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  1. Hello everyone! With the new ability to shoot a 4K 1.33:1 image with the GH4, I immediately remembered of my film days (as an AC of course) where you had head and floor room on the viewfinder to shoot... and thought that I could use 16mm lenses on the GH4 with a decent crop... meaning, that one would be able to shoot with 16mm and s16mm lenses, crop out the heavy vignette and still get nice 3K sized footage. Here's a little proof test I shot:
  2. I wonder if it kills some bugs as well, been having problems with the Battery Grip of the camera crashing and all. Let's see... UPDATE: So far so good, before the update I'd connect the grip, turn the camera on, and suddenly things would go berserk, the camera would be "possessed", the lens would AF constantly, the screen would go black, sometimes it would blink or just freeze. Now I just updated and switched on without the grip, then with it, and all is fine! =) Whenever I test it out in the "real world" I'll update this post again. Cheers.
  3. You should add the Samsung NX-1, this one seems like a kick in Canons Balls... =)
  4. One thing I'm not reading anywhere, that probably makes it impossible to handle 4K, is that it doesn't support UHS-3 speed SD Cards. Or does it? If the conditions were right though, I don't render the impossibility of a 4K firmware update. Sony has done it. From a business POV, it would be interesting to keep an older model alive by introducing a "in vogue" feature that would possible attract many customers that wasn't even considering it to begin with. Take me for example, I'm going to invest in a Gh4 later this month. But if, let's say, Fujifilm decided to give the X-T1 a 4K update, I'd buy it instead... in a heartbeat. Wouldn't you?
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