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  1. ​Hi Brian, welcome to the forum, - can we expect a Speed Booster for the Ursa Mini in the near future?
  2. “Nobody knows anything...... Not one person in the entire motion picture field knows for a certainty what's going to work. Every time out it's a guess and, if you're lucky, an educated one.” - William Goldman
  3. @Endfallow Media : Premiere or FCPX?
  4. mtheory

    How's Andrew Reid?

    Any moment now...
  5. ​We mean dedicated mobile GPUs for laptops with M in the name.
  6. ​Are you? @​Inazuma : you're right, I was under the impression that Iris Pro graphics are the highest you can go. And agree about Radeon, always thought that Nvidia Quadro M cards should've been present in MBP's, but Apple was probably too greedy to cut down their margins and shell out money on pro graphics cards.
  7. In an interesting reversal, Apple just brought back dedicated GPUs to Macbook Pro ( AMD Radeon R9 M370X ). Very good news for DSLR photographers and filmmakers, performance should get a massive increase to iMac levels in FCPX and Resolve, where it rightfully should be.
  8. Ebrahim, this a poll to assess expectations and preferences of this forum, not a review / analysis / debate. Please vote, buddy.
  9. It seems likely that the next big DSLR battle will be between these two cameras, both top-sellers and low-light monsters for their respective companies, and that they will be released in a similar timeframe, competing for a similar market. What is your current expectation from the next-gen of these cameras? No need for analysis or justification, just your gut feeling.
  10. I actually agree with you overall, I'm personally used to thinking in FF focal lengths anyway, so my personal preference is to have a camera that can do both, either an FF that can crop or an S35 that can use a speedbooster to give me those ultra-wide shots without having to get new lenses.
  11. ​Wolf, an F4 on S35 sensor will deliver less bokeh and easier focusing than F4 on full frame sensor ( due to difference lenses, obviously ). To match the same look on FF, you will have to go several stops above F5.6, which will require more light. As I said, cameras like A7S are beginning to make this a non-issue, but why would you throw away several stops of "free" light?
  12. Funny and useful article, Raafi, welcome to the forum. Its true that the artistic side is the one you have to fill in yourself.
  13. ​No, you don't need 4K, it's purely your choice. My personal preference is to shoot in 4K and deliver in 2K.
  14. Agree, S35 is far from dead, primarily because it's still far more practical for cinema. This might start to change when ALL cameras have super low light abilities that can shoot at F8 at night without grain.
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