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  1. I just got a brand new 1dx Mark II, I’m using a SanDisk cf card, not a cfast card. I recorded a lot of 4K footage, and about half of it came back corrupted - I could view it in the camera, but not on the computer. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Can I get the footage repaired? I can’t find anyone else who has had this problem so far.
  2. I'd like to set up a post where people can talk about their experiences having their anamorphic lenses serviced and repaired. I have very limited knowledge and (fortunately) no experience with an actual repair so far, but please contribute if you have something that you can share here. Many of these lenses are very old and might need some work! In no particular order: GENERAL ANAMORPHIC LENS REPAIR Super 16 Inc (New York) - Bernie O'Doherty repairs and services anamorphic lenses. From Bernie: "A maladjustment of 1/64th to 1/32nd of a degree can mean the difference between a sharp image and one that needs a close-down to f4/5.6 to provide a decent image. And customers seem to accept lower image quality where anamorphic lenses are concerned. Of course, some lenses have imperfect design features which prevent optimum image quality, but, in general, after a good optimizing, most lenses, even anamorphic, benefit from such a servicing." Focus Optics (California) - They may service other anamorphic lenses. When I emailed them, I got a one-line reply that said something like, "Yes, we service anamorphic lenses". Which ones, I am not sure of. Abel Cine Tech (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles) - I came across a forum in which they offered their services when someone asked about a problem Kowa. ISCORAMA REPAIRFocal Point Lens (Colorado) - John Van Stelten was the official one-man Isco projection lens repair service in the United States up until they were absorbed by Schneider a few years back. He has worked on lots of Iscoramas. He is one of the few lens repair specialists that I have talked who offers lens polishing and re-coating. It's not cheap and it can be risky, but in some cases, this process successfully removes any trace of scratches, coating issues, and fungus that has etched into a lens element. He also has an autocollimator, which is essential for re-callibrating lenses after they have been taken apart. Nippon Photo Clinic Service (New York) - They are listed in the Wikipedia article on Iscorama as being a repair show that can service Iscoramas. They can probably service Kowa and Bell & Howell as well. I need to give them a call to confirm (they are closed for the weekend). LOMO REPAIROlex Camera Services (Ukraine) - I have emailed back and forth with Olexandr quite a bit with questions about my Lomo square front. He is very knowledgeable. I have not yet had to employ his services, but Ed Lee of the Lomo Anamorphic User blog has, and he's given Olexandr high marks. I wish that Olexandr accepted PayPal! Super 16 Inc (New York) - Services Lomo anamorphic lenses. See mention above for more info. RafCamera (Belarus) - Rafael can install PL mounts and geared rings on Lomos. Focus Optics (California) - They service Round Front and BAS model Lomos.
  3. I'm looking to learn how to fully clean/repair lenses more than simply puffing with a blower and wiping with a cloth... I have a bunch of old P entax SMC lenses that I don't mind pulling apart (two of them have a little fungus) and want to use them to practice repairing old manual primes. Unfortunately I can't find much online, nor any books on the topic. I have even tried to find information on specific lenses (Pentax, Nikkor etc.) but still nothing detailed. So essentially I am asking if anyone knows of books/websites etc. here I might be able to learn anything related to pulling lenses apart, cleaning/repairing them, and putting them back together again (all stages being vital!). I understand that this is as much a science as a skill, with precision and math being vital... but surely the talented folks repairing lenses haven't all learnt through apprenticeship? I've been pulling apart and re-assembling things since I was a kid (to various degrees of success), and sooner or later I'm just going to dive in... so please educate me before I make a mess!
  4. Hi everyone,   I just bought this iscomorphot 8 /1.5x that I thought was in good condition, had a lot of interaction with the ebay seller so trusted that all was as promised -'near mint condition' as almost everything on ebay is ;)   Then when it arrived, i noticed the front focus ring being loose. Also, there is quite a lot of dust particles inside the lens, which may be limiting even more so. I knew the lens would have it's flaws, but is it worth salvaging/trying to repair?    My hope was that it would be a more useful lens for mounting on s16 and c-mount lenses with my (hopefully soon to arrive) BMC pocket camera, as the elements of those lenses are much smaller. I saw eoshd forum member 'quickhitrecord' and redstan/tony wilson comment that with the right taking lens, it may perform better.    Any comments? Should I try to repair or return this lens?   Martin
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