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  1. Great shots, nice colors. Production design also looking really good. I am curious what Takumars you used here. As I have been on market for a nice Takumar set because what I have seen so far from these lenses I really like what I see. I already own full cine converted FD set but Takumars has own color and look for sure
  2. Thanks! Just remembered that I shot this video also with the quite same setup. A few more always trusted Russian lenses used there (Helios 44-2, Jupiter-9, etc): For me, that represents the common playthrough music videos. Personally, I don't care about them much... I tend to like more story related videos.
  3. Kowa 8z inside FocusModule. Taking lens 90% of the time Minolta pancake 45mm f2. Shot with GH5. Also done in extreme conditions. We shot the night scenes in -25 °C weather. And we had all those practical effects to do IN location. All our blood pumps broke and we couldn't shoot fake blood as much as I wanted. But that's how it goes sometimes...
  4. Please share some actually shot footage with that setup if you have any. Curious too see what kind of look you have managed to get out of it.
  5. This one looks really nice setup! I have few questions about it if you don't mind... 1) Your setup isn't vignetting at all with the SB XL & 58mm taking lens? 2) What are those wooden side handles? On the left one you can control record&shutter buttons remotely, right? 3) What is that custom named anamorphic housing solution? 4) Have you managed to get the center of gravity with GH5+BG vs heavy anamorphic setup in the front? I mean is it balanced in your hand when you grab the top handle? 5) What is total weight with your setup?
  6. Me, my crew and my gear in extreme conditions (-24 celsius). I don’t have better images from my setup but I could take one someday at the studio. GH5 with modified FM Lens (Kowa 8z inside) minolta pancake 45 2.8 taking lens, smallhd focus monitor, some different branded rig parts. I am quite satisfied with this setup. GH5 and image stabilization with anamorphic lenses is just great! Really like that I can do even rough handheld work with my anamorphic setup with a great results! Photos by my talented gaffer Eetu Keränen.
  7. I didn’t quite get the ’story’ in the video. If there even were any deeper story? I thought this could be humorous smoking add. In the end text on the screen ”Relax. Have a Lucky Strike.” ? Maybe I should have paid more attention for the lyrics to understand the bigger picture. Jump cuts didn’t work every time. The framing or action were too close to each others between the cuts. Jumpcuts are difficult to master in my opinnion. Overall ”flow” just have to work. But also might be a style that is just matter of taste. Grading was a bit too warm for my taste, but again a subject that is more or less matter of taste.
  8. Really cool! Can you also make really fast zoom changes with that setup? This is something I would like to try out.
  9. Well actually with my setup the 72mm works really well with my modified FM Lens (Focus Module). It has 72mm rear threads.
  10. Thanks. I totally agree that usually zooms are out of question. But this setup totally works in it’s own way. I would like to find a lens that gives me possibility to do those crazy ”italo zooms” or ”western zooms” or what ever you like to call it. But only one I know for this suff is Lomo Foton zoom with anamorphic front. But that comes with a big PRICE tag (as all quality anamorphic zooms). Also one lens that I like to use as taking lens in wider end is this great Russian 50mm macro lens. Volna-9. Even without anamorphic must be one of my favorite lenses. Crazy flares, star bokeh at f5.6 - f8 and great macro. Not so much talk about lens also in my opinnion.
  11. I have experience with this lens used as taking lens: Tokina RMC 28-85 f4.0 zoom. Good things: don’t extend when focal lenght is changed (internal focus mechanism) same aperture all the way price Bad things: heavy and big very low on contrast and soft wide open (might be good thing, my reason to buy this lens was exactly this) I don’t know how many versions of this lens are around and how much those differs from each other. My version is with Canon FD mount. Here is short testclip that I shot entirely with this lens combined with Kowa 8Z:
  12. Great work, nice images! This was done under Jäger Music right? I noticed the Jäger logo in the beginning. Could you share what kind of budget that Jäger Music was providing if involved. But I understand if you can’t share that information. Shot on what glass? My experience to fight against this a lot talked about ”digital look” is done by choice of lenses to use. Quite obvious. But that, lighting and art design makes a big difference. My recent musicvideo shot with GH5 with Kowa anamorphic:
  13. Just recently released music video. Shot with GH5 + Kowa 8-Z.
  14. I understand them this might be quite extreme question I asked. I believe these lights are designed for STUDIO shoots. But after all the abuse and conditions I have taken these through I can say they are totally fine to use outside even in rough weather. But can’t recommend it to anybody. One of these lights were kicked over by one of my assistants when it was quite high on a lightstand. The light survived from that also!
  15. Yes the Pixapro 200D is a bit more powerful but still I would like it to be even more powerful. Even though someone said to me that it really competes against the Aputure 300D which I was suprised. I was thinking that Aputure would win easily hands down. But what I can say about the Pixapro leds is that these lights can REALLY stand some rough conditions. I recently shot a music video in cold finnish winter weather. We were shooting outside on a frozen lake. Middle of the night, -20 degree celcius. I used all my Pixapro leds (4x 100D MK II + 1x 200D). All of them survived from that! I asked from the manufacturer before the shootings what they say about using them outside in really cold weather. They just replied to me: ”we really don’t know...” Here is the video, just released:
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