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  1. Hi there anamorphic shooters! I need someone to explain me as clearly as possible how am I going to get right aspect ratio and best result out from Premiere Pro after editing some anamorphic material. Sory if this is stupid question but I am a bit lost all the settings and aspectratios etc. So, I bought Iscomorphot 8/1.5x adapter. Shot with GH4 and now I have edited my video and would like to export it. I have on timeline material that is shot in 1080p and 4k (yes, that was my mistake. Wanted to shoot all 4k but first day shootings came back in 1080p thought I was shooting 4k) 4k is shot i
  2. Earlier in anamorphic forum I asked advice for export options for my first anamorphic material shot with GH4. So here is the result from my shooting: After encoding to Vimeo, material looks a bit darker. Don't know why. Exported master file isn't as dark. Maybe it is because the h.264 encoding? Please comment and share if you like, thanks! :)
  3. Hello to everyone, My name is Mario Gorlas, i was born in hungary 1978 and live and work now for 20 years in germany. This is my first post at eoshd (i love this portal, thanks and my honor to Andrew Reid) and direct a "for sale" post. I know it's not the best idea, don't beat me, please and let me explain. I'm a guest in this forum for a long time and reading topics here a several times per week and especially i follow the works of Andrew Reid and Seb Farges. The problem was/is i never learnd english in school, since the last two years i'm teaching myself, but i'm ashamed for my ba
  4. Winter Walk. Lens test of a new member in my anamorphic collection. The Isco Gottingen Iscomorphot 8 (Baby Iscorama) Anamorphic Lens. Taking lens: Canon FD 50mm 1.2 Thanks to my daughters Lonneke & Pollie. I think it has more potential, need to work on it.
  5. Hi everyone,   I just bought this iscomorphot 8 /1.5x that I thought was in good condition, had a lot of interaction with the ebay seller so trusted that all was as promised -'near mint condition' as almost everything on ebay is ;)   Then when it arrived, i noticed the front focus ring being loose. Also, there is quite a lot of dust particles inside the lens, which may be limiting even more so. I knew the lens would have it's flaws, but is it worth salvaging/trying to repair?    My hope was that it would be a more useful lens for mounting on s16 and c-mount lenses wit
  6. I can't decide whether I love this lens or hate it. It is very easy to use with rack-focusing and no need for diopters (focuses as close as 1' or so) but there is often ghosting if I shoot faster than f/4 or sometimes f/5.6. But at those apertures, it acts like a shallow DOF amplifier. Still, I do lose the light. Here it is coupled with my Helios 44: [media]http://vimeo.com/51600001[/media]
  7. The Iscomorphot 8/1.5x doesn't seem to have a really good taking lens.   I thought I'd take a stab at finding one.   I recently picked up a Nikkor-O 35mm f/2 lens that I heard worked wonders with the Baby Bolex on a GH2. I assumed that it would have similar vignetteing characteristics as they have the same screw size on the back. Turns out that serious vignetting kicks in below f/4 on a GH2 (probably won't set in on a GH3 until 5.6) but this combo has the least smearing I have seen with the Iscomorphot. This combo smears a hell of a lot less than whe
  8. Since I have all three at the moment, I decided to make a test for my fellow anamorphic enthusiasts:    http://vimeo.com/60401188   Not exactly scientific, but I tried to be methodical. The Iscorama is sharp wide open, but my Iscomorphot 2x has to be closed down to f/2.8 or smaller, and the Iscomorphot 1.5x really isn't too useful before f/5.6.   They each have their own unique character. Which image do you prefer?
  9. [img]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/gallery/album_14/gallery_18451_14_27471.jpg[/img] After looking around and trying a few different things, I came up with this mounting solution. The rubber holds the anamorphic in place and does not allow it to slip when the lens is being focused. There is plenty of support. Though with some force, the anamorphic can be twisted and re-aligned.
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