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  1. Hey, do you know where i cloud find free stockfootage video for my doc. Thanks in advcanced
  2. Would you use a Tiffen 4x4 Black Pro-Mist Filter 1/4 for your nx1?
  3. Thanks do you push the sharpnes down like -10
  4. hello, i am on a search for a Good and cheapish Variable nd for video work
  5. Could you tell me your settings
  6. @KnightsFan could you send me the blue print for your diy cable clamp for the nx1. Thats so amazing that you created something like that. All greetings
  7. Yes, it works but the nx1 looses the abiliti to focus peak zebras
  8. Hello, does any one have special settings for the nx1 like (lowlight, highdinamic range, low noice) it would help me very much. Should you over expose the footage of the nx1 or under? Thanks in advanced felix
  9. Hi I need a cage for the nx500 my baseplate broke 5 days ago and now i am sitting here and my camera isn't able to be screwed on to my video head I would be very happy if some body could help me with this problem Thanks in advance
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