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  1. Hello, I am looking worldwide for a Moller Bolex 16/32 1.5x. I know I am not the only one looking for it. But I just try my best to find it. So if you are considering selling yours I am more than happy to buy it. Best wishes, Joe
  2. Hi racer 5, I do not own a FVD 16A, but after researching it quite a lot I know that is will get smoother after a while. Enjoy shooting.
  3. Hello, Is this still available? I am from Berlin and this deal would be very handy. Regards, Joe
  4. Hello, Since I wait already for months to get on the list for a Rectilux HCDNA, I decided to try to find a used one in great condition. I am looking for the 3FFWKBH for Kowa Prominar 16h / 8z / BH. Alternatively I would be happy with the Rapide FVD 16A. I welcome your offers
  5. Hi, I am looking since a couple of days for the Kowa 2 x Anamorphic Bell & Howell version. I have found a couple of the 16H / 8 Z versions. But I read a several times that the BH´s are superior in image quality. Still I have not found much evidence to that statement. Does anyone by chance has or wants to sell a Kowa BH lens ? Have a great shooting day, CineJoe
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