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  1. Was able to do it. when you add source in obs choose Windows Capture and set it to samsung remote studio.exe
  2. How i do this, i hook the nx1 via usb 3.0 and have the samsung studio on and see pic but obs does not see the nx1 i tried both mass storage and remote options for USB and noting.
  3. Should I invest in sony and get the a7iii or wait for the a7siii. I do more video than photos and I have 2 native lenses for nx1 the 16-50mm power zoom lens non s version and the non s version 50mm-200mm lens.
  4. Hi again im looking at the Sony A7iii should i move to it or stay with nx1 and get the Samsung 16-50mm F2.0-2.8 S ED OIS lens the lens i can get for $650 to $700?
  5. I would like one so let me know when they available thanks for your hard work
  6. I'm in for one, let me know when you can have this available. Thanks, I'm using the NX1 with Vasile bitrate mod and could really use this, thanks for this awesome and genuine thing you made, have. Nikon lenses here we come.
  7. Thanks again Vasile and Otto for the great work enjoying my Nx1
  8. Thanks for this Vasile, been waiting for it
  9. I feel the same way 180mbps I only need as well. Thanks again everyone. Loving my NX1 on 1.40 with bitrate hack Hi forum and community members .I Have a question yesterday I try recording in 1080p 120 slow motion and with the 180mbps using pro mode but the video is not slow mode 120. I was using Sutter speed 1/125 does that restricted the 120 slow mode or is it the bitrate hack. Thanks for the help.
  10. I feel the same way 180mbps I only need as well. Thanks again everyone. Loving my NX1 on 1.40 with bitrate hack
  11. Ok thanks again, donation done, hope you get everything you need as there is a lot of people this would help out. every little bit helps. Looking at the list there should be a lot more on there lol. where here in this world to help each other out or thats how it should be more minds are better then one.
  12. Any paypal use or somthing like it, i can send a donation to Vasile and donate to any charity Otto suggest and Kino Seed let us know how can we thank you.
  13. Just tested the mod ver 1.42 on a Sony sdxc u3 class 10 64gb 94MB/S read and 70MB/S write card and mod 1.42 seems smoother and more responsive and don't get the card to slow message as with and then Mod 1.38 and i used SDFormatter on PC to format my card. Im using the default 180mb bitrate In 4K.Im pasting the link to the formating sd card tool, can be used in windows or mac( SD formatter Tool ) https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/index.html if posting links is a no go ill remove it.
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