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  1. I just bought a brand new SUV I can't use! You will be fine..
  2. I said something similar on the Pocket thread, I do consider buying the 6K, but I do not see a hybrid as directly compared to, even a Pocket, "cine" camera. A hybrid is an instrument for taking both photos and video, and selling a P4K (for how much?750$?) maybe isn't worth the hassle for such a little price. I would like a C100mkIII, or the rumored XC style RF camera, a small dedicated video tool. The C200 is not very convinient in design, and/or size. In no way I can see myself using 8K any time soon, 6K, maybe for resizing and reframing, even that is too much work, and I just bought a brand new - expensive - workstation..
  3. Kisaha

    DJI Mavic Air 2

    what's your take Vs the Mavic 2 Pro? I have barely used mine, I wouldn't like to sell it already.. Obviously the sensor is bigger in 2 Pro, and more sensors I guess.. I do not mind the size, I believe it is just perfect, not Phantom-like, which it was too much, but feels more substantial than the Air 2 design (I guess).
  4. It is around 1200$ in U.S, I bet you can find a used one for a lot less, the difference in money is huge, in IQ, is minimum. Have you used one? Braw, Dual ISO coupled with an ok lens and you are good to go. I am happy to use m43 lenses as well, easier, and very productive. The image is, miam.. What else do you have? why you need 3 cameras (I have 4 NX and the P4K now)? It is annoying if you have a lot of different brands and you have to match everything, that is why I try to keep one system, the P4K is bonus, and it is Braw, so it can match anything anyway.
  5. I got a similar case ( a bit cheaper, but pleasantly dark-ish green) with my P4K back in the day. @Anaconda_ Unfortunately they do not ship in my country, and anyway, it is a lot more than the 1.995$ U.S citizens pay. I call it Euro-premium, why we do have to pay the premium anymore, I do not know.. @thebrothersthre3 "almost" is exactly 0 (zero) in any case, whoever low or high a price is. We have discussed extensively the benefits of owing a P4K camera (even vs the 6K), it is not only because of the price, but the price plays a significant role to its success, yes, obviously.
  6. We are NOT U.S citizens! Cheapest I found was at CVP for 2285euros (2474$), that seems to be the cheapest retail price in Europe, still a lot better than most new full frame hybrids and significantly cheaper than before (standard price was 2700-2800euros, and heavy discounted was near 2400euros). I am not sure how fast these prices will trickle down locally. Maybe there will be some grey market nearing the 2000euros mark, hope so. It is also an indication that the 6 sold a lot less than the 4, by the way.
  7. the full frame will certainly come at some point, but how much will that be? Will they change their body/ergonomics? and why now? it will be making more sense to keep everything similar (a lot more profitable) until they change this generation of Pocket cameras. I will be waiting until September to make a move, but this price drop (which isn't real yet, as all the dealers around here have the same prices 2400-3082, with 2700 the official price from the official BM retailers) is really tempting and makes a lot of sense for a lot of people.
  8. that is why I said it, I own 4 NX cameras, getting old, but still 28mgpxl APS-C and all the lenses. I got a P4K already, having 2 Pocket cameras with the ATEM Pro would be an amazing workflow, and I can mix and match all my m43/EF lenses natively. I have missed shooting full frame photos, but I am a full for APS-C/S35 so it's not huge for me, and I am 95% video shooter, since 1999! The price reduction in P6K makes it a no brainer, really - especially if the R5/R6 is 4000/2999. I would be waiting a little bit to read the market, because I canceled 3 full months of work at the begining of the pandemic, so I will probably start from the begining.
  9. Kisaha

    RED Komodo

    Do you know HOW exactly Canon suddenly became a protagonist in sensor manufacturing? Did they just open a new facility, or what? Do you believe they had any help from Samsung or someone more experienced?
  10. Kisaha

    DJI Mavic Air 2

    Does anyone knows how it is compared to the Mavic 2 Pro?
  11. The reality is that photos and videos are 2 different segments, I will be in the market for a hybrid camera, so I am in middle ground, but there are a lot of people that do not care much about the video functions of a stills camera, and the opposite, people buying hybrids and shoot a few hundrend photos per year. I am excited, because of the EF adapter with built in ND, and I have a beautiful brand new 70-200mm 4f and some other lenses to adapt, most photographers couldn't care less for 8K video, they barely care for video altogether. I mean, maybe I go with the P6K in the end..and with the money I will save I will invest on an ATEM probably. I already own a good enough hybrid system for most uses (4 NX cameras and 8 lenses) which isn't going anywhere and have all the lenses and accessories I need. I do not shoot many photos anymore, anyway.
  12. How the hell they go from cropped 4K 30p 4:2:0 8bit and 1080p/60p to 8K/4K 120p 4:2:2 10 bit to RAW?? It is like suddenly they found some ancient alien artifact under the Pyramids. This is my last comment of these mythical Canon's; I will be waiting for the official releases/video tests, but I am very curious how they pulled off the trick of the century.. I hope R6 will be good enough, I do not want to spend much on a hybrid.
  13. Do we know anything about new sensor design and/or who is manufacturing them? I remember the Canon fabs were way behind Sony ones, do they have a new one? with smaller, better and more effiient μ proccessing? Samsung Mobile can pull a 32megapixel photo from anywhere in their video, by the way.
  14. wow! very tempting to get AND a 6K, just for the EF mount, and the ATEM capabilities of 2 Pocket cameras. Great one - two punch for most productions!
  15. ..and I have posted 3.147 posts here, so you should know that the only thing Sony I suggest to people, is the UWP series, and probably the EX series of cameras back in the day, but facts are facts (FS7/5 have dominated) and you and your friends do not dictate the market. I wasn't touchy, just comment on the fact that you are no more important than practically millions of other possible customers, and I still do not know your friends. I am sure this camera will sell well, most of the FS5ii customers will think twice before hit that, or the FX6, for me the FX6 is vastly improved, but I do not really care for either., or tr-either (including the C300mkIII).
  16. @Elagabalus I do not know your friends. If you'd like, send a mass-email to Sony and ask to not produce the specific camera because you are not going to buy it. You might be wrong though and one of your friends buys one in the end. Who knows? If they make everything for no profit, or very low budget maybe they ought to change career plans anyway. This crisis makes them a favor to do something with their lives, and save us for all the depreciation of our services, because all young/inexperienced people charge peanuts.
  17. Only we do not have the full picture yet. I am waiting for independent reviews and personal experience to say it as it is. Right now all we do is speculate, which is fine, but a football game finishes only when the referee whistles one last time, and right now we are in the pre game stage. We do not even have the rosters yet! Until now there isn't a nornal priced Canon hybrid doing half of what is advertised here..
  18. That too. It is going to sell more to FS5 ownership or that target group. Most FS7 people will look at the bigger camera. You can't imagine how many clueless video makers will buy it just because it is "full frame", and also do not forget the real convenience for all those people that own big sets of full frame lenses. A full frame cine camera is a viable and specific option in the market. Me, after working with GH5, LS300 and P4K the last few years, just can't wait to see what the new GH6 can do for us (and when). Now that we have great 3200ISO m43 performance I am set. Smaller glass and easily adaptable bigger one is a huge plus for me. Costs are far more manageable.
  19. The 5Dii generation that love to brag for their size. Sensor size, that is. Finally, after a decade or so, they are getting the "best" size on a real cine camera, they are big boys now.
  20. "If they're positioning the R6 as a a7III competitor, then it seems like a Raw/10-bit, 4k60p or even 120p camera is the minimum since Fuji and Panasonic have been in 60p territory for awhile now, and that would easily top anything Sony has. " Which full frame camera from these aforementioned brands offer the above specs?
  21. How is it going to be DOA at 7.000 when the 9 and 300 are 4-5.000 more and the 300 isn't even a full frame? There are segmentations at the market, there aren't a lot of people that spend a lot more than 7.000 for cameras these days. I believe for the foreseeable future most people and companies will stick to their FS7 and 5 that are a-plenty around the world and good enough for most productions anyway.
  22. Do you believe they had the tech and manufacturing capabilities 2-3 years ago, but they didn't care? Why their first RF cameras were so dissapointing, and almost obsolete when the new ones come out, then? It is pretty obvious, and stated by the same Canon board members in interviews and the such, that they couldn't cope with the resources and technology of Sony. Suddenly, while they were 1 step behind, they are 1 and a half in front? I want to learn more about their chips and sensors, it is not a philosophical discussion, I want the science behind all these.
  23. Why suddenly a leap forward? This is like 2 generations ahead of what they were offering until now. I am wondering about the design and manufacturing of the chips and sensors, and ofcourse I am waiting for the real products to be tested.. The only company pushes 8K devices right now is Samsung, by the way. It seems beneficial for both companies to go the same way. Canon produces the videos and Samsung displays them, or else, where are you going to watch those images? As far as I know the Samsung Qleds are the cheapest way to watch 8K at the moment.
  24. Very interesting. I noticed that in their C300mkIII menus, they called EIS as DIS = Digital Image Stabilisation, which is exactly the same as Samsung called their technology. I would expect there is some kind of copyright for such a terminology for a similar system.
  25. Just can't wait for the GH6 now! The R5 will be around 5.000€ in Euroland, if it is 4499$, it will be at least 5499€. The best m43 camera can't be more than 2499€, and this a price I can do easier. The last couple of years I used a lot of m43 cameras for video, GH5 series, Pocket4K, JVC LS300 and I really do not see much gain in bigger sensors for me. For photos though, m43 is so-so.
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