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  1. Wow. Canon EF lenses working WITH IS on an NX1.... THAT would be some large jar of awesome sauce. As for the hack - It's fine if it doesn't go any further because it already has added so much. I say "let it be finished". One less thing to always be updating, right? As for it only adding "ten-percent better image quality", well that's HUGE. That's a lot. Especially if it's doing it right where it's needed. For critical images it has been worth the effort. I can get footage to work when cut in with higher-grade cameras now that that grunge in the shadows has been cleaned up. That was enough. Heck, it's everything really. If not for that one factor, I probably would have had to let my NX1 go in exchange for something a lot more expensive.
  2. Video locked down as "private".
  3. Man KIDZ.... Your sense of style just gets better and better. I haven;t been around here much lately because my NX1 is just WORKIN'. Ya know what I mean? I put in Andrew's whole LUG-LUT settings and post routine, and it's just been GREAT. So nothing to report. But RICARDO... Boom! You've really tapped into an interesting recipe here. I've put in your settings and shot a few things and I agree - very nice. A different feel than the EOS Log-LUT thing, but I like them both. Once I've shot a bit more with Ricardo's set and got to know it better - then I'll have two distinct looks out of the NX1. I think the NX1 screams with the Sigma ART lenses, but boy I'd still love to have that 16-50S lens to really finish the deal. And I was RIGHT! Back when the camera got knocked out of production, I KNEW the prices for those "S" lenses were not going to come down.... Oh well...at least you DO get what you pay for with them. ~Cheers all!
  4. Hey folks, I've lost my bookmarks - what's the link for Vasile's latest version of the high bit-rate hack for the NX1 for firmware 1.40? Or has that been abandoned in favor of the firmware 1.41 update. Last I checked in it still wasn't allowing the higher bit-rate hacks. What's our latest and greatest for specifically high bit-rates? THANKS!
  5. Yeah, that sounds about right. These are not cheap lights. You can always throw the price into an online currency converter and check the price in US Dollars ahead of time.
  6. Yeah, nice piece of kit there Teemu! Hey mate, does the PixaPro light have an umbrella mount on it? I can see a little tube or bracket on the bottom-front of the light, but the pictures are too small to tell if that's an umbrella mount. Any luck on this being what it is? Thanks~
  7. Don't it though?! Shhhhhh........secret weapon.
  8. I don't exactly understand why anyone would even want to use a hack that doesn't increase the bit rate and image quality.
  9. The stabilization is nice...but the GoPro still appears to have greater dynamic range and more gradable color. That still makes a HUGE difference if your footage needs to be cut against footage from other cameras.
  10. Honestly - I never thought the NX1 hack would get this far! I can remember long ago, when we were all but children playing in the garden, back when Kidzrevil first posted this challenge.... At the rate some of the folks here are carving deeper into the guts, I wouldn't be all that surprised if one day someone DID find a way to get a RAW video feed out of these kittens of ours. In the meantime it sure seems to be a resounding success even just in it's first couple of months, with the increased bit-rates cleaning up some of the problem areas in just the way I expected it would. Kudos to all involved. Now if only Otto or someone else could write a sub-script that would prevent me from pointing my NX1 at bad subject material...
  11. I had that problem upon delivery of mine. I ran the "Horizon Calibration" sequence on a PERFECTLY LEVEL flat tabletop. I ran it about 6 times to get it to work itself out. Only took about 5-minutes. I turned the DS1 off in between every cycle of the sequence too. It's been fine ever since (5 months) and that slow turning to either side never came back.
  12. A series pilot. Pretty edgy stuff. No, the spot version. This is because I need the greater "concentrated" power going through the diffusor. Personally I never put LED panels on people without large diffusion, unless the light is supposed to be weird or effect-ish. Even a 12"x12" panel is really too small to not be a hard light. The bomb factor is the way the umbrella mount is already built into the standard included mounts Aputure includes with these lights. Now, the 43" shoot-though diffusor umbrellas - those were really expensive....$13 each, heh... EDIT: The lightstorm has great power, but the separate power supply would be too much of a problem for this application. A 1000-bulb panel runnning on V-Mount batteries would also work, but I'd have to rig up a different mount to get the umbrellas to quickly and easily sit in the right spot. We rigged up a little extra hardware to use both 672's next to each other behind one umbrella when we need more power. works absolutely perfectly. As long as you don't drop them on concrete, the 672's are just KILLER tools.
  13. I am currently using 2 Aputure 672s lights on lightweight 10' stands with 43" shoot-through umbrellas mounted for SERIOUS run-and-gun stuff... I mean like we have from 10-minutes to maybe 30-minutes to get the shots before we get either nailed by security or flat out arrested. The guy carrying BOTH light fixtures may even have to climb over fences, etc., Using these Aputures was the only way this was going to work. And it surely does work. Killer.
  14. The Beholder DS1 is this way. One of the reasons I dig it.
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