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  1. It is a safe bet. I used to have 2, I sold one to fund the little Sanken but the Audix is a great solution that lasts. The microphone is build to the greatest standards, U.S powering and top German capsule. Super versatile and amazingly priced. I read a lot of people are considering the Oktava, just save some money and buy the Audix used people, is night and day in sound quality/handling noise/build quality.
  2. When you said "events" most here thought of long recording times with workhorse cameras and lenses. For 30sec clips you can have whatever camera, so that widens the research to almost anything, really! If using a gimbal is a must for you you can choose a smaller camera with a couple of pancakes and a smaller/cheaper/lighter gimbal than the S.
  3. Kisaha

    Variable ND Filters

    Is there any readily available vND in Europe that worth its price? What are the top 3 options? Why you put the IR there? Do you believe we need one for the P4K? What Black Pro Mist do you have? 1/8 is too little? And half is too much? 1/4 is ok if you want to have only one?
  4. Because: 1) it is more acoustically transparent than other options (I hope you understand what that is and why it is so important). 2) it is very light and small - unlike full zeppelin solutions which matters if you hold it on a boom for 8 hours while your boom is 4-6 metres long. 3) It creates the necessary air vacuum to protect the microphone from the wind and protect the mic all around - unlike cheap softies that cover the front element only. 4) no handling and moving noises because the shock mount and engineering is exceptional 5) comes from probably the biggest innovator in wind and handling protection which sell only fully specialized items and with very limited quantities in E.U. 5b) unique design and construction. Mind you that this version is only for this mic. You can't put another mic in this particular combination. 6) it transforms to a camera thingy very easily for maybe the top on camera solution.
  5. I am using the Sanken CS-M1 for a few days now and my first impression is..WOW! Just..WOW! Low self noise, hot output, very controled handling noise, great tonal characterestics. I am using Bubblebee Spacer kit for indoors and very light stuff and Cinela Cosi for outside. For non professional sound men, this can be the only mic they need. Just 103mm long, so it can be excellent for on camera placement as well. I need some more time with it as I am using a lot of other microphones at the moment, but it definitely is a heavy weight production tool of 55grams!
  6. I know, but has unlimited recording, good battery life (not exceptional though), good ergonomics, no overheating issues, robust codecs and I usually shoot 4-5.6f anyway and I love this particular lens. The only thing I do not like is the high ISO performance. A7iii could be an option with the S35 mode, but for me Sony isn't there yet (a workhorse video camera).
  7. GH5 is a beast. 12-100mm but it is 4f, or the 2.8f Olympus.
  8. Kisaha

    Sigma FP

    8-16-24-26 and 31! Previous ones were so niche and sold so little that is a safe bet. As when I predicted that P6K thread will be a lot smaller than the P4K one, and it does..
  9. C100mkII is still a classic and for the money the best Canon C deal. ISO capabilities far exceed everything else in their hybrid line up anyway. C200 is NOT going to be a classic, but of course it is 4K, for some this is enough to go that route. Here is double the money and a bit more of an C100mkII.
  10. Yep, everything evolves but you go faster and higher if you stand on the shoulders of giants. There are hundrends (even maybe thousands if you widen the research) of films and videos with certain artistic and technical decisions that anyone can watch and study, I am sure most here do anyway.
  11. Kisaha

    Sigma FP

    Or the P4K for even less money! or not? This Sigma seems impressive to me, the body looks tiny and bigger bodies do less. It is an interesting proposition for sure. I will be waiting for the pricing and some samples, but it will be the most successful Sigma camera for sure, which says a lot! The creator said in the interview that is basically a photo camera with added video features, it is still more photo than video if that says anything to anyone.
  12. Kisaha

    Sigma FP

    Internal 8-bit CDNG RAW in UHD 4K at 23.98/24/25p. Internal 8/10/12-bit CDNG RAW in HD up to 60p. Internal 8-bit H.264/MOV in UHD 4K/1080 HD up to 119.88p. External 8/10/12-bit CDNG RAW in UHD 4K/1080 HD at 24p. Quite impressive..
  13. Ancient Greeks, Romans later, and yes, education and knowledge was highly regarded on those societies! In film and video you do not do whatever its easier, but whatever message you want to communicate through your tools. In 20 years of pro experience and my University and other degrees I have never heard anyone saying "use that T stop because its easier", depth of field is another tool of film making, not a burden and I have done a little focus pulling myself on some projects (last one was 3 years ago on a feature documentary). I have a lot of photographer friends that have turned to video and most of them do see the medium as moving photography, which isn't at all true. One of those shoots everything wide open, everything, another one just bought a C200 and shoots everything on diffraction level because he is affraid he will be out of focus! Photography is a static art, a capturing the moment affair, more related with paintings and sculpture, while video is more related with a music piece, moving through time and manipulate time through its "instruments"(=or cinematic tools), change of pace and tempo, e.t.c I do not known who Shell65 is!
  14. Χ-T3 has no IBIS, and the 16-55mm has no IS. Having no IS on your workhorse lens is a huge no-no for me. I also prefer IS from IBIS, but this is a personal preference. If you ask me, both systems are slightly overpriced for what they are, but both very capable. If I was starting today the Z system seems the best all arounder, but I would (will) be waiting for their next body and a few more 4f zoom lenses and pancake primes. I do not care for 2.8f full frame (size,weight,cost). I am not aware of the sound issues you have, for me every hybrid camera have terrible sound amps (you will be surprised how expensive the good ones are, or a good headphones pre-amp) but there are a few workarounds for sure. There is also a Shure camera mic with built in recorder or a MixPre3.
  15. What?! You do realize that is not the reason at all? Maybe you should invest on a course or more books first.
  16. Put a Canon on every bracket and you will hit 4/5 for sure!
  17. I feel you on that, but on an absolutely egoistic side of my brain I feel alright that I finally pre-ordered the P4K! Ofcourse very different products, and user base. Sensor size (and specific specs on a big sensor) seem to raise prices considerably and that is a reality we have to accept. Even BM using an S35 sensor had to go up to 2500$ for the primitive monsters the new Pocket cameras are, I imagine a full frame one could go up to 3250-3500$. Are you going to release anything about that vND construction we were talking about a little while ago?
  18. Are we expecting a new BM camera? I order the P4K last week! @Anaconda_ are you real for the Pocket4K update?
  19. C200 is 7.375€ here. That's a lot of money for this camera.
  20. It's on its way from the Netherlands, coupled with the Cinela Cosi! I hope it won't dissapoint me, as I am expecting it to be more directional than the Audix but with less reflections of a normal shotgun for int. It will be my run n gun solution for ex./int.
  21. @mojo43 the seagulls/the door closing - sounded very generic to me and they do not sound like this. Some of the whooshes seemed unnecessary. When you could hear horses when we were seeing cows - I think. Maybe some more minimalism in general, small things like that.
  22. Probably the CMIT will have humidity issues on a desert island! https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/33548-cmit-5u-in-humidity/
  23. I do not agree at all. NTG3 is a cheaper and lesser version of the MKH416. The NTG3 is an excellent mic if you can't afford a Sennheisser. Audix is a lot cheaper and a lesser version of the MKH50. Audix's capsules are made in Germany. The Neumann is similar to the CMC641, or maybe a DPA, but then DPA's are even more expensive than the Schoeps.
  24. Audix or Neumann, but Neumann needs a little bit more gain. I am using the Audix for a very popular TV series. Do not bother with anything cheaper.
  25. It is extremely versatile. Used it all the time with the GH5 for various projects and even on main TV networks. When you can use just one lens this one is the real deal. Read this: https://www.lenstip.com/497.11-Lens_review-Olympus_M.Zuiko_ED_12-100_mm_f_4_IS_PRO_Summary.html Haven't used it with any P4K yet. I hope I will soon. My EF-S run n gun is the 18-135mm, this Olympus is a lot more versatile, but a lot more expensive also!
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