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  1. I will yeah I read something like that aswell but I think this is a newer one that should work, but we'll see
  2. Hi! An update. Now I ordered lots of stuff (and waiting for it to arrive) This is what I got (incl freightcosts): 5DII with battery grip - 660€ - not the cheapest one but seemed to be well treated and in good condition, got it down from 800€, 17 000 shutter count Three Nikkor ais lenses (and a Nikon f301) 24mm f/2.8, 55mm micro f/2.0, 85mm f/2.8 - 310€ One ritzgear 52mm ND-filter 36€ One Komputerbay 128GB 1066x cf-card - 103€ three lens adapters (no brand china) ~25€ One SanDisk ImageMate Pro USB 3.0 Multi-Card Reader SDDR-489 - 27€ Total a
  3. Thanks! what do you think of buying lenses (or cameras for that matter) on eBay? Did you do it? Are you relaxed with it not breaking in shipping or comfortable that the seller is honest and has checked the product (if good rep seller)? (id prefer being able to hold them and at least look at them before buying but seeing theres such a great amount of nice ones on eBay..)
  4. Hi! Now Ive been looking a little bit into lenses, and I figured it seemed reasonable to get some old/80s manual focus prime nikkors of different focal lengths, like one 24 or 35mm, one 50mm, one 85ish and maybe that would be a good start, also I was thinking maybe a 80-200 zoom manual focus nikkor (Nikon 80-200mm f/4.5 N - AI Zoom?). what do you think? if you weren't very experienced would you choose to go all primes? would you choose to go all manual focus? Also I got the tip that as a beginner I should get a 50mm that was autofocus and same brand as my camera (still thinking canon 5d
  5. Hi! Many thanks for all the replies, support and questions, I wasn't expecting all this thanks. Ill try to explain my position/choises in more detail: Im a novice in filming and photography, art student, Ive tried some different cameras, I have a slightly defect canon 350 (apsc from 2006ish), and got to use a gh4 for my last project. Sometimes I need to take photos for documentation, and for fun, but I don't think I need to buy a new, or really good camera for that, I can borrow etc, but it would be more convenient. Anyhow Id like to get something versatile with with which I could get decent
  6. Hi! I'm thinking to get myself a setup for filming on a dslr, and my budget is really tight. After some googling I'm leaning towards buying a used Canon 5d mk2 (300-600€), a standard digital zoom lens(200-400€), and a couple or so old manual lenses (with 10€ lens adaptors if needed). And I will have access to a zoom h4 for audio. If I had the money I would rather buy the 5d mk3 or something newer. Ive settled for full frame and dslr even though I realize I might get better quality video from a mirrorless camera within the same budget, I just like the feel of it beeing slightly more a
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