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  1. Hi Andrew, thank you for sharing a few pictures, they look amazing! I would love to see a demonstration of what the video work you describe looks like, please upload some examples if you can. Fuji is running a free-rental promotion for the X-T3 here in Canada and I tried it out recently (couple pics below) and found it great for an APS-C camera (tons of fun to use, great colours), but really lacking the beautiful foreground separation of full-frame and I imagine Medium-Format could look even more beautiful than FF. Also the battery life on the X-T3 was atrocious in video-mode (it died after 25 minutes in 4k). How is the GFX 100 battery life? Thank you.
  2. Here is a little travel video of my family and I going around the East Coast of North America: https://vimeo.com/373737780 Shot with a Sony a7iii using Andrew Reid's ProColor 3.0 settings (specifically his HDR color using the HLG3 Gamma), then graded in Premiere Pro CC using basic Lumetri Color effects (curves, fine tuning with exposure/temperature, etc.). I used adapted Nikon lenses on the Sony, and it was mostly on a DJI Ronin-SC (a little bit of handheld and tripod mixed in). There are a couple quick clips from phones but they'll be obvious. I just bought Andrew's Procolor 4.0 so I'll shoot further demos with that in the near future. Enjoy!
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