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  1. Hi everyone, a little question about video stabilization. I'm starting to make videos, mainly corporate videos, and I have a GH4. For the moment, I shoot all with monopod but this month I decided to buy a Ronin-M to try new things! But now I see GH5 properties with 5 axis stabilized sensor (+2 in lens). I met 2 videographers today who use Ronin and they were saying that with GH5, Ronin or steadicam will become useless and you will be able to shoot all with hand... I'm beginner so I wanted your opinion on that. I'm just wondering if it's a good idea to spend money for R
  2. Ok, i guess it's not a problem. To be sure, i sent a mail to Film Convert support.
  3. Yes, ok to always export in the highest quality. But it seemed weird to me to have in FC export settings 1920x1080 as the maximum size. For me, if the stand-alone app supports 4K, it should suggest this size in export settings, without having to do it manually... It's why i'm wondering.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm starting in filmmaking and i have some questions about workflow. For the moment, I use FCPX with Film Convert in stand-alone version (because FCPX is so slow with the plugin). So, maybe I do things in the wrong way, maybe what I will say seems stupid so don't hesitate to say me, I'm beginner and don't know a lot yet. And sorry for English mistakes, not my native language. :) At first I make editing in FCPX and I export the timeline to grade it in Film Convert. My question is about the FC exportation before reimport graded footage in FCPX. I have 2 cases :
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