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  1. “Anyone can photograph nature”, a fashion photographer once said. “You just have to wait for the right light!” I disagree. In my opinion, there's more to that than meets the eye. This is the story of Latvian outdoor lifestyle photographer Filips Baumanis. This is me attempting story-driven filmmaking for the first time, as previously I've mostly done landscape and travel content (a seen on www.eaglewoodfilms.com). Shot on the trusty Sony A6500 and Phantom 4 Pro for aerials. Did all the shooting, editing, grading and sound design myself. Comments? Feedback? Fire away!
  2. Is there any word whether this new glass is inside the new EF to MFT SpeedBooster as well? It wouldn't make sense to release a new product with old glass, but I'm kinda suspicious that that's the case here.
  3. SpeedBooster with OIS and all the bells and whistles is coming, I'm telling 'ya! This will be huge. It that case I might even sell some of my Samyang/Rokinon glass collection and get a Tamron 24-70. I bought the Samyangs only for the reason that I was not able to control Canon glass.
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