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  1. the varicam lt is not as good in low light, and doesn't do full frame nor has, in my opinion, skintones as close to alexa as the c700. but yea I got my used. varicam is a lot cheaper - but that's the price I got the c700 for used
  2. in the states, you can rent it for around $300 a day on sharegrid and kitsplit - but I don't know the demand for it, but I think it's probably fairly good, especially wtih an odyssey for arriraw. But as a former owner of a sony f65 - having a big giant heavy power-hungry camera with a slow boot up time definitely limits creative choices that you can get with a smaller camera. You can't fly on a gimbal or steadicam as easily you can put it in a car or other tight spaces, you can handhold for as long. But still, yea that alexa has some great skintones, and so easily. still though, an ursa mini pro with a custom olpf filter or red scarlet maybe more useful at that price range
  3. I have the new lcd. Makes the c300 ii so so so much more ergonomical . I shot some tests c300 ii and c200. Email me at [email protected] and i can get you the raw dpx files
  4. just the youtube web version - yea it's still really bad, but if you look at what's on youtube, I'm just trying to help them - help the little guy
  5. the 200c is $2290.00, so maybe like $3k or so. but its rgb vs just daylight. aputure 300d ii is gunning for the joker 800 and arri 1.2k also with the 2x fresnel, probably same output as a joker 800 if his photometrics are right! if 25% brighter than 300d mark i with fresnel lens 2x its 97500 lux a t 1m, and joker 800 with frosted fresnel is 46403.22, with wide angle it is 216591.405. so not as bright as with wide angle, but brighter than joker with frosted fresnel - more like a joker 1600 with a frosted fresnel!
  6. i regraded it for them to make it better. tried to get rid of macro blocking:
  7. wooooooo 575 vs 300 watts . DAMN GINA! that's like a joker 800
  8. much improved design - really nice to see a company listening to feedback!
  9. hopefully this starts a trend towards affordable high speed!
  10. completely portable. small. 6k vs 30k used for a phantom miro. excited about this guy. curious to see dynamic range vs miro (from demo reel chronos looks like 10-12 stops similar to miro and red one mx)
  11. dang that looks like the same light!! THANK YOU CHINA!
  12. all in one! 20% more light! presets! BOOOOOOM
  13. the hardest thing for the x7 or x5 is that the brains are inside the inspire - so you would have to make a seperate brains for the ronin - but I'm sure they could make an add on piece or a brand new ronin that has inspire brains
  14. my extra predictions either for NAB or Cinegears or that Europe NABish event: -DJI will make the Z7 to use on a gimbal -slr magic will come out with 2x anamorphics in PL mount, not their 1.4x ones -fs7 iii will have fs5 ii improved color science and pro res
  15. i actually did do a test! uploading asap i have to reevaluate the test but it's also possible because I may have shot at T1.2 not T1.4 hence the k35 which is T1.4 or so (might be sharper) or I screwed up focus. i'm not really the best at testing stuff in a scientific way. I'm sloppy and lazy.
  16. the only comparison I could find is Gekko Cam which seem to be rehoused Xeen lenses vs k35 - and that doesn't really seem that good - warmth vs green
  17. do you have any links to anything that compares the samyang xeens to k35? I know matt duclos had something about this: https://thecinelens.com/2017/03/16/how-do-we-decide-the-value-of-a-lens/ super interesting - thanks guys!
  18. the question is now, can you get to the same level of contrast/flar using an ultracon or low con filter on the fd glass?
  19. I heard that the Canon K35 glass, some of the most desirably vintage cinema glass in the world was based off the Canon FD L series glass. I heard that the Canon K35 glass, some of the most desirably vintage cinema glass in the world was based off the Canon FD L series glass. I couldn't find anything on the web that showed these comparisons so I made the test myself. Results of what lenses are what are below. Results of what lenses are what will be answered soon!!!!
  20. I bought one used. it's about 1.5 stops better in the shadows than the c300 ii and same in the highlights (3.5 stops over key) - https://cinematography.net/CineRant/2018/07/30/personal-comments-on-the-2018-cml-camera-evaluations/ which makes it almost as good as any camera - well better than the alexa in shadows but, still alexa is the king in highlights. it shoots pro res. it does everything you wish the c300 ii would do. well not raw light - i don't know why it doesn't do that - maybe I should ask them. here's some stills with a zeiss 28mm standard speed - doesn't quite have full frame coverage. i'll post a video soon to show more tests with it.
  21. looks like 1/45 is 22.2 ms well according to the dvxuser group: if shooting at 1080p FF then really really good. I have stopped shooting 4k for the past year anyway, and like the look better BM UMP2 2k --------- 3.2 ms (official) RX100 V 250 fps ---- 3.8 ms (3.8-3.8) a7R III 1080 S35 --- 6.1 ms (6.6-5.7) BM 4.6K (2K crop)--- 6.3 ms (official) BM UMP2 4k --------- 6.3 ms (official) 1DX II 1080p 60&120- 6.7 ms (6.6-6.7) XT3 1080p 120fps --- 7.4 ms (7.4-7.5) BM UMP2 4.6k ------- 7.6 ms (official) a7R III 1080 FF ---- 7.7 ms (8.7-6.8) p4k HD crop -------- 7.8 ms (official) NX1 1080p ---------- 7.9 ms (7.7-8.0-8.1-7.8) Z6 1080p FF -------- 8.0 ms (slashcam.de) NX500 2.5k --------- 8.6 ms (8.2-8.8-8.9) a7 III 1080 FF 25p - 8.7 ms (8.9-8.5) a99 II 1080p ------- 8.7 ms (8.8-8.7) BM MicroStudio 4K--- 9.9 ms (official) a7r II 1080p S35--- 10.5 ms (11.0-10.0) a7r II 1080p FF --- 10.8 ms (11.0-10.5) 1DX II 1080p 24 --- 11.1 ms (11.1-11.2) GH5s C4k 24/30 ---- 11.3 ms (Syntheyes) GH5s 1080 30 ------ 11.5 ms (Syntheyes) GH5s 4k 24/30/60 -- 11.9 ms (Syntheyes) a6000 1080p24&30--- 12.2 ms (13.9-11.1-11.5) XT3 1080p24 ------- 12.6 ms (12.6-12.7) BM 4.6K (4K crop)-- 12.6 ms (official) BMMCC ------------- 13.3 ms (official) my measurement was 13.4 ms (13.7-13.5-12.9) GH4 1080p --------- 13.7 ms (13.7-13.5-13.1-14.0-13.9-13.5-13.5-13.9) RX100 V 1080p ----- 13.9 ms (14.4-14.0---14.2-13.1) (first 2 with stabilization, last 2 without) D750 -------------- 14.5 ms (14.6-14.1-14.6-14.8) 1DX II 4k 24&60 --- 14.7 ms (14.6-14.9-14.9-14.6) RX10 -------------- 14.8 ms (14.5-14.8-15.0) GH5 --------------- 15.0 ms (official, preproduction) Z6 4k APS-C ------- 15.0 ms (slashcam.de) BM 4.6K ----------- 15.2 ms (official) my measurement was 16.3 ms (16.3-15.9-16.8) a6300 1080p24 ----- 15.2 ms (15.8-14.6) Pentax k1 1080p24 - 15.2 ms (15.9-15.7-13.9) GX85 1080p -------- 15.4 ms (13.8-16.7-15.7) GH3 --------------- 15.5 ms (15.4-15.7-15.4) a7R III 4k S35 ---- 16.0 ms (15.6-16.4) XT3 4k 60fps ------ 16.0 ms (15.6-16.0-16.3) C200 (4k=1080p) --- 16.1 ms (4k: 15.5-16.2-16.9, 1080p: 15.5-16.0-16.6) BM p4k 4k --------- 16.2 ms (official) a7III 4k 1.2x 30p - 16.7 ms (dpreview) G7 1080p ---------- 16.9 ms (17.5-16.3) XT2 1080p --------- 16.9 ms (16.9-16.0-17.4-17.3) RX100 IV 1080p ---- 16.9 ms (16.5-17.3) (without stabilization it's slightly faster: 16.1) RX100 V 4k -------- 17.5 ms (18.1-16.3-17.7---17.7-16.9-18.5) (first 3 with stabilization, last 3 without) BMPCC ------------- 17.7 ms (official) my measurement was 17.8 ms (17.7-17.7-20.0-20.0) a7s APS-C 1080p --- 19.5 ms (20.3-18.4-19.5-19.5) a7R II 4K FF ------ 19.9 ms (19.3-19.6-19.4-21.2) 5D3 --------------- 20.5 ms (20.7-20.5-20.4) XT3 4k 24fps ------ 20.6 ms (20.9-20.4-20.4) D5200 ------------- 22.4 ms (22.5-22.1-22.6) GH4 4K/UHD -------- 22.0 ms (official) my measurement was 22.5 ms(23.2-22.3-22.7-22.7-22.4-21.8-22.4-22.8-22.6) a7R III 4k FF ----- 22.8 ms (22.6-22.9) Z6 4k FF ---------- 23.0 ms (slashcam.de) a99 II 4k --------- 23.4 ms (23.3-23.5) BMC --------------- 23.6 ms (official) my measurement was 25.0 ms (26.7-24.8-23.5) a7 III 4k FF 25p -- 24.3 ms (24.7- a7 III 4k FF 24p -- 25.0 ms (dpreview) 5D2 --------------- 25.9 ms (25.5-26.4-25.8) 5Dsr -------------- 27.7 ms (27.5-27.9-27.6) G7 4k ------------- 28.1 ms (27.8-28.5) GX85 4k ----------- 28.9 ms (30.2-29.0-28.8-27.5) NEX-5N ------------ 29.4 ms (28.8-29.6-28.9-29.8-29.8-29.1-29.7) a7s II FF 1080p --- 30.3 ms (29.5-31.2) a7s II FF 4K ------ 30.4 ms (30.2-30.6) a7s FF 1080p ------ 30.5 ms (30.1-32.0-30.5-30.3-29.2-30.9) XT2 4k ------------ 30.7 ms (30.5-30.7-31.2-31.2-30.8-29.9) NX1 4K ------------ 30.9 ms (30.6-31.6-31.4-30.7-30.2) NX1 UHD ----------- 32.6 ms (32.9-32.0-32.9-32.5) a7R II 4K S35 ----- 33.3 ms (35.6-32.2-32.8-35.3-32.6-31.1) RX100 IV 4K ------- 36.6 ms (36.4-36.7) (without stabilization it's slightly faster: 35.7) a6300 4K 24fps ---- 39.0 ms (39.2-38.9)
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    how is the motion cadence?
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