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  1. All the graded examples are fine except for the Sony S-Log2, it is graded outside of video range (top is from the video, bottom is corrected): Yes, it is similar for the GX85, the noise reduction really kicks in at higher ISO's which makes the video look like a watercolor painting.
  2. I am not sure why you are so argumentative, I was merely commenting on the test results in an objective way. What is wrong with that? I have the GX85 and I am happy with it but that does not mean I want to turn a blind eye to test results if they show this or any other camera to be performing less than others.
  3. I am not arguing as to the suitability I was merely commenting on the charts and how they were made.
  4. Interesting you mention that because all way non-scientific tests I have done seem to indicate ISO 200 is just better than ISO 400. I do not think contrast and iDynamic will change the charts. Contrast just rearranges the luminance values it gets from the sensor it does not get any new information. IDynamic changes the local contrast of the darks which would cause the horizontal lines on the scope to be angled. See for instance this article about iDynamic: http://www.dvinfo.net/article/production/panasonic-gh4-dr-and-gamma-timelapse-and-more.html And here is a comparison:
  5. While all cameras record different tints they are all consistent with decreasing luminance values, except for the G85 which goes from some yellowish/orange to green The Sony looks very impressive especially price/performance wise! It would be interesting to find out how well the GH5 is going to compare to the Sony.
  6. I realize that but only the G85 color seems completely inconsistent and the last block (or last two blocks) are not visible. One thing I noticed is that he recorded with data levels for the Panasonic G85. All cameras are recorded with video levels while only the Panasonic G85 cameras is recorded with data levels. When the clips are merged the data levels where not brought into video level range.
  7. Superb test! To me the G85 disappoints! Too bad he did not test Standard or Natural in comparison. Look at the image and in particular the color towards the darks, it's green! And while clearly above the noise level on the scope the second lowest block is actually not visible on the image which is a mystery to me:
  8. You just need the right adapter, with the Metabeans Speed Roaster your GH5 can do an espresso just fine! Just make sure your sensor gets really hot!
  9. I see, so lenses like the Sigma 18-35mm and the 50-100mm will not work but full frame lenses should be fine! Thanks kidzrevil!
  10. So the XL would cover the sensor 100% without vignetting? I guess I was mistaken in thinking the XL should only be used in video mode because until the GH5 there was extra cropping in 4k video mode.
  11. I would get the Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds T Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x. http://www.metabones.com/products/details/MB_SPEF-M43-BT4 I would stay away from the XL version because future Panasonic cameras (including the GH5) will use more of the MFT sensor for 4k video than before.
  12. The GH4 is an older generation camera, if I had to chose between them I would go for the G85 (or the GX85 if you want to save some money). I would be wary of people "recommending" the GH4 as I am sure many current GH4 owners want to sell theirs and buy a GH5!
  13. Well isn't that what the ultra is supposed to be? The XL would obviously no longer fit.
  14. Got the footage. So it's 4:2:2 M-JPEG with Matrix Coefficients of BT.601. Why Canon would use BT.601 for 4K is beyond me. Although the differences are small you would have to convert them to BT.709 to stay color accurate. Your levels are strange, your blacks are cut around 25 which is way too high, it is not normal, looking at the footage your blacks should go all the way to zero. Did you make some changes in camera?
  15. Could you cut a few seconds of the original source and make it available? Until we have the original it could be compression artifacts or incorrect levels.
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