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  1. Most yanks have a gut bigger enough or a mouth to go with it after all it was Anzacs that showed you how to tool up on the Western Front ...ROFL
  2. How do you fit a GH5 in your pocket.
  3. Hey Erik, sounds like you'd be comfortable with the 5d MK2 and ML, so buy it and see what happens. As for the last question you asked, get a GH2, best 1080p camera apart from BMPCC, no need to hack it, and life will be so easy learning more. You also will be able to edit on any reasonable run of the mill computer with GH2 files...just sayin'
  4. Don, I think News/ENG camera ops are the real ones living in their own universe still. Zooming, focusing, riding the iris without thinking twice about it. Just experience and muscle memory for these people. Heavy rigged cameras, beefy sticks and head etc, and they do it solo, day in day out. Attached a photo of an old timer in OZ shooting digital for the first time in his life, no drama to get around a problem.
  5. Here's a test of the SLR Magic Vari ND MK 2 I did in the field if anyone is thinking of getting a reasonably priced good Vari ND. Mistake in titles as ETR should read ETC.
  6. The longer, older 14-42 lens was great for playing around on the old flycam type gymbals. F.8-11 put nearly everything in focus. I still use it on my gh2 outside in the light. Noisy little sucker in low light. The focal length on MFT is an excellent range. I also keep reminding myself that it's a photo lens firstly, and critical focus is in mm's not cm's.
  7. Just like to mention that I've had the SLR Vari ND mk2 for 12 months now because of John Brawley, and love it. No colour cast to mention, and no focus loss at extreme focal lengths around 1,000-1,500mm, and the adjustment to polarising is a blessing for me as I mostly shoot surfing. Thanks JB.
  8. Nice work, and I could feel the sound with headphones on. Lenses and mic selection certainly worked on the gh5.
  9. Put a good quality vari nd on the front and you're good to go. Some like SLR Vari mk 2 even allow polarising adjustment.
  10. @cantsin From what I've read those vent slots, and what's behind them, is completely sealed of from any internal parts of the camera. Hopefully JB might come on board in the near future and explain a few things.
  11. Not if your shot is static, you should get away with it ok. If you're panning in your shot the motion cadence may show up.
  12. I've been looking for a tag on your videos...what's happened ?
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