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  1. wow testament to the fujinon 18-55 e mount lenses!
  2. DAMN THIS TRAILER LOOKED AMAZING I CANT WAIT TO TEST THIS CAMERA OUT is this the Blackmagic pocket 4k camera killa?
  3. or when I got him to lie about it on the forum, and he said it was to pay for a medical operation for his sister, for fear of exposing his lie to his dentistry friends on instagram. oh the good old days I hope he past dental school and is now one of the top dentists in the world
  4. waaaa happened? drama! I miss the days of ebrahim and his quest to use a stolen slr rangefinder from the eos marketplace forum to buy a ps4
  5. Yup can do that as well! that's awesome - 6 ASA pretty much at the start of commercial films!!! Man imagine using that indoors! I think that's why the film industry moved from New York to Hollywood - you needed daylight pouring in to get any exposure. And Arclights. Man what a different time now.
  6. I wouldn't mind shooting at 14k - its more about how the camera sees light and shadows for me.
  7. Now we all shoot at 800 asa. actually, I have heard some younger people get upset if they can't shoot at 1600 asa. Pretty amazing to me. Since most modern cameras can do this easily, and that gives you enough natural light in most locations, you just come in and shoot. The style these days is use what already exists, and augment the lighting, and use grip to subtract light. Subtracting light. Before ASA 800, when many of us were shooting at around 200 ASA, you would add light. Now we show up, use a window light - maybe put one light outside of it, and then 4-7 pieces of gripwear to cut it. Toppers, cutters, siders, eggcrates. But a recent job I did for a liquor commercial, we were shooting with the digital bolex as a b camera. The bolex is a beautiful organic image, with a ccd sensor for beautiful motion and the ability to use 16mm glass, which is beautiful and lightweight. We lit for this camera's low native iso, and the A camera, the alexa, we set at 200 ASA as well. At 200 ASA, I was back to where I started 10 years ago, and it was thrilling again. Light didn't spill all over the place - it faded into the darkness, had lots of falloff - and everything was deliberate. We Could liGHT up spaces deep in the bar with red color, and push light into areas we wanted, and hide the rest. It was easier to do, since there were less stands to place on the ground and less rigging to do. Grip takes up a lot of space and stands. Lights - not as much. And we ended up making the bar more interesting than what it was - we transformed it. (I'll post videos and stills once the spots are released. It was putting on a different brain from an earlier era - cause we had to move a different way. And we painted with 1k tungsten lights in a jem ball again and got that tungsten warmth again. That color of a tungsten fresnel - it has a golden warmth to it. Coming back to it, it reminded me of how unmatched by LEDs which have more green and yellow in them than that pure lovely orange glow are these chinese balls. To rediscover those old tungsten fresnel units, that was also important to me. These old lights you can now get as every grip house throws them out, as the world has moved onto led lighting like skypanels, these old lights are a thing of beauty.
  8. Whomever Jonathan Pais is, whatever his story is (and I am interested to know what he does for work, why he lives in Vietnam, and the story behind his photos) - I don't want at this point to resort to his level of personal harassment and ad hominem attacks. I mean, I can - because I don't abide by the snowflake attitude of "when they go low, we go high" - I like to go low. But hey, this is a site about gear and tech, not about all the other things that you can find on social media sites that deal with the hypocrities of the gamergate movement, and now the Trump movement that is gamergate 2.0 or breitbart 1.5 which started with gamergate, or now starwars gate? This is about looking at people's work and critiquing it, and finding ways to make things look better, and using tech to create art. And on the cheap - to not spend thousands to get anamorphic looks. A place for everyone, not the elite rich kids with their alexas they get fresh out of NYU film school. So Jonathan I will say this: you make the GH5 look like rec 709 video stuff from the late 90s. A lot of other users on here are doing much more interesting things with the beautiful camera. If you stopped trolling everyone, maybe you could learn a thing or two from them. Judging by all your comments, I think you are insecure about your footage. Behind the "tough guy" exterior, you are a whiny little insecure person. We all are insecure about our work. I am very insecure about my work. You know your work isn't as good as everyone elses, so you lash out at them. Which is different than most people, who don't lash out, they look inward, and try to figure out how to improve, going on forums like these and other places to improve their craft. And that's sad, because this forum shouldn't be a place of toxitity, it should be a place of support. To encourage people. To not listen to the voices that say "we suck as artists" but push us past it, and feel good and shoot and shoot.
  9. 1. STRAWMAN / FAKE NEWS Excuse me, Jonathan Pais, "fabricated" a story? You mean that my visit to B&H was fake news? That I didn't really see a broken camera on display there and had a talk with the rep there about it? Yea, what an amazing story I made up! So creative! I am a literary genius! 2. We were talking about your harassment and trolling of users on here. If you want to make this about me, sure. I know my weaknesses as a human being. I am aware of them. I have learned about how I treat other people online, and I have grown up. You haven't. OKAY LETS CLEAR THE AIR, FRIENDS. Jonpais is an example of gamergate trolls, except he somehow doesn't have an xbox controller, he has his little gh5, which he defends like some people defend like a human being. He clearly has Trump-like political views and thrives in Trump-style harassment, sexual and abusive and otherwise, of other people. What is gamergate? That's the movement of harassment of female videogame journalists that was started in part by Steve Bannon and Milos, the man who two days before a shooter murdered five journalists called for a "vigilante" to murder journalists. This gamergate movement seems pretty strong in the dslr world, at least from my interactions on here when I went after Philip Bloom after his ex-finance and ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic abuse, a whole three years before #metoo. I wonder how things would have gone down during the #metoo phase for Mr. Bloom, and all those who supported him and accused the women of "making it all up." ? But I digress, why go after a man who allegedly beats his girlfriends when we are here to talk about Jon Pais? Including, and here me out, Ebrahim Sr, who turned out to be just a figment of Ebrahim Jr, who very well may be either a avatar of Jon Pais (check the timestamps and IP of their postings) or potentially all just sockpuppets of me, who is pretending to be Ed David, but I'm actually not him, I am Susan Sarandon's older sister who got into this site after buying a GH2 and hacked it. Yep Steve Bannon level shennigans has been on EOSHD now for years - and as an admin. I love Andrew Reid - I love that he allows anyone on here - and that's the whole point of freedom of expression. The only site I haven't been kicked off of! The only one. But with it, you still can't just post stuff Jon and not get called out. Just as I get called out, and I appreciated it so much, I stopped posting my stupid stuff! But anyway, mr Jonatahn Pais aka Ebrahim Sr, don't expect to not get blowback if you are harassing other people. And , to use your own gamergate terminology, "don't be such a snowflake, bro. #MAGA!"
  10. Really? Does that require an answer? You think that, yourself, a person who has bullied and harassed multiple people on this forum for years, including a really prominent DP, John Brawley, can continue such behavior and be free from my dorky act of "downvoting"? With your continual act of calling people "assholes" and "f*ckers" and using sexual harassment towards said members. Well at least you are no longer an admin. You may be in your 70's, but you act like you're 16. And maybe you actually are 16, and pretending to be 61. Or maybe you are Ebrahim's real father, or the real Ebrahim. Or maybe you don't exist. You are just a figment of Ebrahim Jr's imagination, and this whole time he is laughing, laughing with his SLR rangefinder and playstation 4.
  11. Micro's motion felt good at 180 shutter. Yes, on Ursa, I found 190 degree shutter was too blurry, 180 was too choppy and 185 was just right for me.
  12. This sounds like a really good understanding of it. Yes, in particular the GH5 looks like it definitely adds in-camera noise reduction. Gives it a plastic-y feeling to the midtones and highlights. As if using neatvideo on the footage a little too agressively. Interesting observation about motion blur and Blackmagic. Also I found shooting 185 degree shutter on the ursa mini 4.6k makes the motion feel more like an alexa.
  13. Well, I mean, has this group ever been the cutting edge bastion of science? Or is it, just a bunch of filmmakers and shooters trying to help each other with tips and tricks to improve? And if one person asks the question, and another person tries to help and answer it, should you, dear friend, Can'tSin, be upset? These are great mysteries of life. If you want true, science-based research and answers, go on cinematography.com and ask Art Adams or David Mullen. If you want to have a little fun, stay here.
  14. Yup - buy it! Redid the grade. no touching anymore - it is what it is
  15. I need to - god I could have used it last night. I pushed it two stops on portra 400 on these beautiful streets last night in nashville - the mixed color was beautiful. I heard push one stop is similar to portra 800, but I don't know. I have 2 cans of cinestill 800T I am excited to try tonight but after this test i want to try portra 800:
  16. Excited to test the image quality out of it. I don't think it will compete with a larger sensor like the GH5 that's optimized for still and video with V-log, but I mean, for a director on a shoot who wants to steal a shot of the sunset on the scout, and doesn't have a camera on their person, just a quick shot here and there. For instance I did a short film with Matty Brown - and he added a bunch of picks up because he has a beautiful hyper-connectic style. Say he didn't have a small mirrorless or DSLR on him, and there was like a scene with tons of birds flying in the air, and the DP was changing glass or whatever, and he just whips it out of his pocket, it may be okay in the piece, since it is 23.98, maybe a good shutter speed, HEVC codec - it may cut. It's exciting to me to think this. There have been so many missed moments on sets because the crew is wrapped for time reasons that the director would love to grab.
  17. Awesome - can you shoot a fruit bowl plate spread, with red apples, yellow bannanas - compare side by side your fuji? It looks beautiful but I really want to see if its red's are rich and not orange-y. That's an awesome shot!
  18. https://petapixel.com/2017/09/11/times-latest-cover-photos-shot-iphone/ Curious to see how the images stack against each other. DXOmark is testing mobile cameras. Google Pixel looks like the one to beat right now: https://www.dxomark.com/category/mobile-reviews/
  19. And now we have this new CMOS technology that has unique red, blue and green photosites. The sample images look amazing - Look at that red. https://www.phaseone.com/trichromatic
  20. Yea sorry I meant go pro because of the ultra wide angle lens and small sensor size to match go-pro's size. But yea, the iphone x camera could be pretty amazing - making the high price tag more justifiable.
  21. Yea, I screwed up on that one! I thought since he had no feedback no one would risk it. Opps.
  22. First apologies to starting this thread - I know there is another one - but that seems to focus on the iphone x as a phone. This is about using it and h.265 to record. And possibly log or raw out of it. H.265 is no joke - as I have seen with the NX1, and with apple supporting it, you can bet your donuts they will make it easy to integrate and convert. And a wide angle and a telephoto lens, with an optical zoom. This could be a useful camera in the field if you need to pick up a shot. Curious about dynamic range, singal to noise, color fidelity, skintones, motion cadence - all that fun stuff Here are the specs: 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture Telephoto: ƒ/2.4 aperture Optical zoom; digital zoom up to 10x Portrait mode Portrait Lighting (beta) Dual optical image stabilization Six‑element lens Quad-LED True Tone flash with Slow Sync Panorama (up to 63MP) Sapphire crystal lens cover Backside illumination sensor Hybrid IR filter Autofocus with Focus Pixels Tap to focus with Focus Pixels Live Photos with stabilization Wide color capture for photos and Live Photos Improved local tone mapping Body and face detection Exposure control Noise reduction Auto HDR for photos Auto image stabilization Burst mode Timer mode Photo geotagging Image formats captured: HEIF and JPEG 4K video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps 720p HD video recording at 30 fps Optical image stabilization for video Optical zoom; 6x digital zoom Quad-LED True Tone flash Slo‑mo video support for 1080p at 120 fps or 240 fps Time‑lapse video with stabilization Cinematic video stabilization (1080p and 720p) Continuous autofocus video Body and face detection Noise reduction Take 8MP still photos while recording 4K video Playback zoom Video geotagging Video formats recorded: HEVC and H.264
  23. damn you tricked me! i though the third image was the quattro!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO damn we are bidding against each other on that finepix then!
  24. It took me about 4 years to realize, but delivering from resolve as DATA levels, not AUTO or VIDEO, is much better for Vimeo and Youtube - which raises the shadows signifigantly with its h.264 compression scheme. I should have tested this years ago. Also exporting as Pro Res LT if you can, because if you export as h.264, then YT and Vimeo make a h.264 copy of a h.264 copy - so even more macro blocking and stuff
  25. regraded again - to make the Ursa Mini Pro look better. Also something I learned - exporting from Resolve at DATA levels keeps the blacks better for h.264 compression on Vimeo and YT. It seems that Vimeo and YT both raise the blacks significantly for uploads. Maybe because of mobile? Anyway curious if post houses do this as well? I read somewhere advising against it. But, you know, opinions on the internet, man.
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