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  1. .... This is now my last post on eoshd. I seem to not be able to handle social media. I really gave it a good try. But I can't. Just not a good way to talk to someone. Everything is heightened. Apology to you Emanuel! Bye all.
  2. You seem like a very nice, innocent person, Emanuel! I mean that as a compliment. Here in America, things are very nasty. People are nasty. Brutish. We are having a major class war. Many of us have a different view on billionares and job innovators. We distrust silicon valley. We distrust pharmacuticals. We distrust heads of energy companies and goverment leaders. We distrust the mainstream media. We distrust until we are proven right. We trust whistleblowers. We trust contrarians and outcasts and outsiders and artists and musicians and intellectuals and writers. We distrust the "great" figures of our past history. It's a crazy time to be alive. That the majority is like me. That we live in a topsy-turvy world. I do wish sometimes I could be like you, where I have trust in deeper trust, unbonding love for billionaires and leaders. But for me, that's over. This is the era of #metoo and subversion and anger at the leadership class. The world is dying. The planet is dying. Due to billionares not using their money to do the right thing. People like the Koch brothers who use it to destroy the planet. This time is now. BYE! I need to stop responding to you. I feel like I am talking to a wall. I rather be playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  3. If I spent $1300 on a phone that was promised as a revolutionary way to control the red, and then it didn't. Then promised I would get a deal in return for the hydrogen 2. Then told that the hydrogen 2 is over and that the president and backer of the hydrogen 2 is retiring, I would be very, very, very upset. You maybe extraordinary in how you treat red. You may also be confusing the company with a form of friendship and community that overrides any anger and loss if you lose thousands of dollars. Personally, I think, and would argue most people would think - that cameras should just be products, not groups of friendship . That way they cannot do these type of business practices and get away with it. Imagine people forming a community around a brand of a hammer. But of course, I get it. We are all very tribal. You are personally (online) friends with the president of the company. I would be defensive as well if I think that the company's president is my friend. That is all okay. I completely understand. I never got to that point with Sony or Canon or Convergent Design, even though I got to know a few key employees. But I didn't talk up when they did some things I wasn't the biggest fan of either. Like when I bought $6000 worth of slog licensing for my sony f3, then they made it free without giving a partial rebate at least.
  4. Emmanuel, Jim is an example of "progress"? Your words. See below. Probably the best summary of how he runs his business. The poor people who invested thousands of dollars into his "inventions wrapped in art." As someone else wrote, "good riddance".
  5. Thanks for your response, Emanuel. I have spent time as a cinemotography with a lot of interesting people. I worked on a doc with a murderer of two people (he was an armed robber_ as we filmed him coming home from jail. He was super nice, super sincere. A really nice person. I worked with the CEO of a major corporation responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people due to his policy that goes against most ethical standards. Again, really, really nice. Very mellow. Nothing weird or evil about him. No conflict from what I could tell. We talked about personal matters that you could do with anyone. I'm not equating Mr. Jannard with these men. But I do know lying under oath in a federal court is not something most people will do, who have normal forms of ethics. This is punishable in jail by at least 8 years in a federal prison. Nor is it normal for most people in a position of power to ask an underling to lie and risk this amount of prison time for their own profits. The implications of Lance Armstrong's doping - if you can do yourself a favor to learn about it. You'll learn that it involved millions of dollars and more than just lying and cheating for money, he ruined lives in the process. As you say, "but what about the migrants?" There's always something worse. But it doesn't make it okay what Jannard did. Intimidating an employee into lying and risking a prison sentence is not something any of us should ever do in life. It's highly illegal. And again, he should not be celebrated, for that fact alone. What type of people should be celebrated? How about Dr. Fossum who invented the CMOS sensor? We wouldn't be where we are with CCD sensors. How about the people at Kodak who invented digital cameras? So many other figures with so much importance. So many true innovators. Why must we focus on Jim Jannard and Jarred Land and their Barnum-like antics? Their shutting down and silencing of oppositional viewpoints. Of publically shaming and DOXing and suing people who questioned them. (Look into Jim's final post on reduser where he called out 2 prominent cinematography figures). It goes on and on. Be well Emanuel. I hope for yourself, as an ethical person, you can empathize with how this person should be viewed.
  6. I agree, I don't take anything for granted either that I read on the internet. Or information I get from anywhere. I always do research first. And when working on news stories, I always call or email the main source. Hence was the case on the Jinnimag latest video. I personally emailed Dr. Fossum, the inventor of CMOS, who is heavily featured in the latest Jinnimag video. I got his response, which he later published to imaging world blog, that corroborated most of what the Jinnimag video said. The Jannard silencing of his employee during the Lance Armstrong criminal trial was reported on ABC, broken by the Sunday Times journalist David Walsh and featured in a ABC documentary, "Stop at Nothing: the Lance Armstrong Story." ABC is one of Australia's largest tv networks, and the Sunday Times a large UK paper: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/ SOURCE: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-07-02/sponsor-turned-blind-eye-to-lance-armstrongs-doping/5564074 More about David Walsh: "David Joseph Walsh (born 17 June 1955) is an Irish sports journalist and chief sports writer for the British newspaper The Sunday Times. He is a four-time Irish Sportswriter of the Year and a three-time UK Sportswriter of the Year. Walsh was the key journalist in uncovering the doping program by Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Service Cycling Team, leading to a lifetime ban from cycling for Armstrong and being stripped of his seven Tour titles." SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Walsh_(journalist) From my research into Red, as a doc filmmaker, I would draw the conclusion that Mr. Jannard is not a figure to admire, nor attempt to defend or find value in. This is especially revealing in Walsh's award-winning journalism about Lance Armstrong and doping, and Jannard's involvement in the matter, which is quite prominent. There are many, many other entrepreneurs who should be studied and cherished. Still flawed people, like all of us, but still strong and ethical people. From what I can understand, he works on an ethical level that is different than most people, similar to Lance Armstrong. Perhaps why they were friends. I am glad you tried to bring peace between EOSHD and Reduser. These two forums should co-exist peacefully. A lot of good people at reduser. That's what makes me upset - that these good people invested thousands of their hard-earned dollars into a camera system that is based on "myths" and now, are watching the value of their investment crash as the "myth" of red has been removed. Please, Emanuel, if you do one thing in the next 24 hrs, read the ABC news article link and find out more about journalist's David Walsh's story. And if you want, I am willing to contact David Walsh to find out more about Jannard. I personally don't have the time or the desire to find out more, but if you want, I will do it for you and get a follow-up comment onto his character and get permission to post it on this forum. If you can do it, great, one less thing for me to do! Perhaps that will change your attitude towards Mr. Jannard as an example of, as you wrote, "progress."
  7. Should you be celebrating a man who almost shut down EOS's blog in a threat of a lawsuit? A man who got his employee to lie under oath about Lance Armstrong doping? Who lied to the public about the origins of his camera? Who is responsible for the Red Hydrogen, literally the worst tech product of 2018? Who has bullied and banned people left and right in the cinematography forum? How is this man superior to other people? Why are we even discussing him or red? I owned the red one mx. I owned 2 of them. I owned the red epic. It was a great camera. Flawed of course, how long it took to boot up. The hard drive would hang a lot. And it would overheat constantly. That fan noise. The hard to get to bnc input and timecode input. But a great image. They never went past that. The dragon you couldn't expose past 320 ASA. Then every camera after that - the same look, pretty much. The same greenish color cast. If you want to do alternative history Emanuel. Let's say red never happened. As everyone else has said, the canon 5d mark ii happened. The iphone still happened. The need for DSLR's to survive in the face of cell phones taking over their market forced them to make them stills/video hybrid cameras. Would the sony f3 had been so cheap? Would the sony f65 have been so cheap? Would the alexa have been so cheap? Maybe not. But the tech existed. Maybe some other company like black magic would have come in earlier. Maybe JVC or Nikon would have gotten into video and lowered the prices. Maybe the 5d ii would have convince canon to release a 4k camera that does raw earlier in the game. Maybe Arri would have as the sequel to the D21. Or Sony could have since they are leaders in cmos technology. Red One MX shook up the industry, great. Everything after that didn't. So what. That's nothing that special. Jim didn't leave a legacy. He put the guy in charge of his message board as the president. And that's not a good business move. Look what's happened. You think the Gizmodo, I mean the Komodo, is going to save them? From the guy whose greatest creation is dvxuser.com? Why would people buy their cameras now that everyone else has caught up, or surpassed them, with better skintones? Most people I know who are owner operators moved to the alexa mini, or downgraded to the Ursa Mini G2 or FS7 or C300 ii. There's no place for their 30k cameras in this market - it's too tight. And if a 10k camera can do pretty much what a 30k camera can do, and now that red has no "mystique" to its name, why would anyone put 30k into a camera system, especially one that looks like with hydrogen, is not going that well. Move on, man. They are dinosaurs. Never adapted. Chasing 8k over skintones or dynamic range or ISO sensitivity. It's a crazy world, these cameras. The friggin Sigma FP1 does raw full frame for 2k. How does Red compete? With their overpriced redmini mags? How? How are they going to survive? Good riddence to this bully company. And hello to the new guys. Hello to E2. Hello to BMD. Hello again to Panasonic that is adapting ever since it's glory days of the dv100 and hvx100. And hello again to canon with the c500 ii and idx iii that look like they are taking big risks. Hello to the new sony fs7 ii sequel whatever it is called. They are all trying their butts off to stay relevant in the current era. Red, come on, with the Komodo? It isn't even really announced. Just what it is not. What's the price? Does it have internal NDs? Come on. Don't waste your time on them. Time to go. BYE BYE Red.
  8. According to newsshooter it does RAW lite internally. This camera, along with the c500 mark ii seems to mark a new era for Canon. Alexa-like dynamic range and skintones. Full frame. Compact. I have a lot of optimism for Canon.
  9. yup got $600 back! and a free repair! consumer advocacy works!!!! I reached out to their sales rep about the matter - I'm not taking full credit, but I reached out and we should all do this about any product if we are not happy with it.
  10. But why would Apple spend all this money on a lawsuit if the patent is not stopping them from doing something?
  11. let's stick to facts, not going after this random dude, whoever he is. Also weird about "All or Nothing" doc that Jim Jannard allegedly knew about Lance Armstrong's doping. Haven't watched it all, but man, someone needs to do a film on Jim Jannard. Wow. After hearing about Jeffrey Epstein's billionare friends as well, I just have to wonder: are a lot of billionares like this? From the doc: from person giving testimony on a phone call: "I told Jim that I can't lie. And he said, well there's ways around it."
  12. News story up on Nofilmschool . https://nofilmschool.com/apple-goes-war-red As of now: https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/08/16/apple-challenges-red-over-raw-patent-legitimacy/ https://nofilmschool.com/apple-goes-war-red https://www.slashcam.de/news/single/Werden-REDs-RAW-Patente-fuer-ungueltig-erklaert--15285.html
  13. Thank you for this post. Really does help give background on why Apple is possibly doing this. My guess (this is just my opinion) I think this is about Pro Res RAW, as others have said. Right now Red has a patent on using compressed raw internally on a camera, and this would open it up for pro res RAW, much like many cameras use pro res 422, 444, etc. Pro Res RAW from the Apple pro res raw white paper https://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/docs/Apple_ProRes_RAW_White_Paper.pdf is more efficient and smaller size than pro res 4444. Can really help when recording 4k or higher, especially if the industry is now moving towards 8k. 8k pro res 4444 would be HUGE FILES SIZES. SO they are probably thinking down the line . screenshot attached. whether it's about licensing this tech to current cameras like the arri alexa, sony venice, canon c700, blackmagic ursa, etc etc, or being in an iphone or ipad pro camera, it's anyone's guess. I think it's a very good move for Apple. Even if they use Jinnimag's claim that the patent was filed too late, that would be interesting. Little guy Bruce helps GIANT Apple make compressed raw internally free for all - or at least now controlled by Apple, which, seeing how many cameras have pro res in them, probably is a better shake than cameras trying to license redcode. Also great analysis by slashcam: https://www.slashcam.de/news/single/Werden-REDs-RAW-Patente-fuer-ungueltig-erklaert--15285.html Need help: Can everyone start reaching out to reporters from the NYTimes, the Verge, Gizmodo, engadget, wired, Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, etc? It's best to go on the webpages, find an author, then google them and find their twitter or email. Submitting a tip usually doesn't get to them. Let's make this story go mainstream, not just in our camera worlds.
  14. I think the threat of legal issues and RED's NDA towards Andrew should maybe go in a different thread? Or maybe a new thread for Apple v. Red? Maybe save this space to amateur sleuthing, and digging thru the Apple v Red case documents?
  15. then why were you quoted in a news article as "Hydrogen Team Leader" and not correct that? You seem like a pretty thorough person. Why do you have so much insider information about how red works? Do you volunteer your time pro bono for a multimillion dollar company run by a billionaire who owns a private island? How long have you been on reduser? Since 2007? Almost 11,000 posts on there? And if so, why? Are you getting anything in return for all your volunteer work? Your graphics and programs they use on their webpage? Do they license that tool from you? I just don't understand your incredibly strong connection to a multimillion dollar company and putting in so many hours but not getting anything but the ability to test new tech and many times being the official face of the company on "crisis" issues like Jinnimag. How you are the only one giving statements? Why are you risking harm to red in their currrent lawsuit by potentially stating information that maybe factually incorrect? Why not just say "this is my opinion" - why make it seem that it is completely factual and red's statement. What if that hurts them? How many hours a day , or week, do you put into red and reduser and hydrogen? And for free? Is it possible they are taking advantage of your good nature? And where is any of your public work on forums defending Arri or Sony or Panasonic? How much of your day is spent posting about red vs Sony and Panasonic? I am too lazy to look into this. But please correct the record. PLEASE! I want the public to like you!!!
  16. Phil I wrote you a private email. I really do appreciate you and all your work for technical understanding with red. I have owned 2 x the red one mx and 1 red epic mx. I was very happy with these cameras. I am interested in this matter because I'm a social activist. I work on films for social change a lot. I have no alterior motives besides that I have historically stood up to bullies and the red digital cinema is an abusive company. Examples are for instance, tricking Andrew into signing a NDA. Also that the president of it, in his final message on reduser, attacked two prominant cinematographers by name. Not very nice. Plus Jarrod swearing at people on it a lot. Plus (I HAVE HEARD BUT HAVEN'T VERIFIED) - doxxing of Bruce of Jinninmag. But hey, swearing publically is ok by the president of a company, but kind of weird. Has my anonymous source said anything wrong? He's just doing basic research we can all do on the internet. Again, please answer this: Are you or were you at any point, "Hydrogen team leader" and giving a quote to a publication about the red hydrogen development? https://momofilmfest.com/red-hydrogen-one-3d-smartphone-films/ From article: "The modules are to include a better-than-5K 2D sensor with a near-universal interchangeable lens mount (“damn near every lens ever made” says Hydrogen team lead Phil Holland)."
  17. Phil I appreciate you coming on here. Please explain how Andrew is being used for somebody else's intention? And why share this on this forum? Does that help him? Wouldn't a private phone call or message be more effective? Also can you address this: Did you threaten to sue Bruce of Jinnimag over a video they made questioning what he said because "you are a private individual"? And if so, why are you called, "Hydrogen team leader" and giving a quote to a publication about the red hydrogen development? https://momofilmfest.com/red-hydrogen-one-3d-smartphone-films/ Stick to the facts. Don't do character assassinations. Straw maning and subterfuge is not a good look for a smart guy like yourself. Look at the apple vs red patent case. Read it. Don't just react. And think about Jarred Land's comment. Just because Apple says they want to have a good relationship with them, is it possible that Apple is just saying that because, why not say that, so that when they crush your tech, you don't know what hit you? Doesn't apple hold all the cards? Is it possible that Jarred is lying like he did about red mini mag being proprietary, non-generic media? Or just misinformed? Did you not see the quote about the turmoil happening inside red from an anonymous person personal view? Pulled sponsorships? Phil is that a threat? Simmer down my friend. RED is not your company, right? Isn't that your claim? You're just a volunteer moderator for them? I'll say it again - don't go down with the ship, Phil. You are a really nice guy and I think you are getting caught up with this. You are smart as heck. You have a great future and in the future, I'm sure you want to work for other companies like Arri, Blackmagic, Canon, Sony. Come on man, be civil.
  18. Yes fully agree. I meant in reference to Bruce of Jinnimag.
  19. This thread is deleted by me, because Phil came on eoshd to chat. I have addressed you Phil below.
  20. *CUE INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC* We live in an imperfect world. We're all humans. Mistakes happen. Maybe Patent office was starstruck like Andrew said. It's PETER FRIGGIN JACKSON! THE LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HOBBIT!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! That's why, in my opinion, we have the law to try to fix things up. And always, always, change comes from the bottom up. It's every day people like Bruce from Jinnimag who change the world. Not politicians. Not billionares. Whistleblowers, and people who stick their necks out. The little guys. And they do this maybe out of pride, or revenge, or god knows what, but they do it. And with a silly video series on youtube with mario coin sound FX.
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