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  1. I saw video of this tripod and the stability looks terrible. It´s all shaking even in low base. But for 50€ it´s real steal. Manfrotto MVH500AH is better than the amazon one?
  2. Could you please tell me, what tripod legs did you mean? I just don´t need top notch tripod, just something usable for a few years...
  3. Yeah, 1000$ + is way too much. But definitely thanks to all comments. So your recomendation is not go with the Manfrotto set for 250€ in top condion?
  4. I have read a lot about Davis & Sanford Provista 18. It seems to be a great tripod. Sutch a pitty, that in US costs around 160$ and in EU 250€. Is there any chance how to get it cheaper in EU?
  5. It is a short slider, maybe 3kg... What I´m afraid most is, that I don´t have mutch trust in Manfrotto heads. I experienced two Manfrotto 503 heads and both moved a litle back when I released handle (it was a tiny move back noticeable only very zoomed detailed picture) like a flexing from handle. I don´t know, is this behavour normal?
  6. Thanks for response. I will use it with my GH4 most the time. I don´t think I will use crane, and I will use slider sometimes. I often record some lectures, so I would like to pan smoothly.
  7. Hi, I´m not really sure, I´m on right forum, but I try. I´m looking for affordable tripod with fluid head in Europe for about 200-250 euro. And also, I can get Manfrotto 755 + 501hdv with bag for 250 euro. Is it good deal for me?
  8. Hi, I just want to know your opinion about 1080p/50 on G80. Is it any usable? Is there a huge difference compared to GH4? Thanks all.
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