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  1. For now I'm going to use file protect as it changes file permissions making it easier to detect during import from SD card.
  2. I've been trying to work with GH4 after moving from NX500. First of can somedody explain to me what is the purpose of favorite (star) flag for a clip if it's only marked in camera? I've checked the file before and after making it favorite with ExifTool and there is no difference whatsoever . The only display layout that shows the "star" dosn't even show file name, I have to switch back and forth using [DISP.] to get that information. After that I've tried Android app thinking it surly has to give me all info about the clip given extra few inches of screen, nope haven't seen favorite symbol anywhere. Am I missing some crucial key press or it's just how things work in Lumix's UI interface engineer heads. After using Samsung the trimming feature in GH4 is a joke, clunky as hell, and you have to unfavorite a file, go back to menu and select devide tool, go back to video and fast forward becouse you can't even drag the slider. Then more good news, find the half that interests you, beginning of the old clip will stay inplace and second half will be created as last file on the card. Please, can someone advice me on how to find, cut and mark parts of clips in an efficient manner?
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    My question relates to a setup: Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 with a Lens Tubro II or Speed Booster ULTRA on GH4 body: As far as I know there shouldn't be any vignetting with GH4 + Speed booster ULTRA @1080. Would adding a 77 mm slim filter itroduce vignetting? Do I need to add step-up ring to use filters with this setup? For example a protective filter like B+W 77mm 007
  4. Agree, they are providing tech support, repair or replacement for the duration of your warranty. They are not obligated to do anything else beyond that point.
  5. Just a side note: I would never use a NX logo as you are potentially opening yourself to a trademark infringement lawsuit.
  6. Which one NX-Patch or KS? NX-Patch v5.3 on NX500 work fine for me, no issues with audio.
  7. Exactly. Than see my answers below. Answers below are only for vasile's NX-Patch! Bitrate slots will be applied according to this table Slot pro1 on NX1 is for all 4K, UHD and FHD* (*only when shooting over 30 fps) PRO quality setting (see table above). You can actually use hq1 or nq1 slot for a higher bitrate if you want to. Use make persistent in NX-Patch menu to save bitrates to flash memory, this will make them persist between reboots. Otherwise they will only be kept until power off, then they will return to previous values.
  8. From what I've read it only work on Linux paid version
  9. @sandro and @kidzrevil, how about moving your discussion somewhere else I really don't see it being relevant to a speedbooster prototype thread.
  10. Setup cost is higher for CNC, plus most shops won't even give a quote below few thousand pcs. CNC gets cheaper with high volume production.
  11. That would be probably a level shifter rather than a crude voltage divider. The power needed to run the conversion logic is so low that it shouldn't be a problem to just take it from camera body in the final revision of the intelligent SB (not running inefficient ATmega). Probably more along the lines of FPGA or an ARM (ultra low current Gecko maybe). Note that I haven't looked at the communication protocols so I don't know if it's a matter of simple lookup table or how much more number crunching needs to be done.
  12. Why resurrect an old already answered thread? Also why would anybody use some crapware instead of RockyMountains Movie Converter
  13. You can and actually have to on both on NX1 and NX500 (fw 1.41 and 1.12) - nx-patch
  14. I've posted this literally two days ago: Samsung's SD card wouldn't be my first choice, better get Lexar 2000x or a Sandisk (I did get SanDisk Extreme 256 GB SDXC for NX500 as an warehouse item)
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    Switching mods

    Already posted in your DPR thread
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