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  1. Maybe I didn't check it carefully enough. Are you sure the 4K25 isn't cropped? That would be good for me as my video editor (wevideo.com) only supports 4K25 without audio sync issue. I will definitely check and confirm if the 4K25 is not cropped then I will be filming in that all my 100+ videos with it in the 2 weeks to come.
  2. I just now am renting an A7III and I think it has issues, 4K25 and 4K30 cropping is a shame. I can't figure out how to tap on faces and things to lock Sony's autofocus continuous tracking onto them. Is that not possible? I couldn't possibly buy an A7III is it forces me to only film in 4K24 un-cropped or if it doesn't let me just simply tap on faces and things to lock the autofocus onto. The autofocus looks great but I need tap and track! I also think 2018 cameras should provide H265 encoding options at a lower bitrate to save on bitrate (yet keep the same quality) when uploading 4K to YouTube.
  3. I don't think the significant features like 4K60, 10bit etc, I think they have a new FPGA/CPU in there and etc. For X-H2 (hopefully coming soon), I hope Fuji adds unlimited 4K60 recording (not even a 30min limit), 10bit HLG (if possible 4:2:2 internally, if not I guess 4:2:0 will do), flip out display, new larger battery, perfect IBIS, more H265 options (especially when it comes to saving bitrate for 4K YouTube uploads at same quality).. My guess is that it's one thing for a camera to be able to encode H265, it does not mean it's able to compress to the optimal potential compressi
  4. Looking at the spec page I see a lot of problems with video, sadly: - 4K60 works for "approx 20min" (sounds like overheating limit to me, I absolutely need unlimited 4K60 recording like GH5) - 4K60 is cropped 1.18x - video files are split at 4GB (unusable for me, I don't want to be joining 4GB clips in a video editor before being able to upload the 4K60 footage to YouTube) - 10bit video internally is 4:2:0 only - HLG (HDR) not yet available (but they say will come by end of year firmware update, not sure if 4:2:0 follows HLG spec, I thought 4:2:2 had to be the HLG spec
  5. Only one XQD card slot? But that's not acceptable for any serious pro, is it? Only one slot means some Z6/Z7 owners most definitely will lose everything, which is unacceptable if you're doing a paid job. Dual card slots is a requirement! The lack of flippy display means the device is quite unusable for people creating content themselves without a dedicated cameraman at all times to check the framing, focus and etc. Filming yourself or conducting interviews is hopeless unless you add a bulky external display. What a shame. Does it have a 30min video record limit? I certainly hope not!
  6. That's interesting! But I need YouTube. Have you tried uploading the 4K NX1 H265 files to YouTube recently? Does YouTube still not support H265 upload? YouTube is where all the views happen, where all the search rankings go.. It sounds weird of Google if they still don't support H265 upload. It doesn't make much sense as H265 takes less space on their server storage, as H265 takes less bandwidth for their users uploads, I would think it should be kind of easy for them to take the H265 uploads and transcode to whatever formats they offer. And how's the battery life when recording 4K H
  7. Are these 4K H265 files from the Samsung NX1 still not supported to be uploaded directly to YouTube? And the NX500 doesn't have a microphone input, right? Can someone hack into Samsung and check if NX2 is going to be released?
  8. - 4K@30fps H265 starting at 40mbitps, H264 starting at 60mbitps, YouTube must support uploading of H265 files, good affordable video editing apps must also be supported in H265 without transcoding to H264 - 4K@60fps H265 starting at 80mbitps, H264 starting at 120mbitps - 5-axis dual optical image stabilization in 4K, same as Panasonic GX80/GX85 - audio mic jack, also multiple wireless audio receiving built-into the camera, maybe bluetooth lapel/handheld microphones, maybe another RF technology same quality as $500 Sennheiser/Sony wireless microphones, built-in to the camera -
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