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  1. Yes but it looks like Samyang has discontinued that lens for some reason (the 21mm) I certainly can't source it anywhere. 3 firms have let me down claiming it's just not in stock anymore - either that or it was very popular.
  2. All these examples have been great and inspired me to get a compact 40 for my newly acquired GH5. I also noticed another film on YouTube using the Samyang 21 & 50 cine lenses. I really like the feel of these lenses anyway but combined with the anamorphot they look like another great combo. What are the settings in the GH5 for the Anamorphot? Please be patient with me as I'm extremely new to this format (although I have used Moondogs on my iPhone and iPad). I realise the Anamorphic setting needs to be off but what are the key changes to set up to film wi
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