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  1. Years ago, Tahnee was in a wheelchair and doctors told her she would never be able to dance again. Now she is one of the world's most talented dancers and choreographers. https://vimeo.com/394412259
  2. First I have to say that it was such a pleasure to shoot with these lenses compared to shooting with other vintage anamorphics. No hassle, no aligning, no triple checking focus. Other lenses can give great results. Kowa, Bolex Möller, Sankor, Iscorama and other anamorphics all have their special character, beauty, disadvantages and solutions to be able to shoot in a proper way. But being able to shoot without lens clamps, rings, front lenses and other stuff feels so good. It’s just choosing the right focal distance, attach it and shoot. Is it perfect? No. But I have to compliment SLR Magic because they are at least putting energy into anamorphic solutions and now even into native anamorphics. When shooting wide open, which I tend to do and have done for this short film, some chromatic aberration can be visible, it disappears when stopping down. The 35mm mm has clearly some visible circular distortion in the edges. I tiny bit too much to my personal taste but i know many anamorphic lovers love the distortion. I am enthusiastic about the sharpness, the overall look and user friendly usability. These are the first ‘lower range’ anamorphics I would dare to take with me on a commercial job. Color correction was done in Adobe Lightroom, not the most easiest and common way common way to color correct video but I love some tools that are available in Lightroom. I exported and color corrected every single frame as a tiff.
  3. How sweet and funny to read all these comments. Yes indeed I created a very poor lens test. I should have shot a testcard and do a rack focus. Would have been so much easier as well.
  4. Lens will be out this summer and there will be a front attachment too making it a single focus anamorphic. I shot this short with the SLR Magic anamorphot 2X. Different taking lenses. Voitlander 17.5mm, SLR Magic 35mm, Canon FD 50mm 1.2, Helios 58mm. Diopters used.
  5. Shot with SLR Magic anamorphot 2X Taking lenses: Voigtlander 25mm, SLR Magic 35mm, Canon FD 50mm, Helios 58mm. GH4 4K 4:3 Diopters used.
  6. Directed and shot this commercial on GH4. https://vimeo.com/119333904
  7. A deep and delicate music documentary in which filmmaker Hugo Goudswaard is following singer songwriter duo Nancy Brick from quiet living rooms via an intriguing mausoleum to the creation of the new song'Apple tree. With the Norwegian landscape and the friendly locals as a moving backdrop Batelaan and Valeri tell about their motivations and they light a corner of the veil that still hangs over the second album. Shot on GH4 with voigtlanders.
  8. Like to share this one shot acoustic Music Video I created for Arctic Chanteur, North Star Blues singer, ex Madrugada frontman Sivert Hoyem. Shot with a Kowa Anamorphic. Tokina Diopter. Redstan Clamp. Canon 50mm FD 1.2
  9. Shot this last weekend with same lens.
  10. Winter Walk. Lens test of a new member in my anamorphic collection. The Isco Gottingen Iscomorphot 8 (Baby Iscorama) Anamorphic Lens. Taking lens: Canon FD 50mm 1.2 Thanks to my daughters Lonneke & Pollie. I think it has more potential, need to work on it.
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