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  1. I agree with Andrew this time. I know more photographer and enthusiam than videographer, most of them now own another Olympus or Fuji, but not give up Canon or Nikon at all. And the reason most of them not buying anything new from Canon and Nikon is there's nothing new to buy. Imagine Canon sudden release something with 1.5X the dynamic range of the current one? At least 20 of my friends will buy it in the heart beat while not putting 5dmk3 on sale. But there's nothing like that gonna happen.
  2. Hope RED and Sony not sue Blackmagic... they kick all competitors ass so hard this time <_<
  3. It's a very good still camera IMO, more button than I actually need, good AF, and a body that feel good in hand. Picture shot before send it back to Pana: But I'm not gonna miss it. Hah.
  4. I got photostyle with four setting contrast, sharpness, saturation, noise reduction. No creative control or anything.
  5. Thanks for the link. I really need that. F5.6 1/125 iso 200 picturestyle: standard, 25p all-i Against morning sunlight. The video look good, but not sure about DR, I dont have Premier Pro on my home computer to leveling it. Upload from home is real slow, and my computer batt are dying, aw. Here's the capture picture from the video, the video it self must wait.
  6. I cant even read the raw, LR4 not reading it, not sure how :-? And I dont have any other M43 camera here.
  7. Noted, I do think I need tighter apperture when I do this but the room quite dark so I open it up. Maybe I will do a re-test. I love video, but not working in the field, I only do video review of gadgets and short interviews because I have connection in technology industry. So I'm not really understand about codec and moire and stuff related to it fully (anything related to photography is in my knowledge). Sorry if my test not provide useful information, if someone can direct me to do this or that and explain why, I can do it better :)
  8. I ask everyone here use it fair, protect me as the source, not prevent anyone using it on their own. It would be great if someone can download and reup it, then notify me, I will delete it.
  9. Tried a little rough canvas on a seat pillow: I move back an forward a bit to find the point it produce moire, but look like everything still ok. This image captured from the mov 25p all-i I got 12-35 and 45-150 with me, have a lot MF lens but no M43 mount. Please note this one is pre-production model too, not a retail one (eventhough they tell me it's a retail one, it's really not.) It's suck that I got a lot of other work to do right now.
  10. I'm pleased with what this camera provide in photography. There's one thing I missing from NEX is peaking focus, everything else work fine, and very good, better than X100 and new mirrorless from canon (m or something, I dont bother to check, it not AF right even under full sunlight lit scene). The 12-35 (24-70) is too sharp, I repeat: too sharp for video for my liking. I either dial down the contrast in picture style or do it in post. I will do a moire test for you guys tomorrow (got quite bad headache today due to go outside under hard heat from the sun with GH3 yesterday), what kind of moire test is most practical and provide useful information?
  11. Got one pre-production today with two lens, testing it...The AF is fast, very fast. And EVF very responsive. I like it.
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