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  1. The Moller 32/2X is known to be a very good lens to achieve filmic results when wanting to shoot anamorphic content. It adds a lot of character. Considering the age, this is very good shape, with only slight marks on front (mostly) and rear (slightly) elements. See pictures. Also included is a RedStan clamp, which is known to be high quality. It has a 52mm thread on the other end. I have tested it successfully with a Panasonic 45-150 lens which happens to be 52mm. Some footage testing of the Moller 32/2x taken with Panasonic G9, Panasonic 45-150. Shot at 4K/60P - desqueezed, and slowed down to 24P. Note that not everything is in focus at all times.. also played with various settings. After I was done, I realized I had not properly aligned the Moller, so most footage is a bit crooked... Youtube Link: Test Footage on Youtube Setting price at $500 including USPS Priority (insured) shipping & Paypal fee. US only for this arrangement. If you want international, the requirements are: Only Paypal Gift accepted, and you cover shipping up front as part of payment ($475 for lens+Shipping). (before payment I can research shipping options).
  2. After managing to test it more with the 45-150 I'm seeing really good results. I'll be posting a video clip shortly. Basically I'll be selling the Moller W/the clamp only. Since the quality is really good, I'll be setting a price of $500. If you really want the Helios, let me know and I can include it in the box for free.
  3. Price: $325.00 Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 8+ Shows moderate wear or finish marks Shipping instructions: USPS Priority shipping to CONUS and Paypal Fee included. Panasonic GH3 - includes battery, charger, neckstrap & camera cap. Shutter Count: 21068. Particularly great for video - no time limit! Also includes Panasonic 45-150 w/front & rear caps, hood, pouch, a Panasonic 14-42 lens with circular polarizer (but no caps), as well as variable nd filter. Both filters fit both lenses. Furthermore, you get a brand new cleaning kit, as well as a fast 32GB memory card. This kit is ready to enjoy! All equipment bought my me originally, and kept in a smokefree and humidity controlled environment. Conservatively Rated! In very good condition, but don't take my word for it - check out all the pictures. CONUS to Verified Paypal Addresses only & some feedback history, please. Paypal Fee and USPS Priority with Insurance included in price of $325 OBO.
  4. In order to show the Moller lens as sharp at a different aperture, here is a shot where I held it up to a regular Panasonic 45-150 lens at F4 (fastest aperture). I let the AF do the job, and tried to hold the Moller in place with my hand. Obviously not an ideal test, but as you can see, it's pretty sharp at faster apertures with the right lens and/or setup. No sharpening done, only resized to desqueeze, then sized down to 4k resolution.
  5. Hey, is your Moller 2x still availlable?


    1. tosvus


      Hi, yes it is. I see you are a new user - are you a member of any other forum/board/place with some more history? I typically prefer to see that. Also note that if we come to an agreement, I ship to verified paypal addresses in CONUS only. Thanks!

  6. A few years back I was interested in trying Anamorphic filming with my GH3. I ended up buying a lens from a member on this forum (@Francisco Rios) in a pleasant transaction. However, upon receiving the lens, I realized that time constraints on my schedule precluded me to do much with it, so it has been safely stored since. I never shot any movies, but Francisco has an album with some impressive footage he shot: Vimeo album - examples Some notes about the pictures: 1. Keep in mind that Helios is not known for being a sharp lens, but Francisco's videos show how great it can be. I took a couple of pictures in a more clinical setting (attached) that shows the sharpness I got by just playing with it for a few minutes. It takes some practice (that I don't have) to fully use a lens like this, as it requires dual focus, alignment of the anamorphic lens etc. I found it impressively sharp at around f8-10, but in my brief play with the setup, I did not get a very sharp image at f2-4. Could be user error, or it could be that the clinical setting highlights weaknesses in the setup. (No sharpening or fiddling done with the test pictures, other than stretching them to simulate anamorphic projection, and sizing to proper 4k resolution. 2. Looking at the pictures I took of the different pieces: The Helios has either some imperfections or dust in the glass. The front coating on the Moller seems to have some slight marks. Anyways, I am hoping someone that understands and appreciates anamorphic filming better than me can have some fun with it. I am selling all the pieces together for $400 including USPS Priority Shipping CONUS, as well as me paying for Paypal fee.
  7. Apologies, accidentally posted this in the wrong section. Recreating the topic in Gear Sales...
  8. Should note that since then, Panasonic did another firmware update that enables dual IS. Have not tested lens ois or dual is since, I'm afraid.
  9. For video? Doesn't it lack IBIS, limited 4K to cropped UHD at 30 fps? No flippy screen either. About same resolution as a G9/GH5 and the even the GH5 is a couple of hundred bucks cheaper. (Not to mention the vast array of other Video related features you get with a GH5)
  10. ..and Sony! That goes for Sony too. Not much progress on APS-C cameras lately. All the manufacturers except Panasonic/Olympus (m43, not aps-c of course) - seem to favor giving decent functionality and upgrades only in FF. (Panasonic/Olympus might not do much better either IF they currently had FF - yeah I know Panasonic is working on it, but not out yet!)
  11. Agreed, but they need both smaller and larger bodies coming out at a lower price point. Hovering around $2K for bodies will be tough to justify unless they have vastly better features compared to full frame at similar prices. At lest Olympus has the appeal of PDAF if they bother putting it in more competitively priced cameras. On another note: Panasonic states they will NEVER (probably a bit exaggerated but..) abandon m43. https://www.43rumors.com/panasonic-we-will-never-give-up-on-mft-because-70-of-the-system-camera-market-is-not-full-frame/ That said, I have just bought my first EF lens that will for now be adapted to my G9 (a sweet 120-300 f2.8!) - along with some adapters and a canon teleconverter. I'm not sure I will buy more m43 lenses, because I have come to realize size doesn't bother me (and I have been buying fast glass to compensate for small sensor anyway). Eventually I will probably try out Sony FF or L-Mount, though I see myself keeping a lot of my m43 equipment anyway. There are still times when the size comes in handy, and no arguing the cameras (like the G9) are very good.
  12. Love your site Andrew, and the unfiltered opinions as well - though I feel in this case you may have read a bit too much between the lines (probably because feeling dissed by BMD over the last few years?). I'd rather you have a critical look at the camera - you touched on a major omission like lack of IBIS - which I find to be a deal-breaker as the camera is too big to be mounted on many electronic stabilizers. Also, you could point out that while RAW and ProRes is great, why not provide an option with codecs similar to what Panasonic, Sony, and Fuji manages to put in - so we don't have to get crazy expensive cards, or somehow tag on a usb-c drive, making it even more bulky.
  13. Being a hybrid shooter with a somewhat limited budget, I decided on the G9 for my photo needs, and with the pocket cinema camera 4k, I will cover any of my more advanced video needs. Fantastic Beast! Very excited about this camera!
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