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  1. Do you have the hack installed and if so what is your shutter count at?
  2. 3D printing is not a new technology and if anything was more prevalent 2-3 years ago than it is now. This also does not change my comment "I would not suggest increasing support for a dead system." Anyone out there who is looking at putting in any serious amount of effort into modifying/upgrading/hacking a camera system I would suggest spending that effort on a camera system that is not dead.
  3. That would be nice but there is not really any point now. There is no new gear to the system and used stuff is quite hard to come by. I would not suggest increasing support for a dead system.
  4. I agree I do not see any reason you should not be able to replicate this with USB charging as well unless for some reason when the NX1 is in USB charging mode it stops listening for the remote trigger.
  5. Are you sure there are no electronics in the knob itself?
  6. That is very interesting to know. How doe the cable know there is a release cable attached or is it always checking for the pull down on those pins? In that case, I would guess that as soon as you plug anything else into the USB outlet such as a charging source the camera would stop listening for the cable release pins. have you been able to build a simple DIY cable release without the charging?
  7. I am sorry I wish I could help but i do not know enough about how the USB release works. I would assume however that it is a digital signal and in that case, I do not think it would be possible to do both functions at the same time.
  8. Yes please higher ISO and if you could kindly zoom on and edge between a shadow and non-shadow area so we can see the noise.
  9. I will have to give this a try myself :). Who is going to be the first to post 1:1 side by sides to show the NR. My guess is that this trick is not getting any better results out of the sensor but is allowing you to increase the "gain" without increasing the ISO and because the NX1 seems to have some sort of terrible builtin NR that is tied to the ISO level you can avoid this internal NR. Obviously, this is just a guess and I really have no idea lol. Also is there anyone here who is really good with colours / scopes who can confirm none of the channels are clipping because of this boost?
  10. At this point, I hope its fake but he continues to claim its real and is just not going to release it because of the "lynch mob". Based on probability alone I think this outcome is by far the most likely probably 50 to 1 or so.
  11. ? MountneerMan spent the rest of his life sipping coffee at Starbucks trying to write a screenplay about the time the NX1 almost had its true potential unlocked.
  12. Just to summarize this thread for any anyone in the future who comes across it before it gets locked. Arikham claimed to unlock "16bit" Raw video on the NX1. some people believed him while others were extremely skeptical. No proof was provided. After about one week the skeptics demanded proof. Still no proof was provided. The people who believed him defended him. The individual disappeared because he was scared of everyone who demanded he provides proof of his claims. Roll credits with cheesy music... .... Mathew Hartman went on to start an anti-bullying campaign and was eventually recognized by Melania Trump for his valiant efforts around the world on cyberbullying Kisaha lost faith in humanity and moved to the woods to live out the rest of his life as a recluse with no contact to the outside world.... He spends all his time trying to hack the NX1 to unlock RAW video. BTM_Pix opened up an online detective agency.... to this day he still takes on probono cases related to the camera hacks Arikham was never heard from again Lol, sorry I kinda got lost in my own sorry there.
  13. MountneerMan

    NX2 rumors

    Yea I know your right but I still feel the need to rebut because that's just the way I am lol. 1. A good working romantic relationship does work on psychological and emotional codependency and there is nothing wrong with that at all. You both depend on each other psychological and emotionally so that you can be stronger together than separate. Not sure this is what we are really talking about here but yes I agree. 2. I do not believe my nation(Canada) has my best interests at heart. I believe they have the whole nations best interests at heart which at times goes against my interests and at times goes with it and that is how good democracy works. The problem is too many people just take things at face value and don't think for themselves which makes it too easy for a small group of people to convince a larger group of people that they have shared interests case and point with the Republicans in the US. They have successfully convinced a very large group of poor to middle-class people that they share the same interests as a small group of rich elites and corporations and that they should do things like remove regulations that were put in place to protect them. 3. Yes, I have heard of the world bank and all the issues with unregulated banking. All the more reason to be skeptical of people and their possible nefarious motives.
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