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  1. Depending the country I guess, here BF is only for home appliances, TVs, phones and the occasional Playstation/Xbox. In the pro world maybe there is an SD card thrown here or there, but not much else. The camera hasn't released yet, so I am not expecting any sales, maybe after a year or so, when everyone has released their own "cheap" cine/video camera. In the AngloSaxonic world, I remember BF was a huge deal though. Where do you live?
  2. Noone knows of course, but all I hear around me (in our trade circles) is people talking about buying this camera. It is going to be a super huge success, whatever other manufacturers release from now until Christmas. What BlackFriday? This ain't a phone?!
  3. Everytime I read about the "full frame" look, I literally turn green! It is a blasthemy to just ignore that 99% of the total planet output, maybe more, was shot on a smaller format for so many decades, and noone ever complained. It is the new trend, I get it, but do not pretend it is a problem or there are not options/solutions. In run n gun/verite style we usually use Canon C and FS cameras, and I know shows using even smaller sensored cameras (even main news channels, DW, Reuters and the such, I have seen them using camcorder styled cameras). We get it, some are so young that 5DmkII is all they knew, but don't try to oversell it, it is just a hybris to our trade. Surprisingly the C70 is heavier than the C100mkII. This is a dense camera!
  4. Unfortunately I do not know anything about the micro version! I guess if you can put it close to the subject it will work. The other version is boom-able, the characteristics must be pretty similar. There are straightforward solutions from Rycote and others to put on a boom the classic one, I am not sure what one can do with this. Maybe it is more appropriate as a hide-in microphone. The smaller the mic, the more difficult is to put it on a boom because then there are other issues (very small mass needs very delicate solutions), so maybe it will be more expensive to buy accessories for the micro. For me, shotguns is a NO NO for indoor dialogue or interviews. Maybe best of both worlds is the Sanken CS-M1, very happy with this, coupled with the Cinema Cosi, but it is overkill for your needs. Just find a good cheap used Audix, they are build like tanks.
  5. 100%. If it is for "free", or everything else equal, I would like to have it, when we are talking about cine cameras that noone has it, then I do not care!
  6. 2000$?? Not good...very niche to do significant sales. It covers SOME needs for SOME people, which is not MANY needs for MANY people.. Don't the Z cameras offer some similar network connections anyway? Or you can do similar things with some hardware? Ok, next..
  7. Kisaha

    Fuji X-S10

    exactly, if you can afford it, go the C70 route, no way you will ever regret it, add the 2 adaptors and another battery and you are set. seriously, no need to wait. C300 is a lot bigger camera and needs more building up, I wouldn't recomend it for this kind of work. But seriously, if you "have" the subject, even the X-H1 is enough!! Subject is always the boss, but as a tool, I am expecting the C70 to be the best "cheap" option around.
  8. Kisaha

    Fuji X-S10

    Certainly on the right direction, I wasn't so fond of the Fuji ergonomics, very pretty but not the best in the field. The more boring design has its virtues, that is why has survived for so many decades!
  9. Kisaha

    Fuji X-S10

    Ι am not searching for the smaller camera, I have the NX500 and NX3000(Samsung cameras!) that are very small for what I use them for. For pro work the NX1 has the best ergonomics ever in my opinion. The X-T bodies never were convinient for me. I believe we have plenty of good hybrids, the next market war will be in cheap-ish, and "good enough" small video cameras, Fuji HAS to compete in this and they certainly have NOTHING to loose, or a bigger and more expensive cinema series to protect. If you put everything the X-T4 has, into a bigger body with all the "pro" features we need for video, it will be enough to cut sales from C70 and FS cameras, but we need reliable and non overheated bodies, unlimited video recording, with ND, XLR and other I/O (I am not sure if SDI is needed here, definitely some sort of TC) and a better grip with a big battery. A reliable video tool, a workhorse without any compromises in ergonomics and codecs (no, raw it is not a neccessity here!). There is obviously a market here, dominated by Canon/Sony for very long, I believe Fuji can, and should undercut them in price and improve their ecosystem. Obviously they are fighting with Panasonic for the top-bottom of the market (if that makes any sense!), and they both had 4% sales last year, Fuji with just a few bodies and Panasonic with a lot more and all over the place, with a couple of careful body releases and a few more specialized video lenses (even a specialized 16-70mm 4f PZ, one) can easily dominate the dedicated video camera low end market, which is quite big. We still searching for the new C100, the C70 can be it, but still a bit expensive, Canon seems to do all the right things lately, they even offer their own speedboosters (I would never expect that Canon even cares for such things, and suddenly they offer vND adapter, and speedboosters!), there is still a market at the 3 - 5000euros up for grabs, I believe Fuji can delived one even as little as 3.500euros, and then we are talking!
  10. Kisaha

    Fuji X-S10

    Video camera, C70/XC style. ND/XLR, grip, battery life, unlimited recording, no overheating e.t.c
  11. Kisaha

    Fuji X-S10

    Still waiting for a small video camera to happen! Fuji deserves it, we may deserve it.
  12. Very popular here are the Wisycom solutions. A few bigger production companies are using them, definitely a couple of tiers up of what we are discussing here, but cheaper than other companies and they usually have some sort of offer going on.
  13. Greece. G3/G4 technology is just too, 00's..Sony are true diversity for an unbelievably cheap price, and true diversity is what the big boys do.
  14. Makes me wanna puke. Hate weddings and most of the above. Even this summer with jobs significantly down, I rejected all weddings jobs I was offered. I need a 4-5 years brake for the ones I did a few years back! Please do a wedding thread and talk there. This is a C70 Canon camera thread. Let's talk hardware.
  15. The TV series I am being assistant director, are using multiple G3s and we have huge issues with interference. I have stopped using them for almost a decade now, Sony's are the bare minimum for me, and even those I am hearing they have more issues lately.
  16. Even with the GH5 I put a monopod first. I rarely use IBIS. And do not even mention the new fashion of NOT bringing a tripod/monopod because of IBIS, I see a lot of "kids" doing this.
  17. It was pretty obvious the first Canon R cameras were subpar, if not a joke. Nikon tried harder, they had the best first effort between Canon/Sony/Nikon but missed some important points, so they were going for an upgrade anyway. From the big 3, someone with a Z6/7 can be happy with what he has and needs no upgrade.
  18. Yes! What this little machine can do was really unheard for the price point, and still is too much for too little. It even has automix that I know for certain that some pros use. I wouldn't, like I do not use AF on lenses - and I want to have full control, but the option is there.
  19. Just feel sorry a bit for the early RF and Z adopters. Those cameras were destined to devaluate really fast and really too much.
  20. Now we talking..finally, Canon and Nikon arrived.
  21. The truth is somewhere in between and I do not see Panasonic succeeding as much. Panasonic had the SAME market share with Fuji last year, 4%, that is a huge disappointment for Pana with the dozens of products and a huge win for Fuji that started as a niche hipster manufacturer, and Nikon mirrorless apologizer (a lot of Nikon users had X cameras as smaller/backup ones). Seemingly, with a few right moves, a dedicated video camera first and foremost, better video implementation and some video orientated lenses and upgrade of older designs, Fuji will surprass Panasonic, just like that and without too much fanfare. if they also bring medium format to the masses, then that's it, they are going uphill. where Panasonic goes, I wonder? Will they sell 100.000 streaming cameras to make it a success? Plus, 150.000 more S cameras? And 150.000 more m43? And how many Varicam or EVA? Of course we have to see the official release, but if the pricr is NOT right, this camera will be another recent failure like the newest LX cameras and the v-blogging one, and maybe, even the S releases.
  22. Apparently no XLRs of any kind, no 4:2:2. i said 999$, but maybe I should have said 699$.
  23. I know what they did. I am just saying it is wrong, and all these different bodies will back fire to them, except its 999$, which in that case I may buy one!
  24. That adapter is 350-400€, and just 4-2-0 internal leaves it as a specialized streaming camera. No ND also? Why not make a C70 competitor, with everything, plus those streaming capabilities? How many different camera bodies do they think they will sell? Hybrid, boxy streaming one, dedicated video? They are over-reaching and divide and alienate their funbase further. I am not sure about all these.
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