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  1. when you are in the field you want to be able to work fast and reliable. There are reasons some cameras cost 2000 and others 5000. First of all I have spend hundrends of euros for Tilta cage/powering/CFast/SSD/Nano focus/front ND and IR filters (just order a Hoya for that) that are not convinient to work with, and still searching for a better vND than the ones I have/sound options/weird body, e.t.c With the C70, just add another battery, 2 SD cards, and you are ready to go. No need for building anything on the field, or worry that everything will work, and I work H265 since 2015-2016
  2. I have seen projects that are 80% out of focus, when I tell the - usually - young lads about it, they do not know what I am talking about! I thought that was, 2-3 years away, but still people believe just being out of focus is artistic, or alright, they do not understand the medium and cinematic language completely. A month ago I did sound on a low budgeted feature (still will be at the cinemas and already was bought from a big TV network here) with the FX9 - not raw, by the way - and the DoP used mostly 8 even 11f (Canon Cine primes) and only went to 5.6 and 4 very sporadically. Sti
  3. Of course I would love to have everything the world has, thrown into the C70, but I am trying to be realistic. Yes, I would love it to have raw, and e-ND, and full XLRs, and SDI, and ProRes, and Braw, and other things, but then it wouldn't be the C70, and it wouldn't cost 5000$, or whatever it costs. I have the P4K, I have never shot braw, and that camera has NO AF while the C70 may have the best AF at the price point, less audio options, terrible battery life, no ergonomics whatsoever, less I/O, a smaller sensor ofcourse, no ND - which is like number one priority for video cameras.
  4. I own a Pocket, mostly for the reason you just described. I never use it though. In low low end, you can use whatever, it is mostly a hobby, or a side job, in the professional world a C70 will be in everybodies mind, as a A cam for most projects, or B cam for bigger ones. C200 didn't have a broadcast ready codec, and that killed it in sales, Sony with the FS7 just dominated the market for half a decade, and now they have the FX9, Canon strikes back, and the C70 is the tip of the spear. I have to see the FX6 though, and whatever Panasonic brings with that BMGH1, or whatever its called
  5. It may be a special GH video camera, not a hybrid. mini XLR, ND and the goods...
  6. great info! I would expect more people are going "streaming" these days, especially in this forum, and we will see more hardware solutions soon. This Feelworld maybe more available as well, than the ATEM, the pro though, is very very tempting..
  7. Whoever wants raw, can go to other threads, there is a whole sub-forum. It is a product, if it doesn't have what you need, go to the next option. On another forum, some criticized a certain car for being too small, the guys were complaining that a small B suv didn't fit them well, the guys were 1.95-2.00m and 130-150kg!! Why complain to the car company, when obviously you have to check a C or even a D suv to fit a quite large human specimen! It is nobodies fault, the product obviously wasn't right for them, but it wasn't the products fault, they were just cases outside of the "golden
  8. Finally, after a few years of disagreeing about the C200, Canon delivered the goods! There will be a huge depreciation of C200 cameras in the wild. The C70 is all I need for sure. We agree here. This is an unprecedented release. The form factor seems amazing, I have the Focus so I do not need SDI, T/C is there also(!). Everything seems amazing! I am not sure about the cost, it is 7000€ with the adapters here, and I am keeping the Pocket I think, just for.. For the other issues some brought: Not once I have used Braw on my Pocket. Most people use it just because it is there,
  9. Thank you very much for the time of writing this @BTM_Pix. I am doing my research right now, but it seems like the bottle neck is the bandwidth. Thanks.
  10. In the whole world, not just U.K, 10bit especially is a must have and enough for most stuff anyway and for faster turnaround and internet stuff 8bit is still used by MOST.
  11. https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/09/24/canon-eos-c70/ Very interesting review. Canon now is nothing like the Canon of the past, and there is a C50 rumored on the way with the C200 sensor. That would be interesting as well, but doubt it will have 10bit which is much more appreciated than any kind of raw.
  12. Other interesting stuff: "9 x 16 Vertical Capture Use the 1/4"-20 tripod thread built into the grip to position the EOS C70 for vertical use when capturing images for digital signage or mobile device use. For easier viewing, the user interface can also be switched for vertical use. EIS with Coordinated Control To smooth out handheld shots, EOS C70 is the first Cinema EOS camera to offer enhanced image stabilization with coordinated control. When used with an RF-mount lens and the EOS C70's electronic IS, coordinated control optimizes hand-shake correction for even greater v
  13. This is very interesting. Hope this is the answer to the C70. The official price of the Canon here is 5.999€, add the adapters and an extra battery or two, and you are reaching easily the 7.000€ mark. If one can get similar performance, except AF of course, for half the price, then why not? For most people a convinient m43 "camcorder/cine camera" will be a dream come true, that can be even more significant than the new GH and something we are waiting for since that m43 cine camera that I even forget it's name!! Most of us even have the adapters and the lenses to go st
  14. I didn't know about the OLPF filter, very interesting. Price in EUR € 375,- (excluding 21% VAT, excluding shipping). so expensive though! Maybe I will stick to the Hoya for now, as much as I would prefer an internal solution.
  15. Cheers! What equipment do you suggest and what are the bandwidth limitations do you think?
  16. I read your comment on that other photo site! So I get you more. I wish it had everything myself, I am not negative, just know how the industry works! Imagine the camera as you described, would make the C300mkIII almost unneeded!
  17. I understand what you say, I am just glad they offer as much! You describe a different kind of workflow though. When we say "fast turnaround", we mean minimum, or not at all post. At least that is how we do it in some fields, most of the times I do not even edit the footage, just give it to the editing department, these guys do not like tweaking things much, they ask mixed sound and whatever they can get from the already shot image. We are talking about national televised shows here (FS7 cameras mainly), so imagine for even faster and lower budgeted jobs.. all these with much respect to y
  18. this is a camera we were waiting for a few years now. I am surprised there is not more interest on the forum.. just 10 pages? I remember it was 100 pages on the P4K one back in the day!
  19. I had a proposition to cover a local football (soccer!) league for minimal requirements, but the important thing is, that the teams need unique codes to sell instead of tickets. Does anyone know any solution? What you do think about it, and what hardware/software you consider as essential?
  20. Suddenly all cameras have to have raw?! 12 months ago that wasn't even the norm. 3 years ago? 5 years ago? and how much you needed for that? This is a fast turn around camera. Buy the C300 or C200 if you need Canon raw so much, or a Pocket 4K for 1/4 of the money, or any other option. C200 especially will trickle down in price considerably, there will be dead cheap ones in the wild really soon. As simple as that. You hate to do transcoding to all your footage, but have plenty of time to work raw files? The huge success of the C100 cameras, were/is the fact that you didn't
  21. The codecs are just fine for the intended use. The sensor seems at least a generation and a half ahead of the C200 one. It has everything a small production company needs. Most weddings are shoot with mirrorless these days, do not see many of those buy a C camera, only the "top" tier = which is low anyway.. This is the most exciting Canon release since the original C100 I believe, I am not sure where the catch is. They even offer an original speedbooster and I can use both my 18-135 nano and 70-200 white! I mean, wtf Canon?! Are you seriously giving me everything I need????!!!!
  22. Oh my! I have to sell most things and buy this. It is just perfect for me. GH5 replacement?! get serious guys...this is a different fruit. Only the GH6 will be a GH5 replacement.. C200?!! I was laughing at that camera back in the day, one of the most useless releases of all time, that camera was crazy expensive in some parts of Europe back then, just for the 4K 8bit the C100mkII didn't have and the raw lite a few used (not one I know ever bothered to buy cards for raw). C200 costs 6200euros currently in my market. Does anyone know if this can possible fit a Ronin S, or I have to
  23. oh my...the dark days are coming. at least we do not have a pandemic upon our heads..wait, what?!
  24. Is the G9 the best Panasonic right now? What are the differences between that and GH5? I am thinking, when the GH6 will be here, even a G9 could probably be enough for my needs for a 2nd, 3rd camera option. Already have some lenses, speedboosters, adapters and the such.
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