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  1. Ladies and gentlemen ..... this is getting worse and worse. @Arikhan I still trust you and I hope the 4K RAW hack is true. If not, it would be a big disappointment. And a very macabre mockery for this community.
  2. @Arikhan Congratulations for your project with the NX1 Raw hack !!! I think we are all looking forward to it. But I think the same @Pavel Mašek , your frame is encouraging, but not very convincing. I see it very compressed, macroblock or miniblock?? and oversharpened. However, I trust you. I am very excited about the final result.
  3. pintowar

    NX2 rumors

    We want to know more !!!
  4. Definitely, it seems that everyone recommends Win10. Is the winner!!! Unfortunately now I see that my motherboard is only compatible until Windows 8.1, there are no drivers for Win10 ........... Does anyone use the Asus P8P67 M-Pro in Win10 ??
  5. https://www.grassvalley.com/products/edius_pro_9/
  6. Thanks for the answers. It seems that Windows 10 wins widely ... So far I have used Win 7 but I do not know whether to change to 10. I have read that the updates are a disaster in Win 10 and affect the overall performance. Are the updates mandatory and automatic? Can not be disabled? I would like to know the opinion of people who use Adobe products, Davinci Resolve, etc ...
  7. Hello people. Linked to the video editing, which operating system is better on PC? Thanks
  8. Andrew, Do you use the Smart Range + in your 4k Samsung NX1 videos? Do you recommend activating it always?
  9. ISO between 100-800?? No high iso´s or yes??
  10. Yes, it is impressive. Andrew, what effects and/or technique have you used in Premiere?
  11. Is it 4k video or a photograph?
  12. Thanks for the answers. And in Premiere or Resolve (or any other program), is the footage with the highest bitrate going as smooth or slow? Any problem in this?
  13. @Antonis Is it really going so bad with the hack ?? Please, I also need opinions on this. @kidzrevil @Andrew Reid @ricardo_sousa11 @Kisaha ,etc.... Is the hack really beneficial? Do you notice the increase in bitrate? And besides the bitrate, what other aspects improve with the hack? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for answering. It seems that the Fotasy adapter is the best in terms of quality / price. Other adapters of the same brand Fotasy work well ?? For example, M42 to NX or C/Y to NX adapters ??
  15. Hi guys. Today, what is the most recommended Nikon G-Samsung NX adapter?? Thank you.
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