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  1. To me also D5 wins, I find the images very pleasing and natural looking. Also noticed the midtones to highlights transition on the blonde's chest too abrupt on Canon in comparison to Nikon and Sony on some of the images.
  2. Excellent two videos from cinematographer Steve Yedlin via the link below, where he tries to make a point that quality of pixels in a camera is far more important for the perceived cinematic experience than the race in quantity, now that most high end cameras in his opinion already surpassed the resolution threshold required for image with good clarity and perceived sharpness. In the first video he shows the same scenes shot with 6 different cameras (2 analogue) and all of the footage is graded and matched in post. He doesn't reveal what camera was used for particular shot just to prove his
  3. I agree that it has value as an acquisition format for big productions, especially because there are some hints that high end camera manufacturers are going "big sensors route" in the future (some are already there). My point was would it be good to finish / deliver in 8K to viewers because it seems like an overkill to my eyes. My concern regarding this matter is that manufacturers will very soon push 8K into smaller and cheaper cameras because of marketing and TV sales, and before you know it you will have to deliver a wedding video in 8K because it is such a catchy phraze that number wi
  4. I didn't think about content in this video, but more generally how so much detail distracts me from paying attention to content. There is some beautiful scenery in this video but I couldn't watch it more than 30sec because it was simply too much detail for me, it strained my eyes.
  5. I bumped on this video below and just wanted to hear your opinions on the matter. Maybe my eyes are not used to this much detail but I don't like it, simply because it's hard to concentrate on content when I'm constantly bombarded with so much small detail that looks almost surreal. I really think that 4K-5K is the sweet spot and camera manufacturers should turn their attention to DR, high framerates, efficient codecs and color science, and stop the resolution wars. I know you can throw softening filters in the mix but what is the point then to use 8K in the first place. I'
  6. Couldn't agree more... I don't think that T&O grading techniques are bad in general, but IMO the magic is in the subtlety, not like in this case where colors and saturation are all over the place.
  7. No offense meant to you personally, but the more people throw over the top teal & orange grade to everything, the more I f..king hate it. For me this video looks great in terms of image quality but its ruined with that grade.
  8. I get your point completely, I chose a few years ago to buy Nikon D750 instead of GH4 because DR and colors meant more to me than resolution, but I think as years go by competitors are simply offering much more in video features than Canon/Nikon in that lower price range.
  9. Well, that was exactly my point, they are probably adding those features because of the pressure from competition, so they can attract some video guys to improve sales. Btw, that is your choice, but how many people are there like me who would rather buy 2 GH5s or 2 Fuji XTs for the price of one 5D You have to be a little more precise about this, because saying it like this in general, simply it is not true and it varies between different camera models. I believe you meant colors and that can be quite subjective, for my taste Fuji has even better colors and Nikon has very neutral a
  10. So potential 5D customers that are more interested in video now matter all of a sudden, maybe the sales are not going so good with the stills crowd. It seems to me that Canon relies to much on fanboyism, like old wars Canon vs Nikon, but in my opinion new generations have much less brand loyalty. For me, best example of this was NX1, yes maybe Samsung didn't sell enough units to stay in business, but just look how many forum members here own them and do some great work. All those guys weren't afraid to switch to a new player in camera business because they knew they are getting a very cap
  11. I agree, his LUTs are quite stylized and a bit too much mostly for my taste but in this video it works well for me, especially the outdoor scenes.
  12. Some footage from James Miller. Highlight rolloff looks very good when recorded externaly with his baked in LUT.
  13. Yeah, skin tone slightly warmer and better looking, and the green color of the sleeve huge difference.
  14. Yeah finally, until now i used generic rgb profile because it looked best to me.
  15. Just to give heads up to some of you that use D750 for video, Filmconvert made the camera profile and its available for download. https://www.filmconvert.com/download/camera-profile
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