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  1. Really liking it, the visuals, mood, pacing and everything. Especially the shot of Pete with the neighbor. Just got confused by the Ed name tag as I supposed it was Pete's working outfit. Probably just missing an allusion or sumthin. Finally I know what has been wrong with me all along – the beard!
  2. Sure, will do. Here's the mail I got 5 days ago: Hello! Manufacturing and shipping the last batch of Hercules to our supportive KickstaterBackers will be completed at the end of March. We are preparing to launch our new website and need some help. Can you please help with spicing up our social media outlets by subscribing. Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest Youtube We would love it if you shared your content if you have received a Hercules. Please send us links to your videos, photos or videos at Socialmeida@Rollocam.com Thank you for your patience and support. Cheers, Rollocam
  3. Did get a mail with them asking to spread the word via social media a few days ago and that said stuff is supposed to ship at the end of the month. Sure hope so, heading for Ireland next month and that's why I pledged originally.
  4. Cool song, great mood. For me it was about obsessing with the past, especially pain and stuff. One of my favorite hobbies!
  5. Use this: https://www.proxfree.com/ Just put in the YT URL and pick a Netherlands server in the drop down below. Best, Your fellow GEMA-Hasser
  6. http://centurioni.com/multislider/ Probably this one, right? They pitched it on startnext.com, but it didn't get funded. Apparently they are self-financing it now. Looks real easy to use and everything, but it will certainly take some time for production.
  7. Well, the first one is apparently the Nikon that is in the other two. :D
  8. Sure there were people like that, but they weren't everyone or even a majority apparently. The world of today couldn't have turned out the way it did otherwise.
  9. Hard to say without having lived back then, eh? I doubt that the basics were much different.
  10. Drama queens! We've always been living in a world of total exploitation, but it nets us 4K, IBIS and eventually maybe even internal 10 bit 4:2:2 for a measly 2k. What's there not to like?
  11. The S is more 'filmic', I guess, the R more vivid which I don't like as much. I'll make a ColorChecker corrected comparison one of these days.
  12. This. Noticed it when I did the comparison R II vs S II in the other thread. Both cameras interpret WB values very differently and are probably both pretty far off.
  13. Oh, I don't think that obedience helps, at least not in my case, of course everyone has to find something that works for him personally. And my comment was more tailored to all the stuff around 'creativity', everyday life and relationships, not creativity itself. That is, being a super creative or successful person and therefore deciding that one can be a total douche otherwise wouldn't work for me. Probably one of the the reasons the aforealluded guy was successful in our country. Being genuine by itself sure feels good but doesn't necessarily help society, it always depends on your values. And if your maxim is being creative/successful/powerful at all costs, you might put others at a serious disadvantage. I don't think we need more people who think they can save the world and try to enforce their solution by all means, because naturally they know what's best for John Doe, Adam Arendt and Li Juan, too. First, especially the benefactors are super enthusiastic about their new rules and tools and later they wonder how it could have gotten that far. Personally, I don't think the kind of global 'crises' we got ourselves into can be solved at all. Guilt helps and hurts equally, obsession with it is pretty shitty, agreed.
  14. Maximizing creativity is one thing, a world with egomaniacal exploiters on sprees of self-fulfillment is another. But we're on that route alright and there's no going back, so might as well lead the pack. ; )
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