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  1. Isco Optic Ultra Star HD Plus (Red) 2x Anamorphic w/ Rapido Front Metal Jacket and V2 Clamp Condition: Isco Lens is like new -- no scratches, fungus or anything similar. Rapido Jacket and Clamp are in perfect working order with minor signs of wear. Incl. are 2 Slip-On rings: 52mm/77mm u. 55mm/77mm Can be viewed and tested in Berlin before purchase. Asking Price: 625,- EUR (ps.: I have seen some commentary that this is a high price for the ISCO, so here is how I get there. I paid 500,- EUR for the lens, brand new, in the box. The Rapido parts with shi
  2. Rectilux Hardcore DNA Condition: Like New (see pictures) Incl. Front Lens Cap Can be viewed and tested in Berlin before purchase. Asking Price: 950,- EUR (ps.: Purchase price was approx. 1125,- EUR)
  3. Hello Anamorphic People, We have the following problem with ghosting and would appreciate any help we can get. The problem is as follows: We are using a 2x Isco Ultra-Star Hd plus (the red one), with a 35mm taking lens on a GH5 (set to 4:3 anamorphic) with the intention of shooting 2.39. In addition, we have a Rectilux Hardcore DNA mounted to the front of the Isco. When there is light source in front of the lens (either a window, or just a light) we are getting the typical white ghosting talked about here. When there is no ghosting happening, the picture is great. The ghosting is for us a
  4. Hello Tito,

    I wanted to ask you if you have any experience with the Rapido Front Variable Diopter 16A. I just saw this and wondered how it compared to the other units out there, especially the Rectilux. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Seth G.

    1. Tito Ferradans

      Tito Ferradans

      Hi Seth,

      I have been experimenting with the Rapido the past few days, it's a pretty good piece of gear. I'll make a review about it in the upcoming weeks and my Patreon supporters have access to a written review of my first experiences already, if you wanna get on that!




  5. I just saw that Rapido is now offering a variable diopter (looks somewhat similar to the Rectilux). Does anyone have any experience with this unit... how does it compare with the Rectilux or even the Rangefinder? Thanks.
  6. Hi, we are looking for a Rectilux Hardcore DNA in good condition for our film project that we are shooting in August in Berlin (Germany). Any reasonable price is acceptable. Thanks.
  7. Hello dan123, I am interested in your lenses.... what condition are they in and are they still available? Thanks. Regards, sbg
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