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  1. Hi at all, i think there is nothing more to say about this wonderful little anamorphic lens, who are interested knows this little gem. I loveit but i have to invest in expensive new equipment and just sell my anamorphic lenses collection :o(( It is in very good cosmetic shape, dont forget this thing is out of the late 50's, but the glasses are in perfect condition, clear, without fungus or dust inside, non MC, with both caps, free worldwide shipping, accept Paypal payments. Here is my 100% positive feeback ebay link ebay account I would be happy with a total around 2500 USD, but open for offer
  2. Hi, someone dont believe me that the Soligor flares as hell and that i get a sharp picture @T2.8.....i cant accept this ;o) Here you can see the setup with the SLR Magic 25mm T0.95 and some screenshots with this setup, all @T2-2.8!! I had a lot of anamorphics, even the non mc ISCORAMAS but nothing was flaring like the Soligor, this thing is awesome if you want strong and easy flares and not only in dark rooms! Both, Soligor singlefocus adaptor and the Kowa 8z are still available! Sill open for fair offers. Best
  3. Ok i will start, i would like to have 2500 Euro (2685 USD) incl worldwide shipping, with DHL and track & trace. Shipping within 24h after money received. Payment with Paypal And if you have it, i will give you 48h and if you are not be in love with a NON MC ISCORAMA after two days, i will accept return, you takes the shipping back to me and i refund you 2500 Euro ;o) Best........and dont forget, this is the rare "NON MC" version!!
  4. Hi, sorry i didnt noticed your question, no sorry the Kowa set is sold but the Soligor complete set (near mint) is again available also i would sell my Kowa 8Z / 16H (very good condition) incl bothe caps and bag. I can use the Soligor on my GH2 @18mm and above without vignetting, the Kowa @35mm, maybe a liitle bit less. With a 25mm T0.95 SLR Magic i get a sharp image on the soligor @t2.8, with a Nikkor AI 50mm F2 only @F4-5.6, for that i can use the Soligor with autofocus when i use it on my steadycam. The Kowa is pretty sharp @F1!! with my Canon nFD 50mm F1.4 plus chinese lens turbo, also @
  5. Here are better pictures from the glasses and of course yes, it's the NON MC version for better flares and with fullmetal focus barrel !! (by the way, is there no option to edit my first post and title??) cheers
  6. Hi there, i play with the thought to sell my beloved Iscorama 54, the lens is in very good condition, clear glasses without any issues and smooth focus barrel. The Isco has only one previous owner. If possible without the electronic bay, yes i know the ebay selling advise, but i cant offer such high priced item :o( This is my ebay account, i have 100% positive feedback and would prefer paypal payment! I only sell for an acceptable price, free worldwide shipping with track and trace! Please pn me for offers Thanks and cheers! P.S. hmmm, with the flashlight from my smartphone the Isco looks
  7. Excuse me, i was at the hospital, they had to remove my appendicitis :o( I dont really know but with a 10feet / 3 meter min focus anamorphic lens, like the Schneider ES, i can go with the no.1 under about 1 meter / 3,3 feet and with the no.2 under about 0,5 meter / 1,6 feet. With Kowa B&H, 16H / 8Z or Isco Ultra Star mini version, i can go a little bit closer. So i guess that the no.1 is about +1,25 and the no.2 about +2 here is a thread from tony wilson about these diopters Angenieux closeup lenses
  8. Hi, for sale two anamorphic lens perfect for use with FM lens Focus Module on ebay Germany, both are very very sharp! http://www.ebay.de/itm/131423949697?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.de/itm/131423961317?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 also i want to sell my vintage angenieux close up lenses no 1 and no 2 with 72mm thread, in perfect condition and works perfect with all my anamorphics, beautifull picture quality and my Metabones Speed Booster Nikon to BMCC MFT (the special BMCC design with 0,64x focal reduction). Any questi
  9. Soligor and Sankor 16D are sold!! Kowa 16D incl Redstan Adapter still for sale, here the new link: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Anamorphot-Anamorphic-complete-Set-Kowa-16d-wie-neu-like-new-/131406980408?
  10. SPECIAL OFFERS TILL JANUARY 2nd 2015!!! Healthy start into the new year at all!!
  11. The Soligor 1.33x is SOLD Hi there, i'm selling a Kowa 16d complete set and a Sankor 16f complete set on ebay germany with english discriptions (please ignore my bad english grammar) and example screenshots from my shots with these anamorphic lenses. I have uploaded the screenshots on an online picture service for ebay, but the quaility of the pictures shows not the quality of the original shots, these online pics are very poor, the original screenshots are very sharper and brighter. I got a 100% positive feedback with a lot global transactions and i accept paypal. Don't wonder about t
  12. Excuse me, i don't want to cheat anyone and if you don`t believe my words please see this youtube video i made for a few minutes with my cellphone. And no, it's not a trick (and not a sony ;)) with the GH2 and the intern tele ex there is only a little mini vignett in the lower right corner, in the most filming situations. I was working with this lens for minimum 100 times.
  13. Good morning volks, every c-mount lens is heavy vignetting on MFT without the intern tele ex, only with the intern tele ex there is a little mini vignetting at the right lower corner from 8-13mm, from 14-64mm you don't noticed any vignetting, in the most normal situations! For cmount on BMPCC see this link and the first example pic '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> The power supply for the servo zoom of the Canon is 12 volt, there is an ready to plug item on ebay germany for example. The Canon has no vignetting on the GH2 with the intern tele ex! http://www.
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