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  1. @mnewxcv have you seen this https://mewlips.github.io/nx-remote-controller-mod/ ? It's also included in NX-KS since version 2.56 and it works on NX500 (but at screen resolution, so quality not high).
  2. Yes, I have compiled several modules and toyed with them and they work, even NFS mount works (but slowly, very slowly). I didn't want to modify root more than I had to so I put modules in /opt. Following is a proof of concept via file containing the ext2 file system. For example, to mount NFS from server A.B.C.D to store images directly to it (playback is very slow): busybox mount -o nolock,rw,hard,intr,vers=3 -t nfs A.B.C.D:/mnt/export /opt/storage/sdcard/DCIM/ So, it can be done, but it will be unmounted every time the camera goes to sleep, etc. It can be remounted using au
  3. You can use ecryptfs which produces "normal" files just with scrambled names and contents (used for example by Ubuntu if you select encryption of the home directory during the install) as well as block level encryption (see LUKS and Librecrypt for Windows use) that can work either on a complete card, a partition or use a file on the card as a block device. Both are vastly better than encryption after the image was saved. Also an option is to use network share to store photos so nothing is on the camera either way (but it's quite slow, around 3MB/s so ~4s per full resolution jpeg).
  4. No, ML HDR mode works by two successive exposures at two different ISOs. We don't have that option here.
  5. FWIW http://www.pentaxforums.com/articles/photo-articles/evolution-of-pentax-k-mount.html Seems it uses a single digital pin for communication with lens
  6. Focus control is already doable, but what exactly did you have in mind?
  7. Camera does not know actual distance, I've wanted to calibrate my lenses (it's straight forward procedure to record reported focus values at exact distances from the sensor at, let's say, 5 points and interpolate the others as it's not linear) but never had the time. We would also need to find a faster way to get focus distance value as the current method takes ~0.3s which is too slow.
  8. I'm just trying to help a friend with ninja2 who's having problems (ie, nothing on it) and he's not near so I could help him in person. His problem is that nx500 seems locked to 60Hz output over HDMI and apparently ninja 2 supports only up to 30Hz in 1080p (it does 60 at 1080i).
  9. It's probably slightly off topic but had anyone succeeded with nx500 and ninja2 or similar 1080p30 external recorder? A friend has it but it's not showing anything due to 60fps output.
  10. @lucabutera great news, but may I suggest that you don't call the dumb adapter "dumb" but "manual"? This does not sound nice at the end " Receive the NX-L dumb! "
  11. I measured roughly some time ago and got ~8ms rolling shutter for 2.5k on NX500. All other modes (FHD, UHD, 4K) were 24-30ms. Could someone else verify that and could someone more experienced than me guesstimate whether it's skipping lines, binning, etc? Occasional weird horizontal line pattern suggest it might skip lines but I'm not sure how to check properly.
  12. @sandro I created a small tool that shows a button with black background and white text at given position and size that enables one to have on screen "button" for REC or SHUTTER or whatever. You could use it as it is as a "black screen" (just set the text to " " and position to 0 0 and size to 720 480) and to start the time lapse. I do it often to preserve the battery (AMOLED uses almost nothing for black screen). To remove it from screen just press and hold it for 5+ seconds. I also made a separate tool for time lapse that can have black screen as well as black screen with small red fra
  13. @kidzrevil Can't speak for others but I have nx500 so no evf from me Great work Luca, I tried something similar (but much more primitive) with m42 a long time ago but I was unable to position the added elements precisely enough and got mostly useless results - your results are very positive! Regarding canon vs nikon - yes it is true that due to longer flange straight adapter will not work, but let's wait and see how much of the space is actually used by this adapter - it might be doable to shave a millimeter or there and get canon lenses to work.
  14. I don't have NX1 so I cannot help you there
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