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    Finnmark, Kingdom of Norway
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    Gaming (Old school gamer), video, film, computers, electronics, vintage digital cameras, anime, cats, Friedrich Engels, candy, space
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    Samsung NX1, NX500 & Samsung NX Mini, Sigma SD Quattro

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    Johnnew Archibald

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About Me

I am a simple guy who prefers reliability and functionality over petty design and premium feel, however when it comes to vintage digital cameras I have a great sweet spot, these beasts work like tanks while slow and maybe not as advanced and complicated today they make you work harder in the field. 

Still, I am one of the few owners of Samsung digital mirrorless cameras, these will truly end up as classic with time just like the Sigma and the Fuji's in their colour science. 

Its my saying and many others that equipment does not bake the cake, but its user. Remember that the best of the best wont equal great, its your skills in using the tools properly. 


You can find my work on YouTube, Vimeo, Vid.me and Flickr including my main account on Google+

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