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  1. But in terms of alternatives... Our best options on Windows are AVC-Intra 100 and DNxHD, right?
  2. That forum is a goldmine! Should have everything that I need, or at least hold the right people to ask. Many thanks!
  3. Cheers Andy! Julian... That video is helpful, I'll try and dig up some videos more relevant to the Pentax glass that I'll begin with! Any other lens repair info is very welcome; fixing loose focus rings, stiff aperture rings etc. I know that there is a lot of science behind working on lenses, such as calibration. There are plenty of videos showing how to 'de-click' these old lenses (thankfully)... but little on the specifics of how to fully service them, such as checking and adjusting their mechanics. All the best. Your replies are appreciated!
  4. I'm looking to learn how to fully clean/repair lenses more than simply puffing with a blower and wiping with a cloth... I have a bunch of old P entax SMC lenses that I don't mind pulling apart (two of them have a little fungus) and want to use them to practice repairing old manual primes. Unfortunately I can't find much online, nor any books on the topic. I have even tried to find information on specific lenses (Pentax, Nikkor etc.) but still nothing detailed. So essentially I am asking if anyone knows of books/websites etc. here I might be able to learn anything related to pulling lenses apart, cleaning/repairing them, and putting them back together again (all stages being vital!). I understand that this is as much a science as a skill, with precision and math being vital... but surely the talented folks repairing lenses haven't all learnt through apprenticeship? I've been pulling apart and re-assembling things since I was a kid (to various degrees of success), and sooner or later I'm just going to dive in... so please educate me before I make a mess!
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