic I was using is a Sennheiser ME66. @Stanley Your right about over advice, especally when your starting out and trying to do everything yourself. I think thats the trouble with the internet sometimes so many views! and I'm sure people will appreciate the footage was shoot in a gym, so some echo is to be expected, but I still want to try and reduce it as much as possible. @Kisaha Thanks for your input too, I am always trying to improve the production value of what i do and learning from my mistakes all the time, which is good. But realising how much time it can take to improve bad audio and still end up with something which isn't that grea, t I would rather invest in better equipment and technique which should pay off in the long run. But I'm sure as with everyone money is still and issue. But it sounds like investing money in a good quailty mic would save lots of time in post production, but I have to be realistic as I don;t have 1000's to spend, but I can see the logic in higher quailty. The sound blankets also sound like a good idea too. Its just figuring out using all this stuff together. Thanks for these suggestions, Realistically the Audix is the one within my price range and I assume it is similar to the Audio Technica AT4053b, I have watched many of Curtis's videos and seem to rate the Audio Technica, I guess I just want to be sure that one of these mics would make a big enough difference in these situations to be worth investing in over the shotgun mic, but it sounds like it properly will.
  8. Thanks @sondreg yes I that's correct, Any suggestions for a suitable Cardioid mic for this kind of situation? Some people seem to suggest the Rode NT5 as its quite budget friendly.
  9. Hi, I would be grateful for some advice from more experienced sound people. I have had to record some dialogue in a sports gym, which a large room with lots of hard surfaces. There are no real options to change the room in any way. so I'm trying to work out how to get the best audio? I have already tried using a Lav and shotgun mic and both have still ended up with echo. So I was wondering if there is a more suitable mic for these kinds of situations? I have read that some people seem to suggest using cardioid mics. Any advice which me much appreciated.
  10. Guys, I need to hire a lens for an interview shoot this coming week, which will be indoors in available light, the two options I could hire would be either the 12-32mm 2.8 or the 25mm 1.4. I have no experience with either of these two lens, so some feedback from users with a G85, would appreciated
  11. I will defiantly stick with manual, although I hear that Canon duel pixel is pretty impressive. shame there is no budget friendly 4k camera from them. The G85 is a really nice to use, everything is easy and quick to find and the touch screen makes life easy, but just having a proper EVF is also great. I'm used to shooting on a DSLR's so at first it did feel pretty small and very lightweight, but it feels pretty sturdy and I love how smooth handheld footage is, and that's without a stabilised lens. My only real concern is the low light performance, because I'm normally shooting in available light, so I'm a little worried about that and the no headphone jack, again when your getting paid, you cannot afford to mess up the audio. But compared to the Sony A6000 series the ergonomics of the camera , at least in my opinion feel much more comfortable to use.
  12. Well I'm always surprised that there still seems to be an amount of professional snobbery around the use of auto focus. But as you say I have not used it before in paid video projects. but I was keen to see whether is would be suitable especially in run and gun type situations, when people are moving around fast. Needless to say the auto focus was not up to the job as seen in the video I posted. it feels so close, yet so far. I understand that the Sony A6300 has better auto focus and tracking and it sounds like the GH5 may also have too.
  13. Just thought I would share my experience using the G85 today for some paid work, luckily it was for a friend, so she was happy to let me test out the face tracking autofocus with the 14-42mm lens. Initially I was pleased with the results, but you will notice the camera loses focus when she moves her head and then never really finds focus again. Luckily I had some cut b-roll I was able to use to cover it up, but it looks like its not going to be realiable enough to paid shooting work :-( Does anyone have any advice about how to get the most from the auto focus or am I wasting my time and should just stick with manual? Stabilisation is great through and I was able to get very steady shoots and even a handheld pan, which was great :-)
  14. I guys, can anyone suggest an SD card suitable for use with the G80? There are so many variations these days, and I found the user manual really unclear too. thanks
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