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  1. I'm looking to learn how to fully clean/repair lenses more than simply puffing with a blower and wiping with a cloth... I have a bunch of old P entax SMC lenses that I don't mind pulling apart (two of them have a little fungus) and want to use them to practice repairing old manual primes. Unfortunately I can't find much online, nor any books on the topic. I have even tried to find information on specific lenses (Pentax, Nikkor etc.) but still nothing detailed. So essentially I am asking if anyone knows of books/websites etc. here I might be able to learn anything related to pulling lenses apart, cleaning/repairing them, and putting them back together again (all stages being vital!). I understand that this is as much a science as a skill, with precision and math being vital... but surely the talented folks repairing lenses haven't all learnt through apprenticeship? I've been pulling apart and re-assembling things since I was a kid (to various degrees of success), and sooner or later I'm just going to dive in... so please educate me before I make a mess!
  2. Hi, My English is far from good, so bear with me, sorry. Just call me "Foggy" <edited.> I'm a full time designer and hobbyist photographer from Vietnam. I'm not making any gears for camera before, but I'm experienced with modding, building parts for RC helicopters and boats: plastic, carbon, composite, alu, steel, etc... with my friend, who is an engineer. Recently, I see a large demand of Nex housing and cage, especially when the new hack available. What I trying to build here is an aloy housing for nex5n:[list] [*]Full body housing. [*]Aloy (aircraft grade, hardened, anodize black) - precision CNC from a block. [*]I want it look like a RED camera body from outside. [*]Silent cooling fans with fan speed control, maybe dust filter to block dust and noise too. [*]All button accessible, some may under button extender build in the housing. [*]Ports available and have lock to keep cord in place. [*]Can mount on rail system or fluid head, and also can mount a lot of stuff on it. [*]Quick release and lock the body in place. [/list] What I want to hear from you:[list] [*]Which camera I should focus on first: Nex 5N, Nex 7, or waiting for 5F, 6 or anything else like GH2, GH3? [*]Most of you prefer cage or housing? [*]Include plate and mount for rail system or not? Modular or just screw hole so you can mount yours on? [*]Battery for fans: Canon battery or Eneloop or anything else? [*]You guys will put functional first, or the look (to please clients) first or balancing between them? [*]What you dont like about current products available on market right now? [/list] Quality of finish product will be at level can hold up against ReWo products - at least with what I see via photo, I'm not seeing it in real life, but I can sure RC helicopters part quality is not far behind, maybe even better in models using gasoline. Don't suggest me cloning ReWo's cage or Richard's housing, of course all previous products on market give me insipration and design clue, and I learning a lot from them. I can build one myself with feature you demands, but I'm not doing clone. Price: I can not promise anything at this stage, but housing will be around 800-900 usd, cage will be around 400-500, I will try to keep cost down without cutting quality, but I will not run down to "mass produced in china" level. I willing to work on mattbox, follow focus and many things, but let just start with this housing project first. Thanks for reading.
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