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  1. This was a fun one to make. The Poags Hole hillclimb is one of the premier moto hillclimb events and considered one of the hardest hills in the series. Shot this with a gh5 and soligor 135mm mostly, went for very 80's tv / VHS aesthetics. Enjoy
  2. Was able to do some testing this week on the little Iscomorphot: So far my Contax/zeiss 50mm1.7 is the best match for this lens. You really need to stop to f5.6 to get sharpness from this setup, which is going to mean bumping up my iso on the gh5. Less than desirable, but I think I can make it work for the wedding I'm shooting at the end of the month. Interestingly, I tried adapting the Iscomorphot to my SLR Magic 50mm .95. This lens really makes the Isco shine, I even got center sharpness at f2! However unfortunately anything below f4 introduces quite heavy vignetting, I believe this is because the filter thread on the slr magic is a massive 62mm compared to the 39mm Isco rear thread.
  3. Hey everyone, just picked up a little Iscomorphot 1.5/8 anamorphic adapter, planning on using it to film a wedding later this month. I'm starting to do some tests to see what kind of look I can get from this thing and I'm trying to find a good taking lens (shooting with a GH5) So far I've put it on my Nikon 50mm F2, not too happy with the quality of the pair. I have a Contax 50mm 1.7 and a canon FD 50 1.4, both of those are 55mm front thread so until a step-down ring comes in the mail I wanted to see if anyone else has experience with this tiny anamorphic scope. Just as a test, I attached it to an Olympus 12mm, and though it vignetted heavily, with the ETC crop it was noticeably sharper than the Nikon on the center. Same result with my SLR Magic 25mm, it was a little wide for the scope but I was able to see better quality images. Second, I'm wondering if this lens could benefit from a slight calibration, though I've only seen posts of this being done to some of the larger Kowa and sankor anamorphic. I have already found that I need my taking lens to be backed off from infinity to get good infinity focus. Anyone done any work on these? The grease in the lens is very stiff so I may be pulling it apart soon at least for that. Got a busy work week but I may be able to shoot a little with it and post something.
  4. Charlie I really dig the first cut at :06 to the reveal shot
  5. I’ve always wanted to film a racing movie, I guess you could say i’m practicing. For profiles I think the Gh5 was set to the natural profile and then I used a combination of filmconvert and a couple little exposure and color tweaks per shot
  6. you had to double clutch on the way up too? what a handful and with all that power
  7. Wow what I would do to drive one of those! You put it wel though: kill to drive one, but it may kill you! Thanks for sharing your story, if you ever come up to watkins let me know! I’ll be going to the 6 hour race, nascar, and vintage GP this year
  8. same here man I let those idle shots just roll this whole video was shot with a rode videomic pro, but not stereo, its a mono shotgun.
  9. Hey, thanks for watching! Now that we have a couple of these made we can show the artists to give them an idea for what we do, and schedule a time to film. Right now we're just trying to grow the channel and develop early content for the collective so short and sweet is the name of the game. I film the artist working on something and get a feel for how they react to the camera, then we do a quick interview and I pick out some points for the video.I try to keep the interviews short seeing as I'm shooting for about 2-5 min. final.
  10. Just finished up the 5th episode, the series is growing!
  11. Last year I posted a short highlight reel of Watkins Glen Vintage racing footage. This is an extended cut with no music, only engine sounds. Enjoy: all GH5 with mostly the sir magic 25mm .95 A few wide shots with the Olympus 12mm.
  12. Just released the fourth in the series:
  13. nice review! short and to the point. keep em coming.
  14. Nice work man. Makes me want to go to Latvia you showed it well. For feedback I'd say this: the jump cut at 2:40 was my favorite part and I think that cut hinted at connecting the separate places Filips is exploring in a really effective way. You did a couple examples of cutting on matching action throughout the film (mostly putting wood in and out of the car and chopping) but I think you could push more of these cuts like the one of him jumping. I think that told the story best. Keep it up.
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