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  1. Just bought it, I've been trying it out with some downloaded videos and works great, indeed seems to have a rose-tinted effect that is evident the first time you try it but after a few seconds you forget and the difference with the original footage is amazing. I still don't understand how it can achieve more DR but it certainly does, and to my eyes the footage seems to have a more organic sort of "3d" effect. Very happy with the purchase. Thanks Andrew!
  2. Thanks Cary, looking forward to try it out extensively during the holidays! @wolf33d I've found it thru a Spanish dedicated m43 forum (I'm in Spain)
  3. finally found a great deal on a 12-35 and went for it! Looking forward to try it out! Thanks everyone for your help, at the end although the Oly seemed to have a slight advantage the smaller size and dual IS won the contest for me.
  4. Thanks Ricardo, I'll add the Flycam Nano to my Wishlist I'll be using it alongside the IBIS so hopefully add the 35mm I'll be steady enough. I'll be doing mostly interviews and also some run&gun and events in location. The flicker issue I guess it can be deal with as I don't usually zoom while recording and the 4k crop can be helpful there. So I guess im leaning towards the smaller footprint and DUAL IS of the Pana.
  5. Very nice video Ricardo, very impressive. May I ask which steady did you use? Also what about the jittering problem have you noticed any? Regarding the flicker I guess if I plan things right I can shoot 4k and then crop from there...
  6. I've almost change my mind towards the 12-35 due to all the videos I've seen as there are more examples than with the 12-40. I'm reading about this flickering problem though while zooming, is it really an issue or has been updated or there's a workaround for it? This alongside the micro jitters could be a deal breaker...
  7. I have the same question, actually even opened a thread asking that. I have a G80 and a Gx80 and now I have to decide between the Oly and the Pana, the Oly has a slight advantage due to the extra range and closer focus but if the Dual IS really makes a difference I would choose the 12-35.
  8. Thanks for the video Cary, pretty steady indeed. Will the IBIS only if used with the 12-40 much different steady wise? Also I've been looking at video reviews and seems like the Pana flickers a bit when zooming and the Oly doesn't seem to have that issue. Is the Oly parfocal? And I've read some copies of the Pana suffer from micro jitters is that fixed already thru firmware or it might happen? I guess I'm still leaning towards the Oly due to the extra reach and closer focus distance, hoping that with the G80 and GX85 IBIS won't miss any extra stabilisation.
  9. Decisions... Decisions, I was almost convinced on the Oly but now I dunno anymore :D If IQ is pretty much the same, I have to decide if the 10mm reach is worth it or if the Dual IS might be a better option. What about in terms of autofocus I'm guessing the Pana will be better on Pana bodies, is that so? And if so a lot of difference between the two?
  10. Thanks for all the info, seems like the Oly is the better deal. It will cost me a bit more than the Pana but seems to be worth it despite being non stabilised. I'll try to get that one! Let's see if I'm lucky enough.
  11. Hi again, today I have a new question :D I just returned a Sigma 17-50 that I wanted to use on my Lumix G80 and Gx80 due to the vignetting I've got with a LensTurbo, so I was about to go for a Lumix 12-35 as I didn't even know the Olympus version existed. Question is, if you can get one of those for roughly the same price (second hand) which will be your choice? Is one significantly better than the other one? As it seems the extra range, build quality and focus ring of the Olympus are a plus, but how does it compare without the stabilisation on the Lumix? Does the IBIS on the G80 /GX80 compensate for that or is it better to have everything stabilised? I do mainly interviews but also run&gun where handheld is the only option. What you guys think?
  12. Thank you! It might take me a while to get a prime zoom, but good to know about the booster for the primes!
  13. Ok thanks, in that case you think if set to the maximum focal length will have an impact if used at the minimum? I mean if set at 35mm will not work properly at 18mm Also this made me wonder... how you decide the focal length that you have to mark on the camera? If using a 50mm lens, should you select the 50 or the 100mm due to the 2x crop factor? or even 75mm if using a booster?
  14. Good to know, I'll be using a "lens turbo" instead but good to know that the stabiliser works that well with that range.
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