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  1. or should I wait until there is a better camera? I love my nx1, I shoot great macro shots, great landscape, but I still long to get a good telephoto. Should I get the z7 or wait till perhaps a newer model comes out. God bless
  2. I would probably need to get a metz 44. But they are hard to find now. I usually do action shots, and macro. Thanks for all your input. This is why I wish they hacked the flashes too because samsung flashes are so expensive haha.
  3. Is there a way to hack the nx1 to make any flash work? What kind of setup do you guys use? Samsung flashes are so expensive. Thanks for the help. I still use the flash that came with it. God bless you
  4. Please add Nikon lens to your dream haha. You might just resurrect the interest of this camera if you pull it off. I'll start praying. God bless
  5. Good evening everyone, Love the NX1, a shame that there is no more support, but you got to do the most with what you got. I was wondering can this adapter work for Nikon lens or is it just Canon? I just bought a tamron g2 150-600 lens and I just use an Nikon adapter for it. Would this improve the pictures? I would love to get this adapter eventually. God bless
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