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  1. yup got $600 back! and a free repair! consumer advocacy works!!!! I reached out to their sales rep about the matter - I'm not taking full credit, but I reached out and we should all do this about any product if we are not happy with it.
  2. But why would Apple spend all this money on a lawsuit if the patent is not stopping them from doing something?
  3. This is the slow death of mirrorless cameras, just as the smartphone killed a huge share of the point and shoot camera market. Once this gets improved, for non professionals it will be good enough and definitely for stills shooting.
  4. At the end of the day, in terms of image improvements, we have seen CCD vs CMOS chips, and the supporting microchips and image processing that goes with it that has given us a blackmagic pocket 4k and the soon to come out, zcam 2 full frame camera that can do raw 4k - which is quite amazing. We've seen low light kings with canon and sony as well. And we have seen skintone kings with blackmagic and Arri. So we kind of have reached the peak of what it is possible, for now, in terms of low-light, size, and capability. What remains, of course, is a beautiful image. A beautiful colorful rich image.. Well for people like me that still think there is magic shooting on celluloid. How celluloid reacts to light and overexposure, and motion, and tungsten lighting, and all color. For me I don't think one camera does that yet. And I would love to see camera makers continue to move this way forward. There's still room to be done, and there's still hope for a way to capture data that's better than CMOS. But for now, I don't really see many cameras making that much progress now. I don't believe in the 4k vs 8k resolution wars. I'm pretty happy with what we have for video But for still photography, I really don't see too much more progress that can happen to be justified to the average semi-pro and consumer photographer that makes it worth it, as an investment in glass, and having to carry a camera around, vs just using an iphone. Especially to those to upgrade their existing cameras as Kisha said. Is the next nikon z7 or z6 going to be that much better than the z6 for stills? Sure the dream is the ultimate hybrid stills/video camera - and maybe someone will get there so it does 4k raw and pro res and also beautiful raw still images - but yea, where was I going? I don't remember. This post of mine was pointless. Mattius wins again! I need to allow people to win arguments and move on with my life. there is more to life than arguing or debating on a message board. LEICA RULES! CANON DROOLS!
  5. portrait mode gets rid of the need for most people to have telephoto glass. they do have different aputure settings in the pro app programs. smartphones have a one button click to go into photo mode. it's really not any slower, for most people. and I've been fooled by the iphone portrait mode so many times now on instagram. And I work in this business . Cinema and semi pro photography will continue, but will be more and more niche. just as film still hangs on. You are right. I am theorizing about leica. If Mattias you are able to make a prediction, do you think the new-gen leica will offer something more to casual rich people that gets them to want to chuck out their current phone, now that the iphone portrait mode is getting to be "good enough" for most people, and it's one less thing to bring around? Also aren't you a big Leica enthusiast? I have no skin in the game. But I do wish Leica survives, as I do with canon. I think their glass is really amazing. I haven't ever used one of their cameras, but I am sure they are quite amazing as well. the rich are getting richer for sure. And watches is a status symbol for many rich people. High end cameras are not. I think the iphone x is a status symbol moreso. Shooting with a camera is dorky, and will always be dorky. Never sexy. Unless it's a film camera then rich hipsters drool over that. But I don't think rich kids notice whether another kid is shooting with a leica or a sony. And without the #leica hashtag on a instagram post, no one is probably going to notice the difference between that and most other high end cameras like sony, nikon, canon, and iphone portrait mode.
  6. well with iphone sales slowing, and slow adoption of the more expensive brand items and a global recession/depression on the horizon, especially with the us/china trade war, brexit, and the collapse of the environment, and Moore's law, Leica sales may also be tapering off a bit, especially if rich little johnny finds his current leica is just fine and doesn't need to upgrade, especially when the end product is instagram. I know andrew isn't a fan of canon's lack of innovation, but they did do dual pixel AF in the c300 which started the amazing autofocus for video game and their lens ISS technology is pretty unbelievable in that 70-200 II and III lens and they do value good skintones, so I hope they don't leave the camera game. So let's not dance on their grave . And full disclaimer, I now own a c300 ii and a c700, nikon d600 (selling) also a sony a7 iii and blackmagic pocket (selling) and aaton xtr plus.
  7. I'm not expert at any of this, but would assume all semi-professional camera makers are taking a hit. What is the performance with Sony, Leica, Panasonic, etc etc in their camera divisions? As the iphone portrait mode gets better and better, this is most likely taking away people from canon rebels and the likes. Next 10 years, god knows what happens with the dslr/mirrorless world. That iphone portrait mode is probably good enough for 85% of people I would imagine, especially when the end result of photos these days aren't to be blown up. Not even onto computer, but a 2 in instagram picture on a 720p cell phone that's no larger than 6 inches long. and full disclosure, even I have been fooled by the iphone portrait mode.
  8. I don't know if I agree. There was a succesful class action lawsuit against Western Digital in 2006 because of mislabeling drives as their total value, not as their usable disk space value. Seems that there would need to be a disclaimer on the cards about this to prevent them from the same thing happening.
  9. A lawsuit about this disk space issue was filed in 2003: https://www.wired.com/2003/09/hard-drive-size-does-matter/ and western digital settled over this matter in 2006: https://www.geek.com/news/western-digital-settles-over-size-562705/
  10. A lawsuit about this disk space issue was filed in 2003: https://www.wired.com/2003/09/hard-drive-size-does-matter/ and western digital settled over this matter in 2006: https://www.geek.com/news/western-digital-settles-over-size-562705/
  11. I posted it to a bunch of places. If they ban me, that is totally ok!
  12. Looking for red mini mag 512 gb customers to start a dance company/support group. We need to join hands and sing out our troubles.
  13. A class action lawsuit is an easy win. Nvidia i just read had to pay up when their 4gb ram video cards turned out to only be 3.5gb. Someone get a lawyer in california asap.
  14. from my quick usage of BRAW - I also didn't notice banding on 12:1 footage on ursa mini pro G1
  15. the varicam lt is not as good in low light, and doesn't do full frame nor has, in my opinion, skintones as close to alexa as the c700. but yea I got my used. varicam is a lot cheaper - but that's the price I got the c700 for used
  16. in the states, you can rent it for around $300 a day on sharegrid and kitsplit - but I don't know the demand for it, but I think it's probably fairly good, especially wtih an odyssey for arriraw. But as a former owner of a sony f65 - having a big giant heavy power-hungry camera with a slow boot up time definitely limits creative choices that you can get with a smaller camera. You can't fly on a gimbal or steadicam as easily you can put it in a car or other tight spaces, you can handhold for as long. But still, yea that alexa has some great skintones, and so easily. still though, an ursa mini pro with a custom olpf filter or red scarlet maybe more useful at that price range
  17. I have the new lcd. Makes the c300 ii so so so much more ergonomical . I shot some tests c300 ii and c200. Email me at [email protected] and i can get you the raw dpx files
  18. just the youtube web version - yea it's still really bad, but if you look at what's on youtube, I'm just trying to help them - help the little guy
  19. the 200c is $2290.00, so maybe like $3k or so. but its rgb vs just daylight. aputure 300d ii is gunning for the joker 800 and arri 1.2k also with the 2x fresnel, probably same output as a joker 800 if his photometrics are right! if 25% brighter than 300d mark i with fresnel lens 2x its 97500 lux a t 1m, and joker 800 with frosted fresnel is 46403.22, with wide angle it is 216591.405. so not as bright as with wide angle, but brighter than joker with frosted fresnel - more like a joker 1600 with a frosted fresnel!
  20. i regraded it for them to make it better. tried to get rid of macro blocking:
  21. wooooooo 575 vs 300 watts . DAMN GINA! that's like a joker 800
  22. much improved design - really nice to see a company listening to feedback!
  23. hopefully this starts a trend towards affordable high speed!
  24. completely portable. small. 6k vs 30k used for a phantom miro. excited about this guy. curious to see dynamic range vs miro (from demo reel chronos looks like 10-12 stops similar to miro and red one mx)
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