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  1. Hey y'all, I've been out the filming game for a good five, six years now, but am looking to produce some more work for my company. I've not idea what camera system to look at now, so would really appreciate some advice. I'll be shooting mostly doco style pieces, and want as good quality as I can (i.e. cinematic doco vs video doco if poss), so I'd like a good codec and good colour. I'll be mostly shooting handheld/on my own, so I'm looking I can run and gun with. Also something with some sort of stabilisation (body/lens) and realistically good auto-focus. I also want a syste
  2. Hey, I'm looking to get a Sony A7S II for a few projects, one of which is filming long podcasts. I want to hack it for this with the play memories hack. I've also been reading about the Pocket 4K diff versions and BRAW/Cine dng choice. So I'm asking here - from what I gather I need to have a certain firmware that can use the hack, and that newer A7S II cameras can't do this because they can't go back far enough to get the firmware that can be hacked. Is this true? Or can a brand new camera be downgraded to a compatible firmware? If I do need an older one, how can I identify
  3. Not exactly the same, but La Jetee always stands out for me. It's an amazing time travel short with dialogue and still photos.
  4. Can the 70D record Slow Motion in Raw? Afaik the 70D records 50p in 720p. Can it do 50p RAW at 720p?
  5. Had a play with a LX100 this weekend, I liked: IQ is, in general, pretty good. It's not as good as an APS-C stills camera at 100% but viewed from a monitor or, I'd imagine, a small print, I doubt anyone would notice the difference. Tends to meter and white balance differently to my Ricoh GR, not sure which is more accurate. Dynamic range seems, anecdotally, ok but not great, about the m4/3 average. Either way, the zoom works well and can compensate for any resolution/detail issues as you can obviously zoom closer. I've never been a zoom fan tbh but I actually like it on the LX100 as th
  6. Any idea how either of the new Nikon's grade? For me, digital files generally look rubbish out of camera and need grading to at atmosphere. Nikon stills are great in that respect b/c they're really malleable with high DR and can generally be pushed and prodded into good colour and mood. Wonder if the video is forgiving when graded.
  7. Do you know anyone in the UK? Get it shipped over
  8. This is now sold, thanks!
  9. From the pov of music copyright, the issue is that there's two types of copyright - the copyright for the person(s) who wrote the song and the copyright of the person(s) who recorded/performed the song. So you could take a classical piece a few hundred years old - the writer copyright will have expired, but if you're trying to use a recording from an orchestra who recorded it ten years ago, then their recording as the performers will still be valid. That's why classical stuff can get flagged even though it's an old piece. The problem here is that Youtube, Vimeo etc, have to take in
  10. UK is it's own beast, alas
  11. Hey, I've had a GH4 for nearly two weeks now. It's a brilliant camera, obviously, but my BMPCC is more suited to my needs, so I'm going to sell the GH4. As they're still out of stock in most places I thought I'd see if anyone on here wants it before I put it on Gumtree. (Hope that's ok) Two weeks old, never been out my flat, less than 50 shots and a bit of video to test, that's it. Costs £1299 in shops but you can have it for £1149. I'm in London, UK. We can deal in person around London or I can post. Let me know if interested! I'll take pictures tomorrow and add them to
  12. I'm curious about pulling stills from the motion, maybe as the stills compliment to a motion campaign. Anyone think the stills will do the job or not be enough? I think you end up with an 8MP still. We live somewhat in an acquisition world where we always look for more even if we don't need it, but 8MP is still low compared to stills cameras. Any idea what MP you'd need for, say, a magazine image?
  13. FS UK - RedRock Micro Captain Stubling Rig (w/follow focus) + Glidetrack Shooter 0.5m (slider) Hey, have the above for sale. Capt Stub - £400 Glidetrack - £125 The Captain Stubling seems to cost £850+ from CVP so more than half price. PM for photos etc.
  14. What's the widest you can go without vignetting? I'm using a BMPCC with just a Panasonic 12-35 - really good lens, IS, 2.8 constant etc - think its 58mm filter size. Wondering if the Bolex would work with it? The Pana is what, 35-100 in full frame terms?
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