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  1. Used - in great condition
  2. Mint condition. Bought it for casual video during the holidays but haven't really done much with it so it's time to let it go.
  3. DPing a cyc wall music video this weekend and will not have excess time to play with the 4.6k before then. We have two 256gb cards and will be able to dump footage while shooting on the other. That being said I'm trying to figure out the proper codec for the day without having to stop while we dump. We're planning on a 12 hour shoot with lunch. I'm pretty sure that throws RAW out the window but I haven't been able to find much info breaking down the differences in prores flavors. Can anyone break down the different record times for each prores flavor on a card that size? Thanks!
  4. Thanks man! When I get a little time I'd be happy to send over the footage if you want to play with it.
  5. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/video/rodrigo-prieto-linus-sandgren-charlotte-bruus-christensen-bradford-young-caleb-deschanel-john- They're back!!
  6. Andrews settings and graded with Film Convert Vis3
  7. All shot on the D750 with Nikon Ais (besides a few 120fps NX1 slowmo shots which are easy to pick out) For narrative stuff I'v been using it over my NX1 for awhile.
  8. I think you're right it will most likely sit at that price for awhile. Easily one of the best 1080 images out there! In act I had a potential client reach out recently who couldn't believe what he saw was shot on D750. And he owns an Alexa.
  9. Thanks man! Nikon colors plus Film Convert make it shine. I think that's a smart move. Either way you're in a good position because even if nothing comes out you can there then D750 at it's current price is a great deal. For me I always shoot flat on the D750 but it's a different camera. Wether I'm doing something narrative or shooting a wedding The DR and gradeability on that camera with the flat profile works well with my work workflow so haven't paid much attention to the other profiles. I'd love to see what you're getting out of that guy.
  10. This was all shot on the D750 with Nikon Ais lenses (besides the few slow-mo shots on the NX1) I'm really enjoying this camera.
  11. For now day for night is going to be out of the question because we have some long shoots and if we move them to the day were going to be getting some sweaty talent with the hot summer weather. LEDs seems to be the best option but I may need to pick up a Pixapro Mk II and or some other affordable LED optinons to go with the aputure.
  12. I have a night shoot that is located in a corn field maze and just found out Northern California has a law against generators in this area. Any thoughts on how to get by with my Arri 1ks? I have the Aputure Amarans H672s set. But that wont be enough for a wide shot with about 8 subjects in frame. Any ideas on how to get around that. Would like to avoid buying more lights at the moment or pick up some Light Storms. Shooting on a C100 mark ii
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